Taliban likens US Afghan role to Vietnam War
Published: 02.01.13, 14:12
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1. sadly its true
zionist forever   (01.02.13)
The US was quick to rush into Afghnistan to deal with Al Quaida which was understandable after 9/11. Problem was there was never clear goals and an exist strategy. Now Obama has said they are all coming home in 2014 and the rest of NATO will pull out. Obamas cut & run plan is only going to harm America with terrorists who now thing its not the invinsible force it once was and now with Alahs help they can defeat America so it will probably encourage terror. If your going to inistate a war you need to have an exist strategy before you begin.
2. @ 1
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.02.13)
We have to agree to disagree. America should not be in the business of nation building. Our goals where met last year when Bin Laden was killed. For us to stay in Afghanistan is equivalent to pissing in the wind. The Afghans will never understand us or like us just like the Lebanese wouldn't welcome the IDF with open arms. The current government in Afghanistan is weak and corrupt and unfortunately when America leaves the Taliban could return in a few years or sooner, so all of the money we spent in that cesspool was for almost nothing.
3. The pot calling the kettle black, #1?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.02.13)
You describing us in Afghanistan, or thinking back to the 18 years the IDF spent marching about in Lebanon? Think back on those years, and the rise of Hezbollah, before running the mouth about the US, thou hypocrite.
4. 2 & 3
zionist forever   (01.03.13)
I agree the US should not be involved in nation building its not something its good at. In previous conflicts the US is the one the world calls in to do the drop the bombs and then somebody else dealt with post war politics. This time after Al Quaida were driven out of Afghanistan and no WMDS had been found in Iraq with Saddam toppled the US should have turned over responsibilty for rebuilding over to the UN. Countries who are against taking part in the wars are usually happy enough to send troops to be part of an international peace keeping force sent by the UN. You guys stayed to long, tried to be to ambitious and the locals didn't appreciate the help they were being given. Result is you spent trillions and in the eyes of the terrorists when the troops go home it will be a voctory for them. Next time after you dropped the bombs & achieved the goals don't be humaintarians and just go home.
5. agree #1
Sam ,   Texas   (01.03.13)
The end result is the same, Vietnam and Afghanistan.....hostile enemy take over when we leave, at the loss of thousands of brave soldiers. No matter we inflicted more casualties on them than we received. In the end, we didnt have the fortitude to totally prevail, so we leave.
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