Government's statistician fired via email
Amnon Atad, Calcalist
Published: 02.01.13, 14:14
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1. E-mail is used more and more today, statistically speaking.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.02.13)
2. What democracy?
Ted   (01.02.13)
If the government cannot take criticism positively and humiliate anyone who questions or have a different angle, then they are acting immaturely for the downfall of the country. Like in the case of Ambassador Ronsor, when he was told to be quiet and not question the government policy.
3. there was no 1-year term?
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.03.13)
He wasn't a permanent employee. Period. What's next, that your neighborhood felafel guy will demand loyalty that you should only buy felafels from him? PS: ==actual== statistics mavens are in heavy demand in bio-pharmacy. This guy was a glorified clerk.
4. change
john ,   toronto   (01.03.13)
They will fall in a trap they have themselves made. It is better to accept criticism and change.Public employees work for people no government can terminate such work.
5. Fired via email
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.03.13)
It could have been worse: He could have been fired via Facebook.....
6. Shelly Laverne Yachimovich
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.05.13)
This quote from her in this article speaks volumes about her personality. She immediately accused Bibi of being behind the firing by e-mail, instead of recognizing Bibi's apologizing on behalf of someone ELSE. Those who are quick to point the finger have four more pointing back at them. Vote wisely people.
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