Foreigner suspected of raping elderly woman
Eli Senyor
Published: 31.12.12, 14:49
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1. Disgusting!Sick!All the strong words to condemn r not enough
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (12.31.12)
Our government is responsible for this. Instead of sending these grabages back to their countries, they are still here to rape our grandmothers!!!!!!!!! Sick as it gets, disgusting as it can be. I want to vomit. Throw all of them altogether at once out of our country and do it NOW.
2. Sick animal
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (12.31.12)
He should be castrated by sword without medication. Anybody that attacks any women regardless of age should be gagged and placed in a zoo and labeled as a wild human.
3. Death Penalty nothing else will suffice!
4. Disgraceful
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.31.12)
"The suspect lives near the old Tel Aviv central bus station. Throughout his time in Israel a number of criminal cases have been launched against him for property offenses. His remand was extended last week." Why is he still in Israel?
5. Deport all illegal migrants NOW!
Reuven   (12.31.12)
6. Get Charles Bronson-like on this scumbag
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.31.12)
He is an animal.
7. the far left is to blame for this outrage
nadav ,   tlv   (12.31.12)
the delusional left, which wants to build a multicultural haven, is clearly to blame for this miscreant running loose on our streets! The Left's deliberate campaigns of disinformation claiming that criminals, thugs and economic migrants are "refugees" privileged to to be granted asylum is an outrage! There is NO war in Eritrea and there is no threat to them! These illegal aliens should be summarily deported ASAP!
8. Etrian rapist
Devorah   (12.31.12)
Deport him and others who commit crimes against the jewish state.
9. Maybe another "lost tribesman" ?
Alex   (12.31.12)
ArenĀ“t some of you peculiar? Bringing in whoever claims "tribal ancestry" with made up "tribal names" and fake costumes, weird people from Africa and Headhunters from far east and so forth. All the time forgetting that at your VERY doorstep the Palis have in 85-90 % direct descent to the Hebrews and Israelites which were forcefully converted to Islam in 1012 by the el-Hakim edict!? A weird weird logic!
10. Where does it say he is illigal alien?
Mustapha   (12.31.12)
He may have done alya and came back to eretz israel...
11. The post at #8 is not mine.
Devorah   (12.31.12)
12. Despicable, outrageous, obscene
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (12.31.12)
It is indeed all of the above but the talkbackers here shouldn't jump to conclusions that all Eritreans would do something like this. One rotten apple in the cart doesn't mean that all the apples are diseased. There are Jewish criminals too, surprise surprise... look at Katzav as an example. What worries me is that of MK Zuaretz and her cronies succeed in making prostitution in Israel illegal then this sort of thing will become more widespread and all females will be at risk, Jewish or otherwise, elderly or otherwise. That is really frightening.
13. Just think of the bad circumstances he had to endure to get
Alan ,   SA   (12.31.12)
to Israel. Think of the Wars going on in the Horn of Africa that blighted his childhood.. And while you thinking... think of his victim .Just a little! Call a Social Worker for him.
14. Mustapha no 10
You must be mental sick idiot. How can a man of 20 rape a woman of 80 +. This poor woman like his GRANDMOTHER. Shows you how SICK & DISGRACE YOUR NATION.
15. Commit a crime and get free food and board!
Avi Mizrachi ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.12)
Unlike Israel, Eritrea, Sudan and most African countries have no socialized health system, no free education and no human rights NGOs making sure prisoners are treated well. He'll probably be sentenced to 4-5 years and serve 2/3's of that as most prisoners do. During his time served he'll get 3 nutritious meals a day, a High School or college degree, free health and dental care and local and foreign social workers making sure he is being treated with dignity. When it's all over, he'll be given money and a free ticket to return home. If he pays the right people in Sinai, he can come back in a few years under a different name and do it all over again. Why work?
16. No. 12
NYC Girl   (12.31.12)
This horrific crime has nothing to do with whether prostitution is legal or not. Rape is a crime of violence having nothing to do with sexual gratification. How much more proof do we need than the fact that this maniac's victim was a frail 83 year-old woman?
17. Very Sad
Israeli ABA ,   Tel Aviv-Israel   (12.31.12)
While all crimes are crime,and there is no big sin and a bad sin,this crime must be taken serious just as any other one.If he is found to be the culprit,he must be tought a lesson for others to learn. I am myself an African(But israeli citizen now) living in Israel for the past 16+ years,i have always enjoyed life in Israel without any setbacks. I only started feeling unconfortable when these crimes started in Israel not long ago.Years ago when i was new in Israel,it was very KEF and all was milk and honey as said by others,but now,my own new breed of african brothers are spoiling the good name we the first ones created in ISRAEL and i am very sad. Inspite of all this,let us hold hands and say,we can be better if we change the african mentality some of us have.Israel is good,u can make money here if u want to.You will be treated good if you treat others good.People are friendly here and that is why i am 17yrs old here with 2 beautiful Israeli SABRES..... I must confirm that I LOVE ISRAEL and will always do.
18. lets kill 2 of tel avivs problems with 1 stone
zionist forever   (12.31.12)
Give the bus station area plot of land to developers a long term lease in exchange on that plot they build social housing and they hire private security for maybe the next 5 years to help with the transition process of slum-nice area. Good for developers who get a valuable plot of land for next to nothing and get to charge rents. Good for people in need of social housing. Good for local business as the area will improve once the illegal migrants, druggies and prostitutes are driven out.
19. The liberal left is to blame
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (12.31.12)
The Left is to blame for all of these crimes as well as all of the murders by Arabs. Remember the liberals which control the Supreme Court are the ones supporting the destruction of the Jewish State with their suicidal policies. The Africans could of been deported a long time ago.
20. 8 Devorah: Before deporting the African illegals, x-ray
Rivkah   (12.31.12)
their reproductive tracts with two x-rays aimed at that area of the body for two minutes to permanently sterilize them. That way, when they go back to Africa and rape women there, there won't be any conceptions.
21. Netanyahu did nothing for 2 years
Rachel ,   US   (12.31.12)
This is why you have the problem today.
22. hope they send his body back to his country
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.31.12)
23. #17
PersianJew ,   Holon   (12.31.12)
Despite what the leftist courts may say, you are not Israeli and never will be, and I hope and believe some day you will be expelled.
24. # 16
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (12.31.12)
I wish that what you say was true and there may indeed be some element of sense and truth in what you say. However, the facts on the ground are probably different as I wasn't saying that making prostitution illegal would encourage maniacs to attack elderly women, rather I was making the point that such a move would put most of the female population in greater danger than they are now and that is seriously worrying.
25. 21
zionist forever   (12.31.12)
This is a problem thats been building up for years now and its only recently reached breaking point where people are no longer willing to turn a blind eye the way successive governments on both the left and right have been doing for years. Now we have to deal with it and get rid of the people who are jus illegal economic migrants and lock up real refugees who we cannot deport because of international treaties.
26. #4 Sarah B.
Pearl   (12.31.12)
He is still here because he is going to jail for the rest of his miserable life
27. To: Pearl at No. 26
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.31.12)
Actually, I was wondering why he was still in Israel given that he has had several brushes with the law already.
28. Not a word from Bibi
Ron ,   LA   (12.31.12)
And, the courts won't protect Jews-Zoabi runs and Tibi is on campus. I don't see any progress in getting rid of African Moslems or illegal Arabs. Israel needs a sense of self preservation, ASAP!
29. Number 7 - Nadav, Tel Aviv
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (12.31.12)
What a heap of complete nonsense. What does the "delusional left" have to do with the rise of crime? Who has been governing Israel for the past decades? This is, sadly, not an Israeli phenomenon alone. It is happening all across Europe and in other parts of the world. While I understand your outrage, your conclusions are completely off the mark.
30. African Muslims in my country
Alex ,   LOD, Israel   (12.31.12)
If this was my grandmother I swear that this monkey would not be amongst the living right now.
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