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Elaraby: Peace talks are waste of time
Elior Levy, News agencies
Published: 29.12.12, 17:27
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1. Why dont they come to the US?
Sam ,   Texasj   (12.29.12)
We're insolvent too!
2. Arafat's money
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (12.29.12)
Find Mrs Arafat and ask her for the account number-the Palestinian authority know exactly what happended to all their funds
3. This demonstrates our stupidity
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.29.12)
Our brave leader could have announced that he will transfer all of the money due to the Palestinians under the accords, which would be zero after setting off the electricity bills - he could have explained to the world that Palestine is independent and are responsible for the bills and that the electricity company is in difficulty. The net result would eb the same - but why miss an opportunity to make Israel look bad - somehting that the Likud misgivernment excells in.
4. state for all
Jimi ,   palestine   (12.29.12)
It is waste of time, one state for all, one parlement , there we decide what country it will be. For sure not jewish
5. @#3
YetiHunter ,   Canada   (12.29.12)
I agree, an opportunity has been missed. Let the arabs declare statehood and leave them to their own devices. With statehood comes responsibilities. Israel should define their borders and leave them to take care of themselves. If they decide to take the terrorist route - treat them as a nation at war and destroy them completely
6. LOL UN votes come free
Homer jones ,   nyc usa   (12.29.12)
But $100 million/month down a sinkhole is entirely different.
7. #1
Harold ,   USA   (12.29.12)
They cannot trust the United States anymore because it is not an honest broker.
8. Jimi no 4
LION OF JUDAH ,   Jews fight like LION   (12.29.12)
One State of Israel. The only true Jewish State of Israel. Jews for Judea & Samaria, Arabs to Arabia.
9. #3 don't forget...
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (12.29.12)
to deduct the cost of Iron Dome to protect the Israeli people from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This should insure the Palestinians owe Israel for quite a while. Perhaps they could pay off their debt with some of that massive EU aid money they get.
10. What impasse in the talks? Abbas left them 4 years ago
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.29.12)
What impasse in the talks is he talking about? Abbas left the table 4 years ago ignoring an offer from Olmert. Abbas has cost the Palestinians 4 years of hope by refusing to negotiate any details of a final status.
11. Peace now
Andy ,   denver   (12.29.12)
Wake up people no Palestine no Israel
12. With multitudes dying in Syria
Sidney ,   USA   (12.29.12)
Why all this Arab concern about the poor Palestinians? And just to remind the clown Elaraby, many of his fellow Arabs are still being killed in Iraq.
13. I hope they do go to the security council
zionist forever   (12.29.12)
In the General Assembly it was a foregone conclusion they would win because the majority of the world supported them. In the Security Council whose support they need to create a property state Abbas will go along to the SC demanding a state boasting to the media about how its all going to happen now. When their bid goes to the SC it will be rejected if for no other reason that the US has a veto and they want talks not UN resolutions. When Abbas next speaks to the media it will be not fair they voted against me.
14. 4
zionist forever   (12.29.12)
Its because of the way people like you think that one state for all will never be an option. You lot can rot and drown in your sorrows that the land is now a Jewish state and not ruled by the arabs. Today at least part of it is in the hand of the Jews as it used to be.
15. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel is ours.   (12.29.12)
The only thing you will be deciding is whether you will drink coffee or tea with your breakfast tomorrow.
16. to nr. 3, Taxpayer, Hod Hasharon
Harmen Breedeveld ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (12.29.12)
Dear taxpayer, You do realize that Israel would, in your plan, recognize Palestinian independence? That is the word you are using; "independent". That would mean that the Israeli government agrees that Palestine, as a state, exists, and that it is an independent country. The consequences of such a recognition would be profound, that is why all Israeli governments until now have only stated that they would recognize Palestinian independence after a peace deal. That is also why Israel was so opposed to the Palestinian non-member State applicaton with the UN: it recognized Palestine as an independent State.
17. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.12)
You need to catch up on the news, Taxpayer; you are a bit behind the times. What you describe SHOULD have been is PRECISELY what Netanyahu did!
18. While your at it have the UN make Narnia a state too
GZLives   (12.29.12)
19. zionist forever,
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Zion   (12.29.12)
do not count on obama to veto a sc resolution in favour of statehood.
20. # 4. They Will Wake up ONE day with no PA And an intifada
X   (12.29.12)
for equal rights for all. A lot of them Will simply go back to their respective countries.
21. Early Zionists should have pooled their money
Edithann ,   USA   (12.30.12)
and bought a piece of uninhabited land in Africa someplace...and then we could really see how Jews could make something out of nothing..instead of stealing Palestinian land and 70 years of turmoil and carpet lying about everything... When the going gets tuff, Jews always they're running now.. TATA
22. Of course Peace talks are a waste of time idiot...
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A   (12.30.12)
Hezbollah has been saying that for decades, so why did it take you so long to realize that, fool? The only way to resolve the crisis in the Middle East is the Hezbollah way... A non stop war of attrition that keeps Israel in a state of uncertainty that will lead all non original inhabitants of the land to go back to where ever they came from...
23. UN/EU won't ask PA & Hamas to verify Israel's rights :)
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (12.30.12)
24. PA Collapse - More Pressure on Israel
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (12.30.12)
A fiscal collapse of the PA means more pressure on Israel. Israel claims the tax revenues, but if the PA disappears, so does the taxing authority. All functions of governing revert to the occupying authority, Israel and the Israeli taxpayer. Just like it was before there was a PA.
25. Israel is killing itself slowly...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (12.30.12)
And it becomes more obvious with each passing day. Almost all world support is gone now for Israel, and it is leaving in droves in the United States. Comment threads that used to have so many Israel "supporters" are nearly non-existent now except for the most rabid of the Tea Party crowd, and your average American has now had enough of them and Faux News as well. Oh well, Israel is simply reaping what itself sowed - so be it.
26. Jimi is right...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (12.30.12)
Bibi killed the two-state solution, this is clear. The dreaded One State Solution(tm) is coming, and there is FA the average Israeli can do about it. It is now a certainly. Snicker...
27. "Peace talks are waste of time"
Jubran Majdalani ,   Lebanon   (12.30.12)
With all due respect Mr. El-Araby, I advise you to watch the documentary 'What if Hezbollah were to be defeated' that is being aired presently on Al Manar. This documentary will enlighten your thinking and shows you that the answer is easy if you have the will and courage demonstrated over and over again by Hezbollah.
28. The Arab League clowns are just clowns...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.30.12)
like their buddy Abu Mazen...they cannot force Israels hand, they can only shoot their own legs...! DISGUSTING and BORING...
29. It must be made clear to the enemies of
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.30.12)
Israel, that they will be defeated diplomatically, politically and on the ground !
30. Give them Gaza and ANNEX Judea and
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.30.12)
Samaria...= end of that silly game !
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