Netanyahu delays E1 construction plans
Akiva Novick
Published: 04.01.13, 09:50
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1. Bibi
Volvi   (01.04.13)
Bibi proves yet again he has no balls, always zig zagging. Yuval Diskin was not wrong in what he said of the PM. Simply put I see with this move Likud will lose another 4 seats. Amazing how Bibi himself is so responsible for Likuds decline in the last month and shooting himself in the foot repeatedly. Some leader, hopefully his leadership may be challenged after the election. Fickle human being, no backbone which is nothing new, we have all known it a long while.
2. More Likud Betrayal -- Vote Bennett
A Yid ,   Jerusalem   (01.04.13)
So Netanyahu is going to be a weasel, by not actually building, after all his brave words about building E1? Vote Bennett, so Netanyahu's Likud will need Bennett's help to run the government.
3. King of ZigZag
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (01.04.13)
Here we go again. Another zigzag. It's about time all the blind idiotic Bibi supporters wake up and see that this man is leading you up a tree to nowhere.
4. Another mistake
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.04.13)
Israel cannot keep bowing to international pressure when it comes to building up our nation. The area of E-1 is clearly part of Israel and Bibi keeps giving in to pressure. I guess we do not know the pressure he receives from the US and world leaders, so perhaps we should not judge to harshly.
5. Ah come on Bibi, just do it NOW!
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.04.13)
You've already paid the price for this decision, in advance. Any delay to building now is seen as weakness and strictly political and, it allows Israel's enemies to claim a false victory. If Israel does not build, it looks more politically driven than a reality FOR the state of Israel. Indecision is lethal when dealing with the pals and the 'international Community' which have never looked kindly towards Jews.
6. I'm not crazy about settlements
the mad zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (01.04.13)
but I did finally commend the PM for making a decision and sticking to his guns. Because the only thing that will happen is the international community will see this, and cry bloody murder everytime Israel makes a decision they don't agree with, and Israel will eventually succumb. Either you do not go through with it, or you do. But a strong leader sticks to his decision. I'm more and more worried about Israel's state now than ever. I've always had lots of respect for yuval diskin, and he's not one to open his mouth if he feels it can hurt Israel, only to do it good. But we all knew Netanyahu & Barak call the shots. That's extremely worrying though. You have public servants in each sector, and its their job to make decisions and get the green or red light from the PM. But not the PM making all the decisions and final decisions. I'm very worried about Israel these days, everyone's got a big mouth, and I'm seeing too much of IDF vs Jews lately. Not a good sign. I have supported Netanyahu this whole time, and will most likely have to again because I don't see any other viable options. Maybe Bennett, but I think he's too young & cocky. That's never a good thing for Israel.
7. He never was going to build on E 1
Sarah B   (01.04.13)
It was showboating to try and persuade the Israeli people that his policies peataining to the Palestinians were leading somewhere, when the reality is that all Netanyahu has done about anything is to kick it further down the road. Well thanks to Netanyahu we nowhave the spectre of our children not being able to leave Israel in fear of prosecution at the ICC. Which of course is alright with the religious whackjobs leading the charge to occupy and settle E-1, their children don't serve.
8. Zig Zag Bibi Again!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.04.13)
It seems that Netanyahu has leaned something new - The Hokey Pokey! Put you left foot in, take your left foot out, put your right foot in take your right foot out, do the Hokey Pokey and then turn away from your own people!
9. Typical of Netanyahu
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.04.13)
Netanyahu takes one step forward and two steps backwards,therefore, Israel walks backwards under his leadership.
10. Bibi lost our votes.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (01.04.13)
Vote Bennet & save our country.
11. Why announce it?
Agnes ,   Sydney Australia   (01.04.13)
Why make a big noise and like a lion announce Israel's intent to build. Then after the predictable Western condemnation, mouselike, fails to honour his pledge to the nation and with his tail between his legs Bibi slithers back to his dhimmi corner. For heaven's sake either start building or engage the brain before opening the mouth.
12. Todays Isreal would never have been founded in 1948
Al   (01.04.13)
The Israeli of today is gutless, useless and a waste of space. It took the survivors like my late dad to found the state. Todays useless generation of tinif will bury it.
13. The Day After!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (01.04.13)
"...A day after the elections we'll rediscover the true Netanyahu, the one who froze construction and succumbed to pressure." This statement is soooo-true! Netanyahu is just playing his, corrupt, political fiddle! Like most politicians' he's a two-faced liar that can't be trusted--period! God help Israel!!!
14. Netanyahu building in Jerusalem was just a lie
Rachel ,   US   (01.04.13)
He doesn't even wait until after the election to break his promises.
15. I was undecided, but now for sure, he doesn't get my vote
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.04.13)
16. A sorry-excuse for a Jew!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (01.04.13)
ANY Jew against the settlements and outposts are NOT a Jew--period! How can a Jew be against building-up the Zionist dream on the very land promised in the Abrahamic Covenant? These secularists' and leftists' whack-jobs are the true threat to Israel; may God judge their cowardly, non-Jewish, souls--He WILL! I'm a Christian Zionist (a Gentile)...and, I have more of a right to be in Israel than they do; hopefully, one day I'll get to Israel and visit the places my Savior walked, and to pay homage to Him and the land He loved, and the Jewish and Gentile peoples' He died day.... God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Liberals' & Muslims' not wanted)!!!
17. of course
ecr   (01.04.13)
the anouncement comes erev Shabbat, so he doesn't have to hear about it until Sunday and then....................................................
18. bibi is a coward at heart
discusted   (01.04.13)
19. Netanyahu is becoming Shimon Peres.
Moshe D. ,   NY - US   (01.04.13)
20. If he wants to remain prime minister ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.04.13)
... he had better approve the plans. Netanyahu is a practiced politician. Of course he realizes that the political momentum in Israel has turned sharply to the right. He would do well to pay attention. The Israeli electorate is certainly doing precisely that.
21. Obama sent a heavy message after congress sworn in
Martin ,   SA   (01.04.13)
Obama's second term has begun. So the window of opportunity may have closed a bit or a lot. I doubt that he BB had a choice The gun must be a his head to do this Lets give lechaf zechus here and prey that we earn the merit to move on this plan in the future when the radar moves elsewhere. Let the joy of Shabbos be upon all of us in Israel and all sancturies of caring devotion and learning. Lets endevour no matter what the treat our deads and mitsvos with excitement and chavivos whether under the umbrella of the joy of Shabbos (oneg) or in challenges of the mundane week-days, and in so doing may the doors open up for us to foreward without appology or misgiving. May the cowards and weak politicians in the EU and US etc relent and find the strength to mend their ways and concurr to allow us to take possession with that which rightfully ours including eg building even E1.. Am Yisroel Chai.
22. The post at No. 7 is not mine
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.04.13)
23. Prosor then should get an apology
the mad zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (01.04.13)
From Bibi and Amidror. Because he did get the fist just for asking what to tell people about this decision. And then Bibi called Prosor out publicly two days ago, and then Bibi backtracks. Prosor is owed an apology, publicly.
24. PM hesitating. Exactly what I said and as
DT ,   TA ISrael   (01.04.13)
sure as night follows day. This nation will vote for another looser on 22nd
25. How about Diskin
Mark   (01.04.13)
as the new PM? For sure Bibi has to go and also the little slimey one Barak, the arabs faithful friend. What a load of tripe that leads Israel at the present time. I'd sooner put a crown on a schoolboy's head if it kept the little Barak far, far away from the Knesset!
26. Coward
Sean ,   Phoenix   (01.04.13)
What is the point of approving the plan, getting all the criticism to go along with it, and then not actually following through?
27. More Lies Appeasement cowardness
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.04.13)
Bibi More Lies again? One way concessions and appeasement who is advising him in this Finklestien? Looks like the left is paying Finklestien rather than the reverse.
28. Attention: Patriots. Vote Bennett & Ben Ari. NOT Likud!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.04.13)
People never change. Bibi has always been an appeaser and always will be one. Attention Patriots: Vote Bennett and Ben Ari. NOT Likus!
29. Netanyahu delays E1 project
Harold ,   USA   (01.04.13)
He was ordered by France, Britain, Germany and the United States to come down of his horse or else.
30. The posts No. 20 and No.22 are not mine
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.04.13)
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