National security adviser chided for snapping at envoys
Shiri Hadar
Published: 01.01.13, 22:11
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1. The Job of an Ambassador
BrianR ,   London UK   (01.01.13)
The task of an Ambassador is to represent and support the State, not the particular government that happens to be in power at any one time. It is a subtle but important difference. At a time when countries around the world are seriously questioning the current government's policies, at a time when even some of Israel's ambassadors are questioning those policies, perhaps the time has come when the government itself needs to question those policies itself.
2. Tell them they serve the government, they do not make decisi
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.02.13)
Thank you Gen. Amidror for telling the truth.
3. # 3
Eldad ,   Jerusalem, Israel.   (01.02.13)
Just the opposite, this knuckle headed former general needs to learn how to behave and talk in a civil society. In the meantime his masters can teach him of the benefits of free speech in closed meetings.
4. Amidror Is 100% Right
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.02.13)
If these "diplomats" feel that they can't do their job and represent Israel and Israeli policies, then they need to do something else and let those who can take over. Amidror is a general: His job is to tell it like it is; not to candy-coat the truth.
5. # 4
Eli ,   Haifa, Israel.   (01.02.13)
Amidror is no longer in the army and its about time he learned to behave according the norm of civil society. Smart societies allow for freedom of discussion and benefit from it. Seems you dont know that its only strong democratic systems that allow for freedom of speech and its the tough guy dictators that are too weak to listen to and tolerate the truth.
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