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100-year-old man among 2012's olim
Omri Efraim
Published: 31.12.12, 15:13
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1. To aliyah to the ancient homeland is saving faith for Jews
Rivkah   (12.31.12)
2. Let the children surround this...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.31.12)
cute centenary with lots of love until his 120th
3. BeAtzlachah!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (12.31.12)
4. how did the professionals find a job?
Jintab   (12.31.12)
This simply cannot be true, unless they are already making plans to leave again.
5. He is coming to retire, no big deal. Where was he at 60?
6. 18000 move and 20000 probably left.
Roey   (12.31.12)
I made aliyah in 2009 and I have been to countless leaving parties as olim leave. Very sad... The government counts and reports how successful aliyah is but not who leaves. The reason Israelis can't vote abroad is because why would it allow failed aliyahers to have a say in the state when they've left already!
7. #6 the rate of leaving is high...
Vlad   (12.31.12)
But I sincerely doubt the majority leave. A significant number, perhaps even 40%, but I doubt most olim leave.
8. Wow, he looks good, got a full head of hair and everything
Yaniv ,   Israel   (01.01.13)
9. Moises Lederman - more power to you !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.01.13)
and many more years to enjoy family and Israel.
10. I would move tomorrow
Jerome ,   AKL   (01.02.13)
I spoke to my son over Skype with my back to the views from my house. He told me that I needed at least 12 million shekels to have a house with some sort of views in Tel Aviv. Now I am thinking perhaps summer in Israel and winter in New Zealand. Half Aliyah would suit me better than not at all.
11. #4 how do professionals get a job
Mordechai   (01.02.13)
They learn hebrew, make a resume, go to an interview and impress the interviewer and get hired. They they do a good job and are very successful. Now lets discuss why you are a failure.
12. Israel retains 80% of immigrants
Mordechai   (01.02.13)
srael's net international migration balance and the total immigration between 1948 and 1994 was 80 per cent, pointing to a missing share, i.e., a ratio of immigrants to emigrants, of 20 percent. Historically, Israel's long term migration retention ratio of 80 per cent is much higher than other countries' receiving large masses of immigration such as the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.
13. To #10
MJ   (01.02.13)
Dear Jerome, why do you need a 12 million shekels house in Tel Aviv and anyway it's not everywhere that price in Tel Aviv. Besides that there are so many other beautiful places in Israel you could come to live; your son is missleading you, the best thing you can do is to make Aliyah as soon as possible cause who knows about what tomorrow reserves. Only think about making Aliyah and being able to enjoy with your family. G.OD bless you
14. 10 Why in Tel Aviv ?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.02.13)
Haifa has also seaside and is much cheaper.
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