Ambassadors protest Israel policy
Itamar Eichner
Published: 01.01.13, 13:58
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1. To the ambassadors.
Jules   (01.01.13)
Area E-1 , as well as the rest of Palestine, had been allocated to the national homeland of the Jewish people, according to the decisions of the League of Nations. That the answer to be delivered to the international community.
2. Surely the ambassadors should answer only to the Foreign
Bruno ,   Haifa   (01.01.13)
Minister and not to a jumped-up advisor, whoever he or she may be. Amidror needs to understand that he's part of the problem and not part of the solution.
3. Buy them a copy of Don Quichote
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (01.01.13)
Explaining the disaster that is Israeli foreign policy must be like tilting against windmills - so get them a copy of Don Quichote - you cannot explain the impossible - maybe try explaining that the area goes by the biblical name of E1
4. Mr. Prosor
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (01.01.13)
B"H - One of the highest ranking or not one of the highest ranking Israeli diplomat, Prosor should be dimissionary after the diplomatic disasters on his watch, We want Jewish looking, Jewish thinking diplomats in the foreign service.
5. To Amidror
Civil Servant ,   Jerusalem   (01.01.13)
As a tenured Israeli civil servant (of almost 20 years), it continually amazes me how political appointees like Amidror just don't get it. What is the "it" that they don't get? "We don't argue that our job is to represent the state, but those who do have to understand the logic behind its decisions." BINGO! What is it about this that Amidror and other political appointees don't understand? The Foreign Ministry's advice "to postpone any counter-measures to the Palestinian bid so as not to focus international attention on Israel" (and to keep it focused on the Palestinians, I might add) was spot-on, as the Brits say. And if Amidror wants to drag the British civil service into it, the Brits have the most professional civil service in the world because up to the level of Director-General (which they call "Permanent Secretary"), their civil servants are career professionals not political appointees who serve at the whim of some politician!! Would Amidror & his politician bosses prefer that the Israeli civil service be staffed by gluteous maximus-kissing yes-men (and women) who will always tell the Emperor what a splendid new suit of clothes he's wearing?
6. Ambassadors
Anshel ,   Canada   (01.01.13)
The Ambassadors should realize that no matter what the Israeli government does, short off disbanding the State of Israel, the UN is never happy. There is never a good timing to announce anything. This is what should be standard answer: in 1948 5 Arab countries invaded the newly independent Israel, UN was silent, in 1967, Egypt blockaded the Strait of Tiran to Israeli shipping and their President , Nasser threatened to push the Jews to the sea. UN was silent. Thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza on civilian population i Sderot and surrounding, UN was silent. The Iranian President, Ahmadinejad openly called for Israel to be wiped out from the map of the world. UN was silent. UN GA voted to upgrade PA's status to an observer site, while recognizing PLO, whose charter to this day calls for destruction of the State of Israel, the same as Hamas.Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we have a government that has to take local issues and matters to its own hand, since UN and most of the world could careless whenever hostile actions are taking place against my country. So, please get used to it!
7. Purges and Inquisitions anyone?
Avramele   (01.01.13)
Am sure Lieberman, Bennett and Danon are preparing their lists for 2013. Who knows? By the end even Bibi might be on it.
8. President Peres and Ambassadors
V.R.Sonti ,   USA   (01.01.13)
Israel must decide whether she was created by God or the UN. None but Israelis believe the former but if true Israel need not be accountable to anyone. If Israel admits the complicity of Man, then she must obey International Law This is the difficult choice before Israel. and none but Israelis can resolve it !
9. Who needs Embassies or Ambassadors?
Keren Il-BR ,   iSRAEL   (01.01.13)
Just close 90% of Embassies and the country will still be doing well. Just leave open the Embassy in countries where we need jews to make Alliah. Close the posts in Washington, London, New York, where the most hostile and anti-Iisrael diplomats are working against the State.
10. self made ghetto
Judith ,   Tel Aviv-Yafo   (01.01.13)
sure, let's close all doors, lock them well, throw away the key, and sit in our little self made ghetto, until they smoke us out...hip hip hurray, let's make the whole world our enemy, rebel against all international agreements and laws... and than complain that the world is against us...some people are just use a mild is just plain sad sad sad...
11. # 7
Music man ,   Tiberias, Israel.   (01.01.13)
Just like the ditty in the "Mikado", "Ive got a little list", but without the music sophistication and humor.
12. Amidror
Harry ,   Beit Shean, Israel   (01.01.13)
Seems not to understand at all the meaning and true value of freedom of speech. Such men are dangerous.
13. Hopefully, these diplomats
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.01.13)
will find soon a new job, as plate washers, in a Tel Aviv restaurant. Vote for B. Netanyahu !
16. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (01.01.13)
It looks like the ambassadors took lots of shit abroad and they don't like it - After this kind of reception and taking care of business more to come and one step closer to be declared a pariah state;) ,...
17. # 5
Moshe ,   Tiberias, Israel   (01.01.13)
Great talk back. Reminded me of the expression "casting pearls before swine"
18. Immature government cannot take questions
Ted   (01.01.13)
in good spirit. Then they get childishly upset and fire those who are really gifted to help build the country in constructive way. There is NO DOUBT that Mr Prosor has stood up for Israel before UN MANY times bravely refuting any false accusation put forward by other parties. i see no contradiction when he question the government policy when it is difficult, and he is genuinely concerned that this issue is affecting Israel. As for those who claim that there is no need for ambassadors, they have no understanding or connection to reality.
19. Judith, try not to be hysterical !
20. You wish No 16 ! Don't hold your breath.
21. Only G-d rules Israel.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.01.13)
the UN came waaaay after Israel was a nation.
22. hmm, let's see follow G-d or the UN?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.01.13)
Jews follow G-d.
23. # 4
Shimon ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (01.01.13)
Jewish looking Jewish thinking as a prerequisite to being an Israeli diplomat?. Why ,we could end up with a racist nutter like you.Fortunately we have, by and large ,well educated and clever folks as our representatives.Maybe you will be proud to know that we have at least one Israeli Arab representing us.
24. #4 ariel
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.02.13)
Beit Hatfutsot had a famous exhibit/slide show, of faces of Jews from all over the world. The purpose was to show that a Jewish “look” is a stereotype, and Jews all over the world look different, one from the other. So now you want diplomats that “look Jewish”? Which “look”?
25. #8 v - Israel was created by Jews
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.02.13)
Israel is accountable to International Law, but not the “international law” that people invent (without quoting the where, why), nor the “international law” that is taken out of context and misapplied. All laws have a context, as do laws in the Torah.
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