Israel addicted to war
Prof. Zeev Maoz
Published: 31.12.12, 18:04
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1. Read your history books
jeff ,   tlv   (12.31.12)
Jews that acted weak, got destroyed, even jews that fight in most cases end up losing, but when you do nothing u get eaten up, hence only 14 million jews left
2. Really?
JJ ,   United States   (12.31.12)
come on, this article is written by a professor, yeah im sure he knows how you can just talk your way out of every single confrontation with people who want you eliminated
3. israel's policy is "the best offense is a
sneak attack" ie. 6 day war, Levaon Affair, Golan and USS Liberty.
4. War Weariness
Harry ,   Burbank, U.S.A.   (12.31.12)
Interesting article. But it only gets relevant to Israel when it gets to the point about war fatigue. Since the INTL Community always compels Israel to stop before it can truly damage its Arab foe, the Palestinians and other Arabs have never been given a chance to exhaust themselves, so they keep coming back for more.
5. Is the Author on Drugs?
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (12.31.12)
Habibi, we fight because we are forced to. If the Arabs laid down their arms, there would be peace! If the Israelis laid down their arms, there would be a massacre that would make the holocaust look civilized!!!!!
6. How pretentious
Sidney ,   USA   (12.31.12)
"The research on the moral justification of wars". You cannot research this subject, it is all opinions.
7. Learned?
Murray ,   Nordia, Israel   (12.31.12)
It is amazing that a so-called expert on international law fails to realize that the UN charter and many other international laws were composed before the advent of world terrorism, on the assumption that warfare always takes place between uniformed combatants under the control of ‘legitimate political authorities after due deliberation’. Al Quaida terrorists and those of Hamas, since they are not part of a recognized army, are technically ‘civilians’ who, hiding themselves and their explosives in civilian centres, exploit cynically the very items cited in the article, in a manner that makes the UN condemnation of excessive ‘civilian’ casualties absurd. Moreover, is it chance that the author, in suggesting that Israel is ‘addicted to violence’, makes no mention of the immense provocations that has led in each war to the very self-defence which he admits to be a lawful ground for retaliation ‒ such as being subjected, as in the recent war, to barrages of rockets fired at peaceful civilian centres? The article, under the guise of a learned analysis, is deeply flawed. Murray, Nordia
8. I did not bother to read the article save for its title
Arnold ,   Canada   (12.31.12)
So my only comment will be this. Why didn't the Palestinians , Iraqis, Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese , and Syrians , choose dialogue over war ?
9. what stupid thinking should meet arabs, nazis with flowers.
ralph   (12.31.12)
10. now understandable. he's from calif bastion of unreality
ralph   (12.31.12)
11. where do you find these idiots? commentary on ynet!!!
ralph   (12.31.12)
12. Rooting for Israeli defeat to cure fightaholism???
SG ,   Teaeck   (12.31.12)
Distinguished Fellow indeed!
13. Israel addicted to war
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (12.31.12)
This is pure academic garbage. Whom is he trying to impress?
14. Israel has very unique situation
Ken Evans ,   Goose Island   (12.31.12)
You cannot apply this Liberal nonsense to Israel. Name one other nation on earth that has been the target of extreme hostility , terror attacks and every kind of hatred and hostility in existence since the day of its birth ? Does Switzerland and Finland and Japan and Australia get attacked every day of its existence ? Does any nation besides Israel get threatened with being wiped out like Israel. How many nations have been attacked by other nations constantly through its history like Israel ? ....You cannot apply your 2 cent Liberal nonsense to Israel.
15. Zeev Maoz and his "major factor" - dead Israelis
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.31.12)
According to Maoz the only cure is a major defeat a la Japan or Nazi Germany. This guy has been in his academic bubble too long. He thinks that if Israel goes down to a major military defeat that the conquerors will actually leave survivors and Israel will magically recover and be cured. Waddamaroon!
16. the intellectual as a dunce
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (12.31.12)
Israel addicted to war??? Israel is addicted to commerce, hi-tech, research, education, agriculture, arts and sciences. Would the esteemed author venture that perhaps it is our neighbors who are addicted to war? And that perhaps the wages of their futile obsession to remove us from this land is the bankruptcy of their economies and the emotional enslavement of their peoples. Israel is growth oriented and strives for self-sufficiency. it is all this that gives the lie to the author's arms length of credentials.
17. This is the stupidest thing I've ever read on YNet
Avishai ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.12)
18. A Blinkered Professor's analysis
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.31.12)
This teacher, made a pretty extensive analysis, and cleverly tries to duck confrontations citing Iran. I do not know the man enough to read his agenda. But, I can say he is blind or blinkered not to see Israel's case as having multifaceted fronts acting against it in concert presenting existential threats The statement made by Al Araby the other day sums up what Israel and Jews are up against. I hope the Prof reads it , and feels ashamed of accusing Israel of being waraholic when trying to defend against a second holocaust Peace talks are a waste of time , Mr Al Araby, head of the Arab league is absolutely right to say that, because Arabs do not want peace but a piece of and ultimate destruction of Israel, driven by empire building aspirants, encouraged by fellow travellers in the EU still on Nazi time, the godless intellectuals who preach against Abrahamic religions and finally the anarchists who have more influence now than ever before Palestinians originated from Lebanon, Syria Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt as economic migrants seeking work at the yeshuv during the twentieth century; They can be an asset if absorbed into their lands of origin , and a quid pro-quo for the equivalent number of Jews expelled from Arab Lands , and stripped of property and possessions where they lived for up to 2600 years since the exile Surprising as it may seem, to the bitter leftists, self hating Jews, and the pseudo Israeli intelligencia, there are many equitable ways to resolve the conundrum yet to be attempted, once the Jew haters conclude it is futile to attempt to bring about a second Holocaust
19. Wrong. Its based on the fact that paper agreements dont work
Jake ,   USA   (12.31.12)
20. No sense
Ari ,   Montreal - Canada   (12.31.12)
My grandfather used to say that anyone is a lawyer. Now I realize that anyone is a professor too .... He thinks that wars could me just resumed in empty phrases.
21. pseudoscience
Dr. Mona Boaz ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.31.12)
This op ed is an example of an additiction to one's own words, which can be termed, "narcisistic wordaholism," typified by excessive verbage despite an absence of content.
22. Only an intellectual would be stupid enough to believe this
Ayatollah Ghilmeini ,   Khandahar b'Amereek   (12.31.12)
Cast Lead and Pillar of Defense puts lie to the entire assertion- they were just wars, barbarians were shooting rockets across the border and military force was used to stop the rockets. Lastly Israel could just flatten Gaza Lebanon Egypt Syria and Iran any time she wanted. Each of these countries call for Israel's destruction. International law is wonderful thing, the only drawback is it has no applicability to the Jewish people- it never protects us. Is only used against us and the threats against the Jewish people are multiplying. Iran may get the bomb this year. Try filing a case when the missile with the bomb is already on its way professor. This article can be summed up in two words: credulous idiocy.
23. You just made the case for Chuck Hagel, reluctant warrior
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.31.12)
24. Prof. Maoz... With all due respect...
Shield of David ,   USA   (12.31.12)
.... It seems that you must be bored to death and you are living in your own bubble.... What a load of crap, you shed on us. Don't get me wrong, I am honestly sure that you are a highly intelectual scholar and in this case, it is the problem... Your problem.... It is very easy to do statistics, from the comfort of your desk.... Reality is different..... If Israel would not show power from time to time, your article might have been about statistics or odds of surviving in the middle East and of course we would be history.... You need to thank Israel that yoy can still play with words when you are bored...!!
25. Why reinvent history?
Ilan   (12.31.12)
The wars cited in '56 '82 and 2006 came after trans border attacks. It is idiotic and amoral to demand proportionality in thse cases. Was Israel supposed to murder civilians in Egypt or Lebanon so it would be tit for tat?
26. I think :The Prof. is desperate for a story
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.31.12)
27. I appreciate the effort of the authors
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (12.31.12)
to see the problem in a different light than the usual "tribal" one. But according to me, they are not right. None of the Israeli wars was the just war. Try to implement the principle which leaded to establishment of Israel as a universal principle. You can see neverending bloodshed. The only justification for Zionist movement is desperation. All the "historical land" etc. are nonsenses. And you, of course, know it. Forget the David's Kingdom. If all tribes around world would try to conquer places, where their ancestors walked through, some places would be really overcrowded. Unfortunately I'm afraid that the time for peace in ME has already passed through. And on the end, you won't be the winner. But if there's any chance for peace, it's that you admit the real purpose of Zionism. Desperation. Say it aloud. "We were desperate. Europeans had persecuted us for so long that we didn't see any other solution. We are aware we violated you rights. But we were so afraid of repetition of pogroms that we chose that way." I'm not sure it will lead to peace. But I'm sure if there's any path to peace, it has to begin by that. All the other ways leads to end of any jewish presence in ME.
28. Galus Jew Scandanavian Czech
Zechariah   (12.31.12)
This is the mentality of the Danish Czech and Dutch Gallus jew duting the Nazi era.The Danish Jews were lucky but in Netherlands the Dutch Police in 1942 helped round up Jews for Genocide and the Dutch and Czechs were more interested in their beautiful cities than the lives of Jewish children's women and elderly.Most men could have suicidally resisted creating trouble for their mainly pronazi so called Christian neighbours.Look at the Czechs after Heydrich was Killed begging for the Capture of the Agents that killed this monstrosity of evil.
29. War and military ops may not solve all Israeli problems
Arad ,   Arad   (12.31.12)
but the IDF has allowed to survive and thrive the "village in the jungle". trusting always in the good will of others for our existence and faith in negotiation and dialogue has brougth us the Shoa
30. Trust the US with your life, easy for you
Yehuda ,   Australia   (12.31.12)
I love this : Israeli initiative for a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) disarmament process in the Middle East, obtaining an American nuclear umbrella that explicitly states that an attack by Iran will lead to a nuclear strike by the US on Iran, or continuing the policy of nuclear deterrence under ambiguity, which seems reasonable given that the probability of an Iranian nuclear attack is very low. What happens if the US chickens out?
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