Gaza truce falling apart
Alex Fishman
Published: 02.01.13, 17:57
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1. thank god that barak is on his way out
mislon   (01.02.13)
the concessions that israel made near the fence and on the sea had to do with barak's and bibi's fear of egypt, allowing themselves to be panicked into concessions. Yaalon will not panic the way barak does. If bibi again picks barak to be defense minister, then bibi is finished as israel cannot survive another 4 years of ehud barak
2. I know that I have a big fan base
Melissa ,   US of Ara   (01.02.13)
on haaretz. And I'm trying to get a decent one here on ynet now by spreading the truth. My proteges like graczek and Steve Benassi do great work on here too. But we have to keep spreading the truth about bibi. I have never seen a leader in history with more wars and blood on his hands. The reason the truce is falling apart is because Netanyahu is running a secret war in the west bank. Please, we need to stop this man. I've sent many letters to Barack Obama pleading to him to cut aid to Israel and demilitarize Israel and start giving a massive weapon shipments to Hamas. This will bring peace to PALESTINE.
3. Surprise, surprise!
Mira ,   Vienna   (01.02.13)
who would have thought that? Didn't we all believe that Hams was changing from death-loving primates to human beings? It's about time to finish Gaza off once and forever, no matter what anybody in the World thinks of it.
4. Israel election come at a price
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne   (01.02.13)
Since everyone entering the election to win Politicians Dont really care and at this moment they only care one thing Winning the election to get a well paid job - Anyone can tell us how much a Minister earn and what is the perks to go with job Also How much member of Kenneset earn? They dont do it for free - they dont get elected because they like us - No - Politicians earn Good Money - Remember that
5. Is that a heavy ground offensive I see on the horizon?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.02.13)
Why yes, I do believe it is.
6. Alex, who are you trying to fool with simplicity?
William ,   Israel   (01.02.13)
"Israel explained that the concession (building material) was made in light of the calm along the Gaza border." Alex, the exact cease-fire deal was a list of demands from both sides, one which included building materials into Gaza. The cease-fire went into effect but the demands would be negotiated on after that, one by one. Israel made it clear, at the point of the ceasefire, that negotiations and concessions depended on the other side adhering to the basic agreements of holding fire and working to achieve calm inside Gaza. Hence, if there is calm along the Gaza border, the next level of negotiations can proceed - like the delivery of building materials.
7. enough
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (01.03.13)
Simple solution,get up at the UN and proclaim the next time a rocket comes into Israel from either Lebanon or gaza or the west bank,Israel goes in and cleans the area out for the next 100 years.
8. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.02.13)
Yes, sure, a big fan base for the insane. Stay on Ha'aretz, you don't belong here.
9. #2 Fabricated History
Get Real ,   UK   (01.03.13)
You are obviously reading the same history books as those used in the Gaza classrooms Obama has no need to send weapons to Hamas,Iran is doing just that.
10. above
moishe   (01.03.13)
I still maintain the best way to stop rocket attacks from Gaza is if Israel allows its citizens to respond in kind. the only way to put the message across. otherwise there is another military action in the future that will result in Israel deaths and injuries. no other nation would tolerate such rockets. this message does not come from a well funded and prestigeous think tank!
11. #2: Delusional (end)
shrinkDave ,   USA   (01.03.13)
12. corrupt political system
Zsolt ,   Wanganui,NZ   (01.03.13)
The present "free and democratic" western style political system is not geared towards the true service of the nation. It is geared towards personal legacies, winning elections, serving party policies. The actual life and well being of the country has very low priority. Unfortunately Israel tries to copy the western socio-economic model, instead of embracing our traditions, the core values this nation was built on. Israel should introduce a completely new public representation system based on public based round table discussions leading to parliamentary representation through totally independent, and transparent elected candidates who are there only to serve the people voted for them. We actually have the blueprint and historical experience of this system and even know round table discussion are gathering pace all around the country on a wide range of subjects. It is time to become the nation we are destined to become instead of aspiring to be like others.
13. INEVITABLE-resume of hostilites
Get Real ,   UK   (01.03.13)
It is only a matter of time before Hamas resumes its terror attacks and missle fire against Israel and thereby triggers the next round of fighing.Hopefully Iron Dome and Magic Wand will be in place to cover the whole of Israel from long range rocket fire whilst Israel delivers the appropriate response and makes another set of concessions.
14. #2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.03.13)
With the proteges you attract you remind me of a dung beetle. That isn't truth that you are spreading.
15. To: Eaglebeak at No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.03.13)
Thanks for providing my very first REALLY good laugh of the New Year! And best wishes to you and those near and dear to you for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.
16. Retake Gaza forever.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.03.13)
Like virtually all Israel's serious problems, our Gaza problems were caused by a lunatic retreat. The solution: Retake Gaza forever.
17. To: Sarah B at No.15
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.03.13)
Your welcome. I hope this will be a good year for you and I wish the best for you and yours too.
18. To Melly Jelly Benassi
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (01.03.13)
U talk BIG from the safety of the United States. If you're both so PRO-Pali, then back up your words with action: EXpat yourselves to Gaza where you can actively participate in the restoration of Palestine. Yeah. Right. Leave the security of the USA? Didn't think so.
19. #2 again with her tirade
America ,   USA   (01.03.13)
You don't seem to give up on your garbage comments the real question is you have the balls to call bibi the guy with the most war and blood on his hands yeahhh right!!!! Your brother Assad is the one you should be wasting your breath on your not in the us of Arabs its called the United States clown ! You don't deserve to be an American you traitor!!
20. #2 - your " fan base" is extreme left wingers, EU cronies
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.04.13)
Most of all, you are your own biggest fan because you seem to believe your own lies and distortions of history and real facts.
21. The IDF is not sleeping.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.04.13)
Hamas knows, KNOWS that if they commence firing rockets into Israel the IDF will be visiting them in their living room. They also realize that the world didn't buy their propaganda last time either. Israel has the green light to EVICT them if they start with their rocket barrages again.
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