Soldiers imprisoned for abandoning post
Yoav Zitun, Ahiya Raved
Published: 03.01.13, 16:46
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1. Why are IDF soldiers mistreated...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.03.13)
It is not them, our enemies.
2. report mistretment to higher authorities never abandon post
zionist forever   (01.03.13)
3. Training is not so bad as actual combat. The enemy
Rivkah   (01.03.13)
in a war will be a lot worse than company commanders that try to toughen up greenhorn soldiers into heroes.
4. These greenhorn troops should not go into the medical field
Rivkah   (01.03.13)
since doctors in residencies must be on call and on duty 36 hours straight and nurses whose replacements don't come in have to work another eight or 12 hour shift. My husband as a US Navy pharmacist was on call or on cuty 24/7 for years at a time, unable to leave the area since there was no one to replace him. He has worked holidays for Christians for over forty years so they could be home with their children and grandchildren and never did he complain about doing that. He VOLUNTEERED to work. He is now 71 years old and works a 12 hour night shift seven nights on and seven nights off. He does not complain but is thankful to have a job! Obviously, these IDF troops are not thankful to have a job. They should go WAA-WAA back to their Immi's.
5. I Know of IDF Mistreatment
meir   (01.03.13)
My wife was hospitalized 3 times in her last month of pregnancy with our first child. I received orders for miluim for the week after my son was born. I requested deferment for a month until my wife recovered her complications. They answer was "Zabashcha" - your problem. When I reported for duty I immediately reported my situation at every opportunity to all of the command staff. When my wife again required hospitalization I left the base to take care of her. The army sent a male and female soldier to investigate and they recommended immediate termination of my miluim duties and not to call me for at least 6 months. I filed a complaint with the Army Ombudsman. While I was not happy with their response I did manage to get out of anti-aircraft to a unit that could better use my professional skills. I was on several national computer committees and a leader in the computer industry. However, once a was able to I moved to USA furthering the brain drain of highly skilled professionals. I was prepared to sacrifice my life in the service of my country but not prepared for mistreatment of my wife and family.
6. #4 it's not quite so black and white
tbentzur ,   Israel   (01.03.13)
I can see some of your points. but having a golani there now I can also understand their concerns. but what I take exception to was your final comments. although they are probably proud to be part of the well known golani brigade which is highly honored, they are in the idf conscripted by law and not choice. it's not like a regular job to be oh so thankful for. yes they are protecting their homes but even combat soldiers receive the equivalent of less than $300 for the whole month. that makes it even harder to swallow when commanders don't treat you ethically. yet I know even that would be overlooked in times of crisis or war and they would gladly lay their lives on the line.
7. and now the commanders...
Hans ,   Netherlands   (01.03.13)
mistreated soldiers in prison??? And what about the commanders who must have done something very wrong to them?
8. 6 tbentzur, Israel: My mother used to say, "There is no
Rivkah   (01.03.13)
justice, so don't run around expecting any." If the IDF troops cannot be thankful for being conscripted, then they can be thankful for the opportunity to protect the nation HaShem provided for them which requires constant vigilence and a military to defend to continue to exist. I, too, have been denied veterans' benefits by jealous seniors and civilian workers. When I left active duty in the US Navy, my senior officer Captain T.J. Summerour said to his assistant Commander Mel Hamm in front of the pharmacy supply chief tech Jesse Jones and others, "I've done everything I can to keep women (officers) out of Navy pharmacy. It is now up to you." That reflects a lot of persecution and suffering an injustice that I suffered and no one did anything about the injustices to correct any of it all the way to the US Navy SECNAV John Lehman. So it is useless to expect justice or even to protest except to ask HaShem to avenge the injustices which He is able and willing to do for His own. Do the Golani IDF want to petition HaShem for vengeance as I did? I don't think so because the vengeance of HaShem is soooo terrible. The US Navy lost half its ships in twenty years from underfunding after I asked for vengeance from HaShem. In the face of that I wonder if I should have just walked away and ask only that HaShem turn the PEOPLE who were evil away from His Kingdom instead of the entire organization coming under condemnation. But it was HaShem's authority that was misused, so the judgment was horrific. Imagine the IDF cut in half if HaShem listens to the Golani troops. Better to cry to their mothers who won't bring as terrible a judgment.
9. 6 t bentzur, Israel: $300. a month PLUS food PLUS housing
Rivkah   (01.03.13)
PLUS equipment PLUS a lot of other benefits the $300. a month does not reflect such as investment in a future retirement, free medical care, free dental care. All that adds up to a lot more than $300. a month. Compare that to the $30. a month my father got as an enlisted in the US Army in the 1930's before going to the USMA by examination admittance. But along with that $30. he got lodging, uniforms, medical care, dental care, investment in a future retirement and other benefits not included in the pay such as free Chapels, free libraries, free movies, free training in various occupations, etc.
10. The Fish stinks from it's head
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (01.03.13)
The soldiers need to be punished. Their commanders need to be investigated.
11. 5 Meir: The US Navy has 24/7 nurseries and childcare
Rivkah   (01.03.13)
facilities for military famillies to care for children when the mother is sick or not sick in the father's absence. When I was in a car accident (not my fault) after going to a funeral of an old friend in the Los Angeles area in 1991, my husband could not go to the hospital where I had surgery for internal bleeding and a fractured sternum because there were no US Navy pharmacists available to replace him at NAS Lemoore Naval Hospital in California and he was the only pharmacist who worked there. Now they have a civilian and two Navy pharmacists there but not when my husband was in the US Navy. I was in the hospital for a week and the only time he could leave Lemoore was to drive to Los Angeles, pick me up to take me home and drive back to the Naval Air Station, hoping nothing went wrong while he was gone that a pharmacist would be needed for on the weekend. He was on call every weekend and every night and worked during the day full time Monday through Friday and was back at work whenever called. I accepted that as a good military wife would. Even the cardiologist could not understand my husband being unable to visit me so the doctor sat with me in the evening when he got off work to keep me company. My mother and mother in law did not visit me, either. I was alone and near death after an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. That is the way military life is for me, for your wife, and for others. The public does not appreciate that or the many other sacrifices and separations for military wives, but I can assure you that HaShem appreciates the sacrifices. That is who appreciates the Golani IDF and y our wife and your sacrifices. That is a lot to me, for HaShem to see me as precious to Him. I can assure you that HaShem was in the room at the hospital ON HIS KNEES PRAYING FOR MY SURVIVAL to His Father Yahweh. I saw Him in the room. HE WAS MY COMFORT.
12. The real scandal is the draft dodger
raphael ,   Jerusalem   (01.03.13)
It is pretty evident the whole IDF is under.manned-thhose soldiers are compelled to work 20 h / 24 ..because in addition to guards, exercise, surveillance, report , they have cleaning and administrative work overload.If only the haredim, the arabs , and the leftist draft dodgers were compelled to share the national burden then such incidents would never occure.Do remember 40% of the population will never serve one day .This is the real scandal.this were the next government must act without any compromises. Every israeli, jews-arab must serve either military or civil service.Every girl must either help the army or serve time in social services.If they refuse they must loose all their social rights.
13. #11 Rivkah - Irrelevant. I served in IDF not your Infantry
meir elazar   (01.03.13)
ie nurseries and childcare. Furthermore, I do not appreciate being addressed by a violation of the THIRD COMMANDMENT taking G-d's name in vain.
14. 13 Meir Elazar: What does taking G-d's name in vain
Rivkah   (01.03.13)
mean? It means to make a vow in HaShem's name and then to break it. It has nothing to do with saying the name of YHWH, Yahweh, Yeshua, El Shaddai, Adonai, HaShem, El, Elohim, Eloah, Emmanuel, etc. You need to read the Holy Scriptures to see what is said about God's name. In "The Scriptures" translation of the Hebrew directly into English by South African Messianic Jewish Rabbis and scholars, Zekaryah (Zechariah) chapter 13 verse 9 tells us, "...THEY SHALL CALL ON MY NAME, AND I SHALL ANSWER THEM. I SHALL SAY, THIS IS MY PEOPLE, WHILE THEY SAY, YHWH (Yahweh) IS MY ELOHIM." Yahweh WANTS HIS PEOPLE THE JEWS TO CALL ON HIM BY NAME! He WANTS YOU to call on Him BY HIS NAME! The Rabbis have hidden the preference of Yahweh from the people! Don't you like YOUR name? Don't you want people to call you by name instead of by titles? Of couse. We are made in the image of YAHWEH and HE WANTS TO BE CALLED BY HIS NAME! Proverbs chapter 30 verse 4 asks, "...What is His Name, If you know it? " His name is YAHWEH-YESHUA which means Yod (palm of the hand)-He (vision, seeing, window)-Vau (nail)-He (vision, seeing, window)-Yeshua (salvation). Thank you for the opportunity to enlighten you!
15. 13 Meir Elazar: Correction on Proverbs 30:4...
Rivkah   (01.03.13)
"...What is His Name, And what is His Son's Name, if you know it?" This tells us from King Solomon that YHWH has TWO NAMES, the Father's name and the Son's name which is Yahweh-Yeshua. Call on THAT NAME and pray in THAT NAME and you will be pleasing Yahweh instead of conforming to the wishes of Rabbis who tell you wrongly not to say Yahweh-Yeshua, the name of the Father and Son who are ONE.
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