Settlers, officers clash near Esh Kodesh outpost
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 02.01.13, 13:27
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1. Esh Kodesh lies in Samaria...
Alex   (01.02.13) my suggestion is that the Judeans leave the area! It belongs entirely to the Samarians (ethnical Hebrews but at present with Moslem and Christian faith). Judeans to Judea, Samarians to Samaria!
2. The settlers claim they own the land.
Peace   (01.02.13)
They came all the way from Russia or Poland and own a piece of land in the west Bank. Magic....
3. Religion. What's it good for?
sonia ,   paris france   (01.02.13)
4. I am a jew from America!
And I own a piece of land in Palestine!
5. It is all Palestine. European-jew should go home. Poland, R
Russia, Ukranine.etc
6. To Sonia #3 Religion is great especially...
Alex   (01.02.13)
...the religious scriptures. Take for instance the Tanach. It clearly defines that all of Jacobs seed shall inherit the land for ever and ever. That includes also all Hebrews/Israelites who happen to be Moslem and Christian today (due to consecutive forced conversions). Also Proverbs which clearly states that G-d-given inheritence is not to be tricked/cheated or forced away from the rightful inheritor.
7. Judea/Samaria Jews are residents. Not "settlers".
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.03.13)
Judea and Samaria Jews are right at home in Judea and Samaria. They are not "settlers". Though our genocidal enemies think Tel Aviv Jews are also "settlers".
8. to no 6
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (01.06.13)
Do you think, that the more you repeat a lie or turn history and chronological events upside down, it will become truth ? It never will, Alex...The Muslims could never have any of the herritage of Israelites/Jews...Islam was born about 800 years ago and worhips Mohamed.. We are at least 4000 years old and we believe in One G-D..The hatred of Jews and Israel all over the Islamic world is self evident... Hope this time my post will go thru...
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