Cop indicted for seeking to sexually harass girls online
Eli Senyor
Published: 29.12.12, 23:53
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1. Israeli press
AA ,   UK   (12.30.12)
Vow Israel how I adore you and your free press, how you deal with your criminals from your elected presidents to a scum pedophile , you give them fair trial and proven to have been criminals deal with them with the best judicial platform , why cant Israel just go back to borders acceptable internationally and live I peace and lets us all learn and absorb goodness from its very many advance institutions, us in the Mid-East I mean, you have so much we can learn and catch up with Isreal please try and be at peace with us, we need you .
2. Just what Israel needs...pervert cops
Danny ,   NJ   (12.30.12)
3. Good!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.30.12)
Really happy to read that the police are successfully going after on-line pedophiles. Kol Hakavod!
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