Peres sets conditions for Hamas talks
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 31.12.12, 13:19
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1. It's not his job.
Jules   (12.31.12)
2. do we have an appointed president or an elected PM
zionist forever   (12.31.12)
In Israel the APPOINTED president is supposed to shake hands with diplomats and kiss babies and the politics is for the ELECTED PM. Yesterday Peres was making political statements which were indirectly supporting Labor. Now today is is saying what the conditions must be for us talking to Hamas will be and even saying how the palestinians must spend money donated by Quatr. Peres need to be given an ultimatum either keep the presidents job and stick to kissing babies or step down, become an ordinary citizen who is free to speak his mind on anything he likes.
3. Peres & His Proposals
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (12.31.12)
Mr Peres is from a different era and his ideas are not practical at this point in time. The reality of the NEW WORLD ORDER is well beyond his cultural capacity and intellectual comprehension. The only outcome will be the destruction of Jewish culture, heritage and way of life and its replacement by an Islamic/False Chrisitian culture (I am a supporter of true Judo/Christian culture).
4. With all due respect-Mr. President
Samuel ,   Israel   (12.31.12)
Being one of our oldest & most respected politician He is well aware that to be a president you are supposed to stay out of politics,then why in the world does he have to give his recomendation in public?- unless asked for. Leave it to the present leaders. This is not the first time he has interfered in politics. I hope it will be his last.-Learn to be in your own respect.
5. peres oversteps his limits again!
ej ,   tlv   (12.31.12)
He is the president, like the Queen of ENgland, he is NOT to meddle in Israel's political spectrum, certainly NOT during an election!!!! This is an outrage! He should be asked to step down, not defended! As for his statement, he needs to get with the times! Abbas is years past his legal term limit making him a dictator for all intents and purposes- NOT to mention that he rules a ONE parter system with NO checks and balances, nor does he even control half his population, who for years have been living under Hamas' totalitarian rule! Abbas can NOT be a partner, even if he does embrace peace (which he doesn't really) because he does NOT have the popular mandate to rule his "people"
Anton ,   East Jerusalem   (12.31.12)
Its time that you wake up and see that Abbas is the best option you have, I have seen Palestinian Police in my own eyes protecting Rachel Tomb in Bethlehem, arresting all Palestinians trying to hit stones there. I have seen them many times protecting Israelis who enter by mistake to Palestinian neighborhoods! I dont think this news you see or hear, but it is their and it exists, The right is blind and is taking this country to Isolation!
7. Losing respect rapidly
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (12.31.12)
Is it the old age or what? Sad that he is so out of touch with Israeli public opinion.
8. haniyah just said we have to uproot the tumor of israel
jason ,   sderot israel   (12.31.12)
Yet the left is absolutely blind and yet the media will propel the left to victory and do even more harm to israel. Without a fair press there is no democracy in israel or the u.s.
9. Apologies to a deluded senile has been
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.31.12)
Apologies, Mr Perez, but you can not be well. You pumped Better Place on a whim from Shai Agassi; Disaster. You need take it easy rather than stir shit up at your age, You really have not understood Arabs after 90 years Mr Al Araby, head of the Arab league is absolutely right to say that, because Arabs do not want peace but a piece of and ultimate destruction of Israel, driven by empire building aspirants, encouraged by fellow travellers in the EU still on Nazi time, the godless intellectuals who preach against Abrahamic religions and finally the anarchists who have more influence now than ever before Palestinians originated from Lebanon, Syria Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt as economic migrants seeking work at the yeshuv during the twentieth century; They can be an asset if absorbed into their lands of origin , and a quid pro-quo for the equivalent number of Jews expelled from Arab Lands , and stripped of property and possessions where they lived for up to 2600 years since the exile Surprising as it may seem, to the bitter leftists, self hating Jews, and the pseudo Israeli intelligensia, there are many equitable ways to resolve the conundrum yet to be attempted, once the Jew haters conclude it is futile to attempt to bring about a second Holocaust
10. My Mr.Peres is approaching senility in his old age
A ,   Belgium   (12.31.12)
but I think the answer to his statement "Hamas and Gaza must decide what they want – war or peace" was pretty well decided last month, appx.1500 times. As for his buddy Abbas, has Peres seen the new symbol for the PA that the terrorist is so proudly exhibiting? Don't see an Israel on it, just one big fictional "palestine". So where is the peace partner that both the old men talk about? I guess Peres needs one more Nobel peace prize (for nothing) to add to his collection, even if it means kissing Abbas' and Mashaals' rears.
11. It is time to retire.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.31.12)
All hungarian jews are thankful, for his stupid words in 2007. " Israelis should buy up Manhattan, Poland and Hungary. " Nazis translated it Israel want to colanialise and conquire Hungary. A colossal nonsense, but neo nazis gained the sympathy of many primitive hungarians.
12. The Cure-all for those we call Idiots
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.31.12)
Peres: We want peace with all Arabs Hamas: We want you to leave, you are cursed by Allah, cursed by Islam Peres: OK, let's talk about it. Hamas: You must convert to Islam or die. Peres: Aren't there other options? Hamas: Die and then we will talk. Peres: Sounds like we are making progress.
13. Peres sets conditions for Hamas talks
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (12.31.12)
It is obvious that Peres has lost touch with reality. Time for him to go (forever, this time)
14. Shimon Peres
Harold ,   USA   (12.31.12)
The present leaders of Israel should listen to Shimon Peres who is one of the Jewish leaders who founded and created the State of Israel. Where were all the present leaders of Israel , with big mouth, when Peres was fighting for the creation of Israel.
15. Not controversial, and quite right
Ferdinand ,   France & Israel   (12.31.12)
There is nothing remotely controversial in Peres's statement, certainly nothing to earn him some of the rather hateful talkbacks. He says that Hamas "must accept the Quartet conditions. These are not conditions set by us, but by the international community. They must decide if they want peace or fire." I think every Israeli can agree on that. Hamas is the problem. Hamas needs to decide what they want. If they renounce violence, then (and only then) will Israel and the world talk to them. That is what Peres said, and that is hardly controversial. I wish some people would think a bit more before firing off yet another angry message at whomever happens to displease them this hour.
16. Peres
dick ,   us   (12.31.12)
Not withstanding the good he has done for the country his ego has gotten in his way. It is amazing that at his age wisdom has avoided him. Give him a lifetime supply of catheters and retire him.
17. #14 Actually, Peres never fought at all
A ,   Belgium   (12.31.12)
He was put in charge of the navy and other bureaucratic functions, but never held a gun. He even dressed as a beduoin to avoid armed conflict. The real heroes were Begin, Shamir and others who actually did a large part in driving the British out of the future state of Israel. Peres, although he has served as prime minister, several times, was never elected to the post but rather took over as part of a rotation deal, and after Rabin was murdered, basically, a stand in. Don't try to make a hero out of someone who never was one.
18. to number 2
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (12.31.12)
President Peres is the Head of State of the State of Israel. As simple as that. In that capacity, he's completely justified in expressing his opinion, making recommendations and has the right to be consulted. Simply because you happen not to agree with his statement, doesn't make him any less your president.
19. What's the problem with what Peres said?
Alan Eigenstein ,   Edgewater, NJ   (12.31.12)
He was far more incompetent as prime minister and foreign minister. No one seems to mind that Peres was the accomplice and enabling force for the murder of thousands of Israelis. So how can anyone say this current nonsense is any big deal?
20. Either the Jews make peace, or we will make peace for you
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.31.12)
21. He should be playing Bingo in Moshav Zkeinim
Alan ,   SA   (12.31.12)
22. Peres, was that you?
Chatich   (12.31.12)
Peres must have stood at the gaza border last month, as the missiles were flying into Israel a dozen at a time, holding a placard saying "Hamas, do you want war or peace? How can we know? Please give us an answer. Just give us some sort of sign! Anything! Please!!!"
23. drooling self-deluded fool
Mayo Hoolier   (12.31.12)
Why would Israel appoint this washed-up moron as their leader and figurehead? Who put the stupid powder into the water supply?
24. #20 steve
DavidR ,   USA   (12.31.12)
Who is this "we" you are talking about? You and your significant other maybe? Or, you and your poodle? Or is it the mighty islamic boy scout troop of Silver Bay? You are such a hate filled, anti-semitic joke.
25. # 20 I thought Sarah B was deluded
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (12.31.12)
but hell, Benassi, you take the biscuit You are not Jewish, and that is now apparent, but sounds like you have been walking on water. What do you trip on? Happy mushrooms, or coke End of the day, something gets to you when you live in the US of A. I always thought it was the water. We had a crazy Rabbi like you and he was american, believed he was a zionist, but actually came to live in England
26. Peres just put Hamas against the wall
Arnold ,   Canada   (12.31.12)
I wish to be as sane as Peres when I get to be his age. Peres is a well respected Israeli envoy / diplomat in most countries around the globe. Especially in the USA and the EU. It is very important what Peres said in reference to Hamas as it pushes Hamas against the wall to publicly make a choice. Whether there will be a one state or two state solution Hamas must publicly accept or refuse the rights of Jews to exist in Israel. So in a way Peres has thrown down the gauntlet and Hamas needs to decide once and for all.
27. Peres doesn't represent Israel. He is an agent of the NWO.
Jake ,   USA   (12.31.12)
Impeach this enemy of Israel before he causes more irreparable damage.
28. #20 you can't even make your bed in the morning
razors ,   clapham, uk   (12.31.12)
29. Peres is not supposed to make political statements
Rivkah F. ,   jerusalem   (12.31.12)
The President of Israel is an honorific and ceremonial task. He is supposed to represent Israel and unify it & not take sides on political issues. Peres acts as if he is a foreign minister or prime minister and makes political statements & takes sides. Peres should either resign as president & join a political party which suits his views (Livni, perhaps) or remain president and do his job properly to unify the country.
30. Peres is not senile
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.31.12)
He has been this way since 1948 - absolutely the dumbest man to ever be in the Knesset. He has been wrong 100% of his life. He has as much authority as his 'peace partner' that murderous thug Abbas - none whatsoever. He doesn't speak for Israel, he doesn't speak for the government, he doesn't speak for the Knesset, he doesn't speak for a single party and he most certainly doesn't speak for Israel
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