Teenage girl says she was stoned by haredi boys
Shahar Chai
Published: 02.01.13, 00:18
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1. Stoned
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (01.02.13)
Apparently these boys read the Torah but still haven't the maturity or intellectual capacity to understand it. I think a 3 year stint in the IDF in non-combat area may straighten them out.
2. Haredi Boys
Cheryl ,   Chicago, IL   (01.02.13)
#1 is right. Although, it may not be a good idea to walk down that street again; it sounds unsafe.
3. Teenage girl says she was stoned
Ed ,   Philadelphia PA   (01.02.13)
There will be a day of reckoning for this hared community. It's inevitable and it will be ugly.
4. To M
R ,   Israel   (01.02.13)
You are right, it is 2013 and this should not have happened. You certainly do not deserve it. It might be worth your while to carry pepper spray. On the other hand, those boys are evidently cowards and prefer to stone a lone girl from a distance. Good luck to you.
5. I'm religious
Simple Jew ,   USA   (01.02.13)
And I'm ashamed of the behavior of these boys.
6. Good Yeshiva boys learn in school to hate...
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (01.02.13)
Arabs, Gays, Conservative and Reform Jews, Egyptians (Pesach), Persians (Purim), Greeks (Hanukkah), Russians (Pogroms), Germans, French, Austrians, Polish, Romanians, Hungarians, Italians (Holocaust). Did I leave anyone out? Just generally, they hate Goyim. Their most favored status in Israel, and the Jewish world more generally, should come to an end quickly.
7. I thought that Israel is a democracy
Leon ,   Algonquin Land   (01.02.13)
I guess that these Jews are clearly expressing their objection to her.
8. Sharia judism
Abdalla   (01.02.13)
9. Israel needs to seriously deal with this
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (01.02.13)
This is not the first time yeshiva boys assault people and cause trouble. There needs to be a serious modification in the way they are being educated. This is ridiculous and absurd.
10. The title is misleading!!
Moshe ,   Chicago, usa   (01.02.13)
"Gay teenage girl was pelted with stones.... " The title message is completely distorting the even. "Stoned" = killed or murdered, and it is obviously not the case.
11. Disgraceful!
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (01.02.13)
These idiots should be arrested! Who are they to act as Bet Din and judge someone by appearance? Stupidity and intolerance is what prevents unity between secular and religious Jews in Israel. Such behavior should not be tolerated by anyone, for any reason!
12. Perversion
leo ,   nyc   (01.02.13)
Where are the parents of these yeshiva students? And where are their teachers? All should be called to account for the criminal activities of these young men---these are not Jews in any real sense of the word. These "students" are a disgrace and should be punished in a variety of forums, period.
13. This hurts!
rinah   (01.02.13)
Stoning happens in Islam where there is no mercy. As Jews we need to understand the permission for stoning is only to put the fear of G-d (the beginning of wisdom) into someone; to choose to live the right way (not forced on by another) and to live by the Torah balance of justice and mercy.
14. They learned this at school.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.02.13)
So close the yeshiva and send these boys to public schools. Or maybe public shaming is in order: put their names and pictures in the newspaper and let everyone see what 'good' boys they are. The rabbis at the yeshivas that teach this behavior must be fired. There is simply no room in Israeli society for them; let them move to Gaza or Iran, where they would fit right in. The actions of these boys makes me want to vomit. If I was the girl's father, none of these boys would be safe from prosecution and civil action, and that goes for the 'yeshiva' as well.
15. I think "says" is the key word here
Daniel ,   JM   (01.02.13)
Apparently modern secular education fails to convey the idea that "testifying false witness" is a mortal sin.
16. common assault
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (01.02.13)
There are laws governing common asault and there are police and courts to deal with such complaints.
17. This behaviour is not acceptable
Arnold ,   Canada   (01.02.13)
Because these Haredi believe so strongly in Hashem they should realize it was Hashem that made homosexuals as well. It is not a matter of choice it is a matter of fact. Because Haredis do not accept this is too bad. But their behaviour is not and will not be tolerated. Shame on them. Not on this girl.
18. They should be severely punished
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.02.13)
They should be severely punished.
19. Yeshiva boys involved should be sent to a juvenille prison
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.02.13)
We cannot afford to tolerate the continued violence by Haredim against our citizens. We need to start using forceful measures to curb their violent acts.
20. Is there any actual evidence this occurred
Mordechai   (01.02.13)
This new story is missing some basic facts such as where it supposedly occurred what yeshiva these students allegedly attended, were there any witnesses. The story makes it sound like yeshiva students just attacked her for having short hair. Thats not very unusual. The reporter hints the girl is gay but many straight women have short hair. I'm not saying it didn't happen but this story has no facts in it just an allegation from a unknown person in an unknown city about unknown people. I have no reason to believe this isn't a work of fiction by a reporter who hates religious jews for unknown reasons. Quite honestly if this is real news add in real facts
21. please Jewish students do not turn
Barney ,   USA   (01.02.13)
into the taliban. this goes against everything Judaism stands for.
22. Taliban mentality
StevieT ,   USA   (01.02.13)
Israel has a really serious problem with this bunch. Kind of makes me sick to my stomach.
23. Those guys should rather look at themselves
Stephan ,   Munich, Germany   (01.02.13)
because they are not responsible for the girl's dressing. If such dressing was wrong (I doubt that) she will have to deal with the consequences, not the boys. At first they should remove the beam in their own eye. Their violent behaviour indicates that there is one....
24. with out photo, can't tell if provocative
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.02.13)
How in the world are we, the readers, to know what really happened? We hear her side only. Was she/he provocative? This is a one sided article that needs a bit of balance. How about a photo? How about the boys side of the story, too?
25. Something doesn't add up . . .
Shalom Hartman   (01.02.13)
Ganei Tikva is hardly a "hard core hareidi enclave", and most teenage hareidi boys wouldn't know a lesbian if they saw one. Are we sure of the facts here?
26. I am shocked if this is true
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.02.13)
As this is described, it is hooliganism.
27. I have never said this before...
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, Ontario   (01.02.13)
but after reading the article I feel I must. The Hareidim are getting out of hand. They are more like a street gang than a religious order. They are frustrated at not getting their own way and are acting out. Their superiors are doing nothing to curb the violence because their aim is to drive the "seculars" as far away from them as possible, while still sucking at the nation's teat (why earn a living when you don't need to?). The reason they feel confident to act up is that the authorities do nothing to stop them. The few arrests that are made make the Hareidim laugh. We have to crack down on Hareidi intimidation tactics with a tougher approach. I'm dying to say something brutal to illustrate what I mean but I'm holding back my rage with the training of a lifetime. In short, they won't behave until we show them we mean business. Let's get off our secular butts and take back our country! It's Israel not Hareidistan!
28. Finallyl, I understand how Jews allowed it to happen
Thinking Jew ,   Israel   (01.02.13)
to an innocent Jew in the 1st century... and you're repeating it again today. Just stand by, hands over eyes, doing nothing, refusing to see. After thousands of converts, throwing feces at Orthodox girls, the list is endless. You REFUSE to see the evil, anti-Torah truth of Medieval Haredism. 2000 years ago it was Hellenist Sadducees and Romans. But today, it's all on you! Unbelievable!!!
29. Even if she was "provocative"
Vered, Israel   (01.02.13)
Even if she had been dressed or acted provocatively, she still may not be physically assualted. If someone provokes your anger, does that mean that you have a right to attack him? Of course not.
30. You have seen nothing yet ,...
split ,   US   (01.02.13)
Wait for the real show when they increase in numbers ,...
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