Opinion  Attila Somfalvi
Succumbed to the 'good souls'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 04.01.13, 14:43
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1. Yes but can Shelly convience people she can do the job?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (01.04.13)
She has no real leadership experience, and only 6 years as a member of the Knesset. Prior to joining politics, she was a journalist, a writer, and a television and radio commentator - like Lapid. How does this make her PM material yet?
2. fight for the cake not for the booke...end
sara ,   jewrusalem   (01.04.13)
3. Tribal fools
Zechariah   (01.04.13)
Labor is full of Tribal fools The Jews need solidity in military policy and tough love in domestic affairs.Anyway if Labor does not join the Social Gap ought be halved by the Bitachonim.
4. Labor would serve Israel best by disappearing.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.04.13)
Once upon a time, Labor had an important role to play. Former Labor P.M. Golda Meir was one of Israel's greatest P.M.s. However, Labor is irredeemable today. Meir would not recognize today's destructive far left party that is willing to trim Israel's waist to a suicidal 9 miles (15 minute tank ride). Labor'sday is long over. It would serve Israel best by disappearing.
5. For the time being Labour is a party
Elections   (01.05.13)
whose sails are definitely out of wind. It has been such for the better part of this millennium. There is no leading figure who could revive the Labour, unfortunately. Not in this round of elections, anyway. As for Yechimovich, she may mean well, but she talks a lot, more than a lot, and I do not understand even its subject matter. Her messages are unclear, mostly vague promises and sometimes incomprehensible. Probably, she still has this journalistic habit of pouring and pouring words just to fill up the time allotted by the studio news director. Things are getting a bit more interesting on the arena, but will there be a real balanced set of elections this year? Time will tell.
6. Labor party should be disbanded
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.05.13)
Labor party has ceased to be relevant a long time ago. Since OSLO Labor has been only a detriment to the Nation of Israel. Ehud Barak has been a disaster as Defense Minister and Prime Minister. The other leaders of Labor were equally bad. We should let Labor drift into memory, a bad memory.
7. to 4 Chiam
sara ,   jerusalem   (01.05.13)
do you think if golda is still between us the state would be better ??? i can not tell becouse evryone is doing on what it is in the hands .. and evrything in this world is under -a change - so do your best in your cycle the cycle of place and time .. god bless you Chiam
8. #7. Thank you, Sarah. Blessings to you too!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.05.13)
9. We already saw what Netanyahu was 'able' to do
TC   (01.05.13)
It's about time to change all this and give new leaders a chance. Netanyahu is only good for himself and a very small minority in Israel who mainly live in Cesaria. It's hard to understand why so many israelis would vote for him once again after these last three years.
10. Are Israelis Masochists?
TC   (01.05.13)
Why should they choose to vote for Netanyahu after seeing what has been done (or undone) for the last three years? Isn't it time to wake up and blast off the 'Likud/Shas/Beteinu' trinity? Are people that blind, are people that stupid to see that Netanyahu will only lead them to an economic and social wall?
11. From one side, Israeli people are complaining...
TC   (01.05.13)
...that many things are wrong in the country (economic, social, prices and so on). But from an other side, these people are ready to reelect the very same person who put them in this situation, or at least who chose to do nothing to get out of this mess...
12. For Israel's sake...
TC   (01.05.13)
Netanyahu should leave, once and for all.
13. #6
TC   (01.05.13)
Oh really, tell me about that. And you think that Netanyahu is relevant? Oops, sorry, yes he's actually relevant for a very minority of people probably living in Cesaria. The rest of the the people who vote for him are just blinding themselves.
14. #10. Bibi is infinitely better than present alternatives.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.06.13)
Bibi is not my first choice as P.M. However, he is incomparably better than all present alternatives. Livni or Lapid for instance...You've got to be joking! Livni has never done anything good for Israel and Lapid's party is based solely on is celebrity.
15. when will journo Attila become a politico?
Reader X   (01.06.13)
It's only a matter of time I suppose...
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