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Report: Palestinians to outnumber Jews by 2020
Elior Levy
Published: 01.01.13, 16:29
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1. Far left propaganda
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (01.01.13)
back again!
2. Already Equal
J ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.01.13)
Considering 11% of eligible Israeli voters live abroad (and most permanently), those numbers might already be equal or will be ahead of 2016.
3. What was that about. . .
babawawa ,   new york, usa   (01.01.13)
genocide of the Palestinian people? Think they'll blame Jews for the population increase?
4. We believe this because the Ashrawi said so?
Rachel ,   US   (01.01.13)
Yeah right.
5. Has anyone mentioned Gaza no longer occupied?
Danny   (01.01.13)
6. Numerous Studies Have Debunked This Red Herring
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.01.13)
Including Zimmerman's that can be found on the Bar Ilan BESA web site and Soffer's that can be found on the Haifa University web site (Geostrategic Studies). With religious Jews having far more kids than anyone else, it will never happen.
7. Tween the rock and the hardplace
Since the Geneva convention (article 48 or 49) bans the forcible transfer of civilian populations, I never undestood where Bibi's end game was going. In this case, Ashrawi (she of the the forked tongue) is right for once in her life.
Sheba Leah ,   Ashdod Israel   (01.01.13)
Rubbish! Absolute bullshit. But the more people they make up the more the UN and other agencies pay for these ficticious people. As for overseas Palestinians they marry the locals and goodbye Charlie with the next generation. They are Americans, Canadians, Frenchmen and South Americans. Lies will get them nothing but money. In fact they are going backwards, they have a failed state and Hanan Ashwari has always been big on words but empty when it comes to reality.
9. Why waste time then
Jimi ,   Palestine   (01.01.13)
Long before, we (arabs) rejected two states, and we lost alot for that, today jews rejected the two states also, and this leads to one state for all. Israeli goverments spent no time on destroying the Two states methodology and kept creating settlements again and again and spreading al over WB... SO why waste more time...ONE STATE for all..@ parlement we decide who rules...
10. Gaza demographic flood
Raphael ,   Netanya   (01.01.13)
Is willfully stimulated by crazy muslim ideologues who believe that 5 million Gazawis will be entitled to demand a lebensraum at Israel's expense, forgetting the Sinai vacuum
11. Demographic Problem
Zechariah   (01.01.13)
The Semographic Realities are due to the Shoah which the Arabs in Israel Thought was to their Benefit For which the Jews have waited to take Revenge. not by Genocide but by Expulsion at the apportioned time .Not Now but the dream of a utopian mixed ethnic state is not in human capacity just now.A demilitarised Palestinian State the Arabs will try to get out of so Tech aAdvances are needed.The Jews cannot give up control of the Jordan river as they need to stop belligerants getting in. Only moderate Palestinians have a hope of remaining the jihadis and Fatah Baath cannot be let in.
12. Aliyahs and babies
More aliyahs - and more babies for Jews!
13. "Palestine" is large enough for both Jews and...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.01.13)
Palestinian Arabs. Legally, 77% of "Palestine" was handed over to the Arabs where they may exercise their self-determination and independence. Located between the Jordan River and the Arabian desert, the Arabs of "Palestine" have renamed their part of the country Jordan. Jews were only assigned, legally, the rest, 23% of "Palestine", located between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea. The Jews have resorted to the Hebrew name of the country: Israel. This legal partition of 1921/1922 was then etched into the UN Charter, Article 80, 1945. Thus, legally, both Arabs and Jews of the Land may accommodate their respective national needs within their own parts of "Palestine" - the name of a territory, never a nationality, state or even a people, of course!!
14. Nonsense
Yidnik ,   Jerusalem   (01.01.13)
Ashwari is lying, as usual. If the Arabs were really going to be a majority so fast, then she, and all the Arabs would be demanding a ONE state solution, not a two state solution. After all, if her numbers are right, why not take all the land? Actually, the Jews are increasing in numbers, particularly in Yesha, and Gaza's million plus Arabs are now independent. The truth is that Jews are winning the demographic war.
15. More Lies from Holocaust Denier + Munich Butcher Abbas
Common Sense ,   israel   (01.01.13)
No point in arguing with the PLO's demographic fantasies. They are quite happy to kill us (as well as each other) for their dream of destroying us. So are we supposed to beleived they will not lie?
16. And somebody believes this?
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.01.13)
Come on, people, this is the Palestinian Bureau of Creative Statistics talking! These are the people who are the personification of Mark Twain's opinion of lies, in increasing order: "Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!"
17. 8 - the more the UN and other agencies pay for these fictici
split ,   US   (01.01.13)
After all those handouts you have received and still receiving form US and Germans as a free nation for decades how can you even mention the chump change they're receiving under occupation in the hell you have created for them,...
18. china and india
mebosa ritchie ,   glasgow scotland   (01.01.13)
all the 1.2 billion indians and 1.4 billion chinese are all palestinian refugees with a right to return to their homeland . i know this because a hobbit told me last week and i believe him
19. # 6 said:
Alex   (01.02.13)
"...With religious Jews having far more kids than anyone else, it will never happen..." Ah you mean: The Satmar, Toldos Aharon, Edah HaChareidis, Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok and other similar Hasidic dysnasties ? Eh...sorry...did I say something out of line ?
20. It means nothing. Nothing at all.
Jerry Costigan ,   USA   (01.01.13)
The number of people has no meaning . It serves NO purpose. Not where Israel is concerned . Israel is a Jewish state.
21. #17 split
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.01.13)
As you well know, but continue to ignore, they have created it for themselves. Ask Hamas. However I am quite sure that if anyone swore to kill you, and showed he/she was serious by trying time and again to do so, you would of course take them out for five-course dinners with cake and ice cream for desert.
22. #7 01, #9 jimi
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.01.13)
#7- There was never any forcible transfer of civilians. The arabs who left did so at the behest of the arab armies, as those arabs who came to Jerusalem in 1948 did so at the behest of Jordan. Otherwise, why are there so many arabs in Israel (and who prefer not to live in a "Palestinian state")? Read some history. #9- Hamas has stated their goal is to kill the Jews. They, Hezbollah, and the PA want to wipe out Israel. They insist that Israel let their people live in Israel, while also insisting that whatever land they have will be judenrien. On the other hand, Israeli arabs vote, are represented in government, and go to the same hospitals that Jews go to, to be treated by the same Jewish and arab doctors that treat Jews. Who is destroying the "2-state solution"? Hint; it ain't the Jews. Read some history.
23. 19 Alex - whats your point?
S Judah ,   jerusalem   (01.02.13)
The sects you mentioned don't represent the vast majority of Haredim in Israel who do believe in a Jewish state. So what is your point? Don't confuse political and religious issues.
24. FutureLESS israel
Palestine ,   Manchester, UK   (01.02.13)
Even though statistics may not be true, they are real nonetheless. Israel including the west bank has now 6 million jews out of which 11% live aboroad which means that on the ground israel has less than 6 million jews. With the so called "Aliyah" in thousands every year and the high birth rate of the west bank settlers, comparing with the zero immigration to palestine with horrible living conditions, shows the failure of zionism. With more young people leaving israel espicially skilled/educated ones, reduced aliyah and increasing refugees from africa, israel is not far away into being dismantled and becoming again PALESTINE
25. above
moishe   (01.02.13)
because we dont seek converts etc Jews win in the short run and lose in the long run. some other nation forces us to reinvent ourselves elsewhere. history repeats. its about time we come up with a good solution.
26. ynet = muppets
jason ,   israel   (01.02.13)
27. Like India and Pakistan
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.02.13)
For the sake of harmony, it is seemingly more and apparent that Arabs need to be given the choice to accept Israel as a Jewish nation and live in peace or to be encouraged to peacefully relocate. The latter would be a better option for both people and would lead to a lasting peace.
28. who care about numbers,ERTZ YSRAEL STILL BELONGS TO THE JEWS
Davy   (01.02.13)
29. Yoram Ettinger disproves this
Shalom Hartman   (01.02.13)
Recent studies show that the pa like to include people long since dead; not yet alive and people with one arab parent, living all their lives overseas in their studies. Meanwhile Jewish birth rates are growing while arab birth rates are falling. In short - there is no panic
30. Peace can be achieved by...
Marco ,   Spain   (01.02.13)
One state for two people with one man one vote...
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