Politicians won
Zeev Tzachor
Published: 30.12.12, 11:33
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1. Israel does need another research university actually
Dmitry ,   Israel   (12.30.12)
Trust me I know. Since I worked in one in Israel and in America. There are way less opportunities for smart researchers here per capita. However, if you didn't want to approve Ariel, it is possible to give more money to existing university research departments so that they can hire the faculty they need and buy the instruments/build more lab space. Another way is to tell Haifa U. to have a full department of science, as the disgrace (i.e. lack of any research in certain areas) they have now, is easily beaten by what Ariel college/university has on offer in many scientific fields.
2. Did the author, Zeev Tchacor, ever
Robert haymond ,   Israel-Gush Etzion   (12.30.12)
bother evaluating the report from the Council on Higher Education re the deplorable situation of the Department of Politics and Government of Gen Gurion University of the Negev? This is the department that sports Nev Gordon as department head, achieving his position after former head David Newman recommended former student Gordon as he, himself, was promoted to Dean of the Faculty of the Social Sciences. I guess not. The author just takes potshots at Aerial, never taking into account the academic situation, or lack of it, in the "recognized" universities. In sum, a very poor critique based on nonsense spewn out by a member, or would-be member, of the "Old Boy's Academic Club". Another poor opinion piece allowed to print by Ynet. Too bad.
3. Rationing on basis of "need"?
Naftush ,   Israel   (12.30.12)
Mr. Tzachor, it is a relic of our penurious past to speak of schooling in excess of "needs." The very enrollment in these colleges demonstrates the existence of need, especially since most students in most colleges get little if any government subsidy, as opposed to university students. As for official ranking, North America has thousands of accredited colleges without any official ranking; the market figures it out. The same will happen at Ariel; if the school fails to meet university grade, Alexander the Great's signature on the accreditation papers won't help.
4. Rabin a failed P.M.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.30.12)
Oslo was a fraud resulting in the death and maiming of thousands of Jews. Like all frauds, its failure was inevitable.
5. Another leftist with an axe to grind
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.30.12)
"the Oslo agreement, which, tragically, was never fully implemented due to Rabin's assassination. " What the hell ignore all facts and start inventing history. The man would make it as an Arab - he has no concept of the facts so he is compelled to invent history. How about the fact that the Arabs VIOLATED every single provision of Oslo or the fact the Rabin's Oslo was not what you claim? Oh darn facts to a person that has none
6. So lets shut down Sapir College
Mordechai   (12.30.12)
If we have too many colleges lets shut down Sapir college where the writer works. He did forget to mention that he works for the competition to Ariel University. This is all about the almight shekel where those existing institutions wanted to use the CHEto shut down a new university that dared not be run by the political left and would take money from them, Note in the entire article not one fact is mentioned where he says the university is not doing its job.If this is an example of the poor quality of work done at Sapir it should be shut down.
7. World reknowned second rate community college now University
miki ,   Tampa   (12.30.12)
8. wrong view. brain dead leftist lost. rationality won
9. the left be it in education, press, courts are out of touch
ralph   (12.30.12)
nor relevant. they must go. they offer nothing of value, nor insightful. in fact their views are dangerous to us all. to our future. they are blinded by their words which no relationship to reality.
10. Learned history with Henry Ford
Ilan   (12.30.12)
History is bunk? Or why else pack an article with lies. The CHE JC wasn't created for Ariel's sake and the CHE was not the legally authorized body to make that decision
11. an idiot wrote this . ....Ariel Univ
John ,   USA   (12.31.12)
has several 1000s of published papers and some faculty have been published in foreign nation journals, besides the faculty articles being cited in further research papers by foreign researchers outside of Israel. Ariel's degrees are accepted around the world. There are many international committees which review academic status, so that is a no brainer. Rabin;s death caused oslo to fail. Oh, really. True, the Arabs did nothing...to cause it to succeed. Does this guy make any valid points at all?
12. oslo not implemented due to Rabin's death?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.31.12)
Oslo was a loser from the begining. The author states: "the Oslo agreement, which, tragically, was never fully implemented due to Rabin's assassination." Rabin's assassination, as tragic as it was, was not the impediment to Oslo. The blockage to peace was the Arab unwillingness to accept the Jewish state. Remember, Barak offered Arafat 99% of what Arafat demanded and yet Arafat would not take it. Why? Because it is not meeting the Arab demands that is what is holding up peace; it is the fact that Jews are in sovereign control of Israel that the Arabs find so repugnant.
13. Read #6
Arad ,   Arad   (12.31.12)
I think Mordechai hit in the nail about this piece of opinion.
14. Megacities
Zechariah   (01.01.13)
Three Palestinian mega cities Ramallah Jenin and Nablus can allow five million Palestinians to live well with a million Farmers spread out over many Dunams.If Israel can arrange a safe land swap the deal is half wat done.But bad attitude from the jihadi the salafi the Habashi and the Fatah-Baath will Wreck the Peace
15. Another example of an "Ininid":Intellectally Induced Idiot
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.01.13)
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