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Obama signs law against Iran's Latin America influence
Published: 29.12.12, 08:09
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1. Too little too late, however
Israel Watchdog ,   Israel/USA   (12.29.12)
Just by the fact that they are very concerned now makes a statement. They have let the lion out of the cage and its too late to get him back in. Now they're scrambling to try and catch up. Lord help us...
2. this is putting a finger in a hole in the dam...
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (12.29.12)
Iran has been buying up South American Foreign debt since 1992 and it has been developing joint project to purchase Argentine Natural Resources since at least 1995. In other words Iran has at least a 20 year jump on the USA in economic matters related to South America. This law is way too little and way too late!
3. the shia terror entity and diplomacy
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Zion   (12.29.12)
the obama administration needs to wake up and understand that the shia terror entity does not engage in diplomacy. the shia terror entity solely engages in terror. as long as the shia terror regime is allowed to survive, it cannot be deterred from its myriad acts of terror. soon this will end in nuclear blackmail and terror.
4. Nr 1 and 2. I Think you are right.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.29.12)
It is to little and to late. An Inka Indian Prophesy says - " When the Eagle of the North, fly with the Condor of the South, the Spirit of the Land will come Awake " !. There has been many centurys suppression, of the Native inhabitants of Southamerika, and they will probably rise up against those opressors, even if their governments stand with the Eagle of the North. Arn.Sweden.
5. Curbing Iran?
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.29.12)
Right. Big talk, really a lot of hot air from the Imperialists and Zionist headquarters. At the end of the day we'll see who curbs whom, and it won't be Iran who is curbed!
6. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.12)
Are you anti-American? Are you a supporter of Iran? An Iranian mole? I'm betting the NSA knows all about you, and if you're still around, it must be that you're nothing more than a bag of hot air. Go put on your cilice, kneel down in prayer -- Moslem style -- and wait for your priestly friends to come calling ....
7. You won't see a real mess until
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.29.12)
Emperror Obama involves the U.S. in it, with American Military Forces
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.29.12)
You seem to be living in dark ages wherever you are.My comprehensive reply to your talk-back was not published but my strongest advise to you is to wake up from the slumber and read what Shiaism is all about.till the,can only wish you live in the world of reality.
9. Iran is the last hope
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.29.12)
of world's antisemites. But this time they will fail, Ahmedinajed is only a miserable clown, and the iranian nation is eagerly waiting for the new Shahinsah, Mohammed Pahlawi. He will arrive one day ! Russians had to wait 70 years for freedom, iranians will not be so patients.
10. SUBLIME PRAYERS.......................#6
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.29.12)
Look more authentic than tilting your body up and down against the wall.I refrain from commenting on your insults rendered towards Islam but you seem to have been dragging yourself into a world of useless individuals who have no religion at all.Stay put.
11. To Mahmood
Ayatollah Ghilmeini ,   Khandahar b'Amereek   (12.29.12)
No we see the regime quite clearly. They have followed Khomeini's Jihad against our people top the letter. The Jews are not against Shia or Sunni Islam. We are committed to our own survival, think Iran's leaders are criminal terrorist scum and will attack and destroy Iran's nuclear program if we have to do it (and I hope we don't): Iran has a nuclear weapons program, has helped slaughtered 45000 mostly innocent civilians in Syria and illegally occupies Lebanon and is considered by many in US intelligence as complicit in 911 through the work of their proxy killer Imad Mugniyeh.
12. 5
as an iranian muslim who is liberal and just, i really believe you have psychological problems, my friend. seek help right away. your hate for jews will consume you. not a very promising future for someone like you. seek help immediately. your hate based on christian replacement theology is killing you slowly from the inside out. i pity you. you must be living on a daily basis with this vengeance and hate. seek help. hameed aboughaze, iranian
13. Ahmadi & Chavez
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (12.29.12)
Batman & Robin or a pair of useless clowns? Take a look at the photo it is evident what!
14. @6 I c u r an expert in "shinola" only...
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (12.30.12)
I am highly amused that you have nothing substantive to say and that the "best" you could do was 2 carry out a swift personal attack against #5. Thank you for proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are an empty barrel with nothing to say.
15. Sad ,...
split ,   US   (12.30.12)
He pays to much atention to his Israel firsters advisers, sorry to say but this time he made a fool of himself a big time ,...
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