Friends of Israeli held in Egypt insist he's 'a peacenik'
Gilad Morag
Published: 02.01.13, 00:11
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1. Man of peace? Ha!
He is a man of peace who wants to fight alongside terror organization Hamas? Hahaha, God not even your hardcore extremist leftist "activists" are as unstable as this guy. Let him rot in an Egyptian prison.
2. he's a nutter! no peace org has come 4ward 2 claim him
3. Peacenik ????
Ezra ,   Canada   (01.02.13)
So someone heading to Gaza in order to help Hamas to fight "zionist occupation" is a peacenik... ... In my country helping ennemies in time of war is not called this way.
4. Let this "peace activist" get out of his own mess
Rachel ,   US   (01.02.13)
5. Israeli "Peacenik" Arrested by Egypt
Alex   (01.02.13)
As the saying goes: finders keepers!
6. He is NOT a peacenik; he IS a traitor!!
I want peace! ALL Zionists want peace! What we do not want is to be murdered and for our home to be stolen from us. I do NOT WANT to fight or hurt anyone!!! Nonetheless, I will NOT cower away in fear from protecting me and mine. I want peace, an honest and REAL peace!!!
7. Some changes are needed
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.02.13)
in the personality laws of israeli citizens. I mean a forced hebrewisation of names for those, who remained in Israel after 10 years. After the aliya no problem is if somebody has a name like Weissenstein or Kuznecov, but the next generation must be forced to wear hebrew names. A step for a united israeli society. Vote for B. Netanyahu !
8. Let Him Rot In Egypt
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.02.13)
And see how supportive he is of Israel's enemies by the time he returns. To Egypt: Take your time. Please. Make it a thorough investigation- real thorough.
9. sorry
JL   (01.02.13)
but this leftist is just another stupid freak..what a shame to his embarrasing..he will used as a bargaining chip..
10. I wonder if he is a Jew? After all, many from Russia
or Ukraine who made Aliah are not Jewish, they just have a Jewish father or ancester. A Neo Nazi Gang was formed a few years ago from this kind of persons.
11. How much will Israel have to pay to protect this
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (01.02.13)
anti-Israel "Peacenik"?.
12. He's a waste of space
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.02.13)
Israel should totally wash its hands of this guy. He's not an avowed peacenik; he wants to fight withthe Palestinians so either deport him to Gaza or just leave him to the Egyptians. It's one thing to be left wing or evenfar left wing, but since his declared intention is to fight with our enemies, he's a traitor.
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