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Supreme Court: MK Zoabi can run for Knesset
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 30.12.12, 12:53
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1. Yet again, Supreme Court is destroying our country
Aviv ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.12)
2. Supremem Court
Anshel ,   Canada   (12.30.12)
It seems that the insane took over the asylum, in this case the Supreme Court of Israel. As a Jew, I feel ashamed that the dishonourable justices allowed a disloyal citizen of the State of Israel to run for the Knessset. Something is rotten in the State of Israel.
3. Ruling accepted
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.30.12)
With pride Her very country she accuses of being 'Apartheid' 'Nazi' 'Dictatorship' has upheld the rule of law in her favour But will her electorate feel the same? Has she applied her energies sufficiently to fighting for the interests of her constituents and her country or has she ignored and failed them to spend time 'travelling the world as PA and Hamas Ambassador, cruising on the Marmara or doing her infamous obnoxious up yours pointy finger routine at her fellow countrymen and women in front of the TV cameras? Nobody will shed a tear if she does not get reelected to the Knesset
4. Israel's Supreme Court & Zoabi
Susan Hirsch ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.30.12)
Almost all countries (including Iran & Egypt) require their country's representatives to take an "oath of office" where they publically state that they will support their country, its' laws, etc. ISRAEL---why can't we do this?
5. It's called democracy
Michal ,   Tel Aviv   (12.30.12)
That's why radical left wing parties and radical right wing parties can run in the elections, because Israel is a democracy.
6. We're going to have all kinds of neat, new laws passed...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.30.12)
in the new Knesset, which means Ms. Zoabi probably won't be running next time around.
7. Legally, she has the right, but certainly not morally!!
Adam Smith   (12.30.12)
8. When its in her favor its not an apartheid
hypocrite   (12.30.12)
9. Good Luck
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.30.12)
to Israeli supporters in foreign countries trying to marginalize blue-suit terrorists. Israel is now on par with Iran and Syria in supporting Islamic terrorists, and their supporters. It's time to realize that secular law does not work in the Holy Land.
10. Zoabi walks free
Macktheknife   (12.30.12)
It's the beginning of a new year..... let's celebrate with her knowing full well that one day the Israeli Supreme Court will put their "foot" in it and will end up (I hope) getting the boot themselves. And now with these kind of "judges" floating around I'd be shit-scared of living anywhere near Israel. Why did the Israeli authorities weaken. Was the back-handers too good to be true thus siding with the criminal? Chin up Israel... there's another day coming when you will get the last laugh.
11. Susan Hirsch 4
30.12.2012   (12.30.12)
Chinup Susan. There's another day coming when the Jews will be truly free and the Oath of Office will be respectfully held by honest and decent Israeli's.... not the present MUCK that favours the arabs such as the Zoabi creature.
12. The Last Haven against McCarthyism and Fascism stands tall!
miki ,   tampa   (12.30.12)
13. Israel needs serious JUDICIAL REFORM!!!
Hanna ,   Abu Dabi   (12.30.12)
14. Just Imagine - Yes Imagine!
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne   (12.30.12)
If this Court Case was in an Arab Land against a Jewish Activist - He or She would have been Hanged from the nearest tree and dragged the body behind a Motorcycle like in Gaza
15. Looks like Supreme Court is guilty...
Jules   (12.30.12)
... of high treason.
16. couldnt get rid of Tibi and he is much worse
zionist forever   (12.30.12)
Last time round they tried to get Tibi disqualified and failed and if anybody deserves to be kicked out the Knesset its Tibi. During the Camp David talks the serving MK Tibi was one of Arafat's advisors and the man has never missed an opportunity to try and harm the state in some way or another, arabs who join the IDF are traitors and is against arabs being forced to do either military or civilian national service. If we cant get rid of Tibi what chance did we ever have of getting rid of Zouabi? Morally she should be disqualified but when it comes to who can stand for the Knesset the courts don't take morals into consideration.
17. Common Enemy
Zechariah   (12.30.12)
Jew and Arab need each other against external threats from psychopaths with apocalyptic mind sets.Those who can live in peace with each other can stay and allow Defense and Detrrance by elite forces of skilled and as moral as possible Forces.
18. #5
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (12.30.12)
Yes, indeed,Israel is a democracy and its quite vigorous.But the intent of democracy is to continue to provide the nation with equal representation and justice - not for only one time but for all time.People of her type would use democracy only once: to introduce her prejudicial views by destroying the Jewish State and its democracy.
19. Sad Day
Ellen ,   Netanya   (12.30.12)
It is a sad day when the supreme court ( they do not deserve a capital "s") ignores Israeli law and goes out of its's way to prove how liberal it can be. When a MK participates in flotillas, when a MK calls for the destruction of the Jewish State, she no longer deserves to be an MK. How the Supreme Court can argue she doesn't speak against the Jewish nature of Israel is beyond me. Kach was not allowed, but she is????? As already said, no Arab country would allow someone who is a clear enemy to sit in their parliament. In addition, she is not representing her constituency . They are concerned about schools, roads etc etc. She could care less.
20. Only the liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.30.12)
...the Jewish people, Israel, would legally permit Ms. Zouabi to stand for elections. But, of course, few in Israel think, and rightly so, that this woman has the moral right to do so in the national home of the Jewish people which she is so eager to ensure its demise and acts toward this end.
21. Israel needs a written constitution
Sidney ,   USA   (12.30.12)
With a bill of rights. Right now the law is anything unelected judges say that it is.
22. A Real Shame
A Base ,   France Paris   (12.30.12)
No Aliyah !!!my kids will not die for a country full of traitors and jewish self-haters on the road to ruin. Israel was a nice zionist dream..... but that´s it.
23. you didnt really expect them to reject zoabi did you?
jack bauer   (12.30.12)
they have been enacting treason for years. They protect scumbags who hate jews while at the same time persecute those who staunchly stand behind jews (lieberman)
24. HA HA HA
David ,   On this planet   (12.30.12)
A slap in the face of Netanyahu for uprooting real Jews on yom Shabat. .Remember G-- is watching
25. COWARDS!!!
Rotem ,   Israel   (12.30.12)
9 high-court judges say "yes"??? Something is very fishy here...
26. Correct Decision
Ariye Tzedek ,   Mata, Israel   (12.30.12)
In a democracy, the rule of law must be seen to prevail. If the woman is guilty of a crime, then she can be prosecuted under the law, not persecuted by the Knesset. Yes I am a liberal lefty. As such have always maintained that the ban on the Kahane faction was a travesty of democracy..
27. @5 only radical left wing parties.
rebecca ,   modiin   (12.30.12)
Kahane's party was criminalized remember. And it supported the state of Israel.
28. Surprise surprise!!
rebecca ,   modiin   (12.30.12)
29. anyone supporting terror will be disqualified from Knesset
Steve ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.30.12)
Looks like anyone who supported Operation Cast Lead is going to be banned from knesset!
30. Weakling whining right-wingers weaken Israel
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.30.12)
What a bunch of weak, whining cry-babies! Thank G-d they are in the minority and do not represent the Jewish majority in Israel. According to them, we are so weak that Israel cannot afford to be a real democracy and they are cowed by a single slightly kooky Zoabi who was indeed elected legally and represents her constituency. GET OVER IT, YA BOZOS!!! It's all part of democracy. If you want to live in a fascist dictatorship then yea, ban her. Show the world what a bunch of squirmy, whining cowards you are that you're so fearful of this one Arab woman. And if you can't stand her heat in the Knesset, then yea, get out of the kitchen and go wash cars or something useful. You guys give a bad name to Jews in Israel. The majority of us obviously have more faith in our system and stronger belief in true democracy than you do.
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