The heart of the conflict
A.B. Yehoshua
Published: 01.01.13, 23:59
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1. Tel Aviv must be razed.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.02.13)
I fully agree. The settlement of Tel Aviv must be totally demolished before the left will be permitted to enter the government.
2. Right of Return and Dhimmi
Zechariah   (01.02.13)
The Right of Return and Jewish Sovereighty iis the main block Settlements can be swapped for land in areas like Al Um Fahm.
3. 2100
Zechariah   (01.02.13)
By 2050 proliferation is high and the Jews ought have contingency plans for this.This is the great threat syria is on the brink and this is 2012.the USA and Russia are still the Militartary SuperPowers and they are committed to Conventional and WMD supremacy the USSR suffered the Nazi attack severely and the USA has been attacked by the Japanese and Jihadi they are the Key to World Stability.
4. The one and the same
Carl   (01.02.13)
This is the same AB Yehoshua who told us that once we leave Lebanon we can forget the name Hizbollah
5. Leftist lunacy is the heart of Israel's problems.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.02.13)
Virtually all Israel's problems stem directly from Israeli retreat and other lunatic leftist policies. Israeli retreat from South Lebanon is the ONLY reason for our recent Lebanon Wars and rockets from Lebanon. Israeli retreat from Gaza is the only reason for our recent Gaza wars and thousands of rockets from Gaza. Oslo is the reason tens of thousands of innocent Israelis were maimed and murdered. Leftist lunacy is the heart of Israel's problems.
6. Why does he think anyone is inviting the left
Mordechai   (01.02.13)
No one is voting for the left. They aren't going to be part of the next government. I guess he thinks they should announce they refuse to be part of the government so they won't be embarrassed when they aren't asked
7. a very strange article
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Zion   (01.02.13)
a. b. yehoshua agrees that the arabs will never give the jews peace. yet he claims that building in jerusalem is the biggest threat facing israel. actually, the biggest threat facing israel is the so-called peace camp that has brought us the oslo catastrophe, the handing over of the temple mount to the waqf, and all appeasement policies of the past. the declining birthrate and assimilation in the galut as well as jewish enemies of israel are also big threats.
8. A fine example of Intellectually Induced Idiocy by otherwise
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.02.13)
passable writer. One has to let him excercise his right to air this dribble, pat him paternisitically on the back and continue walking....
9. 1. National stupidity
MelekhShaul ,   Jerusalem   (01.02.13)
Must Be Stopped.
10. too bad that AB is missing the C
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.02.13)
This is some intellectual writing? Two banks in Jordan, did not mean a Palestinian state on BOTH sides, rather one one one side and a Jewish state on the other side. As for the "the settlement bloc sham," I believe that the residents and their supporter do not look at their homes as a sham but rather a legal desire to settle all of Eretz Israel, not just Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. I am truly disappointed that a person of a reputed intelligence writes such garbage. This article is a real insult to any thinking person.
11. Israel has no other options
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.02.13)
but to strengthen settlements. Arabs demand first evacuation of settlements, then dividing Jerusalem. After it free return for 7 million refugees and finally a "democratic referendum", with 12 millions arabs and 6 million jews. What will be the result, no doubt. Vote for B. Netanyahu !
12. Heart of Israel's problems
Ynet, all opinions are reduced to 1. malfunction in the computer system on that article
13. very simple solution The Bennet plan
Dr Eric ,   tel aviv   (01.02.13)
AB Yehushua thinks like meretz and hamas - Give the whole WB to the Arabs so that the hamas can keep their promise to destroy israel That is meretz's solution to the jewish problem. Meretz hates everything that judaism represents so that will solve everything. We must support Bennet that understands that we can sit with the Arabs and let them have a demilitarized are with land contiguity in area A they can have passports police and flag and Israel will protect them agaist the Islamic radicals
14. end settlements return ramat aviv
yoni ,   jewish homeland   (01.02.13)
15. Questions for the elections
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.02.13)
The Left always (falsely) accuses the Right of lacking a plan and then proposes solutions that are unworkable and miss important pieces that prevent a rational person from supporting for them. Let's go with Yehoshua's belief that we need an ethnically pure Jew-free "Palestine" with '67 borders to avoid a binational state, and ignore the fact that Israel will no longer be viable (remember rockets hitting Rishon and Bat Yam). What does Yehoshua propose to do with the 20% Arab citizens of Israel? How will he prevent Arab immigration legally by "family reunification" or illegally through the borders? And in any case, is there any Arab leader who agrees to give up on the "right of return"? Abbas rejected Olmerd's offer to allow 60000 Arabs to immigrate to what is left of Israel. I would really like to hear a straight answer to these questions.
16. So where's the problem?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.02.13)
The "dovish" elements need not be invited to join. I'd like to see them vote with their feet. I think they should invite illegal Africans to inhabit their parks and their streets. Give them a chance to prove how liberal they are, rather than test their social theories on other segments of Israel's population. Shouldn't take more than one or two 83 year old grandmothers raped in the front yards of their villas. Pick up all of the predatory African illegal aliens from South Tel Aviv and deposit them in the parks and shopping areas of Herzilya Pituach, Kfar Shmariyahu and other similar towns. Allow them to open their ramshackle "shops" in North Tel Aviv. Toss in the odd rock-throwing Arab youth or two. Let's see how long their liberalism sustains them after they've tripped over one or two or fifty Africans sleeping off two bottles of vodka in their children's parks and playgrounds. It won't take long.
FO ,   Belgium   (01.02.13)
Dear readers, please read again, with care, this incredible paragraph: "Those who supposedly follow Ze'ev Jabotinsky's doctrine have forgotten that when he said "Two Banks has the Jordan" in the 1930s there were 18 million Jews in the world - and most of them desperately needed a Jewish state – while there were less than a million Arab Palestinians". And this is written by an ideological heir of those who were ready to fight to death the idea of a Jewish state, against Jabotinsky. After the historical decision of the League of Nations in 1922, the Mandate for Palestine, an independent Jewish state could have been created before World War II, which would have prevented partially, or who knows, even totally the Shoah. But the leftist majority in the Zionist movement claimed that a "the Jewish State was never part of the Zionist programme" (Introduction to "History of Zionism", written by Nahum Sokolow, President of the World Zionist Organization, 1931-1935). This unpardonable blunder brought upon us the biggest disaster of our history. And now, A.B Yehoshua, an heir of those same leftists, is trying to teach us again a "moral" lesson ?
18. Jews have the right to live where ever they want
Ibrahim el-Awal ,   Dearborn, Michigan   (01.02.13)
Jews have the right to live where ever they want. Please, tuvia Miller bought land in Gaza in 1926 legally, Gush Etzion was bought legally in 1927, Jews live in Hebron for hundreds of years. Why can they not live on land that belongs to them? Abbas wants a Judenrein "Palestine" with no Jews there, a racist, ethnic cleansing, anti Semitic attitude?
19. More absurd ideas from an unrepetant Osloist
No Brainer ,   israel   (01.03.13)
Like all the leftist "intellectuals", AB Yeshua must be a delusional psycho who at some subconcious level must want to see the country destroyed
20. I'm surprized at the author
charles   (01.03.13)
Anyybody who has a little bit of education, knows that adding another arab state (ie a pal state) will endanger israel as a jewish democratic state. this is far mor dangerous than the remote possibility of a bi-national state. as most educated people, i am willing to take this chance.
21. "end to settlement enterprise"
dan ,   New York, NY USA   (01.03.13)
What does the author mean by that phrase? Uprooting of all or most existing settlements (such as Kiryat Arba) or simply no more additional settlements (leaving 500,000 settlers in place)?
22. Who decided that Bibi will be PM again? Wait for elections
Israeli ,   World   (01.03.13)
There can be surprises
23. A.B. Yehoshua is a godless heathen!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (01.04.13)
Why else would he write such drivel?!!!
24. To # 17 True and untrue
Stan ,   Israel   (01.04.13)
You are correct about Nahum Sokolow, but any one who has studied the growth of the Jewish population in Palestine from 1882 until i939 can clearly see that establishment of an independent Jewish state before 1936 was not an option. The Balfour Declaration, which was the foundation upon which the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine was made possible, declared clearly that such a state must not "prejudice the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine" The League of Nations, based its support for a "Jewish National Home" on the wording of the Balfour Declaration and on the conditions stated therein. Ben Gurion, who was the leading figure in the efforts to bring more Jews into Palestine, would not have been deterred by Sokolow's writings, and would have called for the establishment of the state earlier IF IT HAD BEEN POSSIBLE.
25. # 5 Halucination or stupidity
Stan ,   Israel   (01.05.13)
I don't know if Chaim believes what he has written here, or if its one of the problems stated above. Lebanon has been a problem for the people of Kiriat Shmona and the other settlements along the border since 1971. The main result of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon was the establishment of Hisbullah. In addition, the occupation did not stop terrorist attacks or the firing of rockets at towns and settlements in Israel. 2000 soldiers died in the Lebanon War. Thankfully Barak had the courage to end that pointless occupation in July 2000. Ask people who live in Metulla, Kiriat Shmona, Avivim or any other towns or settlements close to Lebanon if they felt more secure before the withdrawal or after.
26. # 5 What is Chaim's problem?
Stan ,   Israel   (01.05.13)
The learned writer of # 5 seems to have a serious memory problem. (I hope its not alsheimer) In Gaza the rockets began in 2001. Has he forgotten that people died from these rocket attacks before the withdrawal in 2005? Has he forgotten how many Israeli soldiers and civilians died in Gaza until 2005.? Does he not remember the gory picture of soldiers crawling in the dust on their hands and knees looking for the remains of their fellow soldiers killed in an enormous explosion at the Phillidelphi border defence? As with Lebanon, so too with Gaza, our casualties were higher before withdrawal than after.
27. To Stan # 24
FO ,   Belgium   (01.05.13)
Thank you for your remarks to my post. A more massive Jewish immigration to Palestine would have been possible with another policy. There is a remarkable and interesting passage, about this subject in Arthur Koestler's book, "Arrow in the Blue". About Ben Gurion : if, as you claim, he "would have called for the establishment of the state earlier IF IT HAD BEEN POSSIBLE", so why did he fight in a ferocious way Jabotinsky's struggle for a Jewish state and massive immigration, of ALL Jewish classes ? Remember Moshe Shertok (Sharett) writing: "Bring in the good, not the rabble ? About the League of Nations: indeed the League supported the wording of "no prejudice of civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine", but never mentioned POLITICAL rights. Political rights to the Arabs, were given to Syria and Iraq (under French and British mandates) both countries, together with Palestine (the Jewish National Home) considered as mature to become independent states.
28. Israeli Leftist
Israelis leftist is our biggest threat. If Israel loos, guaranteed the ISRAELI LEFTIST will also be thrown to the sea.
29. end settlement return ramat aviv
Dear Yoni, Not only return Ramat Aviv, but also Tel-Aviv, Yafo, West Jerusalem, Haifa, Ramat-Gan, Petah-Tikva, Acco, Natanya, and the rest.
30. Delusive Yoshua!
Michael Dar ,   Israel   (01.06.13)
The man and his leftist dove-cote still don't understand what the conflict is all about...nothing short of the the complete disappearance of the Jewish state will satisfy the Arabs-Muslims and Islam and preferably, if possible by violent means, war and massacres!
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