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Auschwitz has record 1.43 million visitors
Associated Press
Published: 05.01.13, 07:50
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1. I am glad the Poles visit Auschwitz which reflects
Rivkah   (01.05.13)
an attitude adjustment toward Jews I was not aware had occurred. I have heard much about how Poles hated Jews more than Germans, so this is a comfort to me that perhaps that has changed. It is important to remember the past so it does not repeat.
2. I am glad the Poles visit Auschwitz ...
Roman ,   Cracow, Poland   (01.05.13)
Saying that "I have heard much about how Poles hated Jews more than Germans" is simply not true !!! I was born just after the II World War and indeed from time to time I've heard negative things about the Jews, however on the top of the list were always the Germans and the Russians-never the Jews!
3. to Rivkah
Justine   (01.05.13)
You may be surprised to learn this, but Poles have always considered that Auschwitz and other concentration camps are sites of Polish suffering. After all most of Jews who died were Polish citizens and there were also hundreds of thousands ethnic Poles who were murdered there. I sense what your understanding of those sites is, and based on that you create a certain image of what Poles should feel, but you're wrong. And BTW, Poles never hated Jews more than Germans.
4. encouraged many people from across Europe to travel to Polan
split ,   US   (01.06.13)
To Poland yes not to Auschwitz - This sudden increase of Auschwitz visits is a result of forced curriculum on high school students (t-shirts, banners, fares and accommodation provided at taxpayers expense) in Europe and US extorted by holocaust industry not by some sudden increase in preoccupation of holocaust subject - Anyone who grew up in communist block and "participated" in May Day or October Revolution celebrations knows what I'm talking about ,...
5. 1 - I have heard much about how Poles hated Jews
split ,   US   (01.06.13)
Next time instead running your mouth and rehashing lies ask your sources if the Poles were so bad why there were more Orthodox Jews in Poland (3.5 million) than in the rest of Europe, also you may ask how many expulsions of Jews (out of 109 places and countries since 250 AD) took place in Poland? ,... Poles didn't like them but didn't hate them more than ordinary hard working and serving Israeli hates them for their unruly xenophobic attitude and parasitic life style,...
6. They murdered at least 1000000 ?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.05.13)
Instead of they murdered 6000000. Proof that it is possible to lie by telling the truth.
7. to ORA
zuzia ,   poland   (01.06.13)
Are you stupid? At leat 1000 000 people were killed AT AUSCHWITZ -BIRKENAU, whereas 6 000 000 is an estimated number of ALL the Holocaust victims. Haven't you heard that there were more than 9000 concentration camps during the war? Do you think that Auschwitz was the only place were Jews were murdered? What about ghettos, mass shootings, gassing in cars and many, many more? I mean, seriously, aren't you taught about Holocaust at schools in Israel?...
8. sprotje 5
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
Poland was a region where Jews were "allowed" to settle , but not so welcome at all . Antisemitism in Poland was worse than in other countries . There was even a numerus clausus at the Warsaw univ in the 1930's , Jewish businesses could not sell to the State . Something not seen in other countries in this period [ exept nazi germany , your friends ] Expulsions , yes , not many countries liked "strangers" or people not sharing the state religion , and also , by expelling Jews they could confiscate all their belongings . Jews in Poland were not only Orthodox ones , great % of doctors , lawyers and so on , in Poland were Jewish , speaking Polish fluently
9. 7 Zusia Thank you for your info.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.06.13)
it is the first time i hear about 9000 concentration camps. Didn t they teach you in Poland to comunicate in a more civilised way?
10. Add.9 After googled the subject...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.06.13)
The original number of killed in Auschwitz were 4000000,which the revisionists down numbered to 1000000. If Charles agrees with the last number,i will belief,because he knows what he is talking about.He is a great pro relating this subject.
11. Zuzia , please
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
It happens that people don't read what is written carefully , and see the number of one million , without reading further . No reason to call Ora a stupid person , she was only to hasty to react .
12. Auschwitz has become a morbid theme park
james ,   milano italy   (01.06.13)
Auschwitz has become a morbid theme park on the tourist trail. Britain is second on the list because of cheap flights to Krakow. There are 2 horrors at Auschwitz...the camp itself and the morons who visit it. I witnessed an Israeli kid in the gas chamber at Auschwitz 1 calling someone on his mobile to say where he was standing. Disgusting. All mobiles and cameras should be banned there. It is not a place for holiday snaps. All visitors should be vetted at the entrance to find out how much they know about the place and what happened there. A minimal knowledge should be required to weed out the irreverent and brainless voyeurs.
13. #9 Ora, Sorry :)
zuzia ,   poland   (01.06.13)
But the lack of knowlegde of some Jews on the subject of WW2 sometimes astonishes me. I am not even a Jew (but I'm very interested in Jewish culture, religion and Israeli politics), yet I feel some sort of moral responsibility to learn and remember the arocities committed in my country and beyond during the times of war. If I were you, I would want to know simply everything about the Holocaust. Especially since it is so often used in public discussions.
14. I wouldn't question the number "at least 1.1 million"
zuzia ,   poland   (01.06.13)
because it's official according to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Musem. You can read it on their website.
15. 11 Charles.Please explain.....
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.06.13)
How comes the public is not better informed about places where 50000000 were killed? This lack of information was the reason of my reaction. Anyway ,thanks for your reaction,Charles.
16. Ora , 10 ????
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
"one sixth of all Jews murdered by the nazis were gassed at Auschwitz" . Encyclopedia of the Holocaust , Yad Vashem . Certainly not a "revisionist" institution .
17. Zuzia .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
There were SIX extermination camps , all situated in Poland . Counting the sub , working , transit and other little camps i found only a thousand . Some camps in the then soviet union are unknown . Source : Jewish virtual library .
18. #10 #8
Tomek ,   Poland   (01.06.13)
"The original number of killed in Auschwitz were 4000000,which the revisionists down numbered to 1000000. " The word "revisionist" has a bad ring to it. Try "scholar" instead. The current scholarship puts the figure at one million, so live with it. Facts do not diminish the suffering of Jews if that is what you are worried about. "There was even a numerus clausus at the Warsaw univ in the 1930's" - you need a better argument. The same restrictions were in place in the US not so long ago. The current American affirmative action is also no different.
19. 16 Thanks Charles.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.06.13)
20. Tomek 18
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
The same restrictions were in place in the US not so long ago , you wrote . An official US law ? The current affirmative action is also no different , you also wrote . Is this action antisemitic ?
21. 13 Having lost my mother in...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.06.13)
Auschwitz,i can t digest any information and avoid to read about this subject.
22. 17, Charles
zuzia ,   Poland   (01.06.13)
I found my old history student's book from high school and let me quote: "During the war, the Nazis set up more than 9000 concentration camps in Germany and the occupied territories(...) There were 18 milion prisoners out of which 11 milion died." I have no idea where you read that all the camps where situated in Poland. Mauthausen-Gusen is one of the most known and it was in Austria.
23. #20
Tomek ,   Poland   (01.06.13)
And why do you assume the quota system in pre-war Poland was antisemitic? The current American system , for instance, disfavors whites and Asians. Is it anti-white and anti-Asian? Surely not because the state makes it its policy to push other racial groups into gaining higher education. The situation was no different in Poland before II WW. In fact, we had a quota system even in the 1980s. In this case, people whose parents were either workers or farmers were favored over the ones with parents belonging to intelligentsia. It does not mean the state was anti-intelligentsia, right?
24. add 17, we are both right!
zuzia ,   poland   (01.06.13)
I've just realised that you wrote about EXTERMINATION CAMPS (there were ineed 6 of them), while I was talking about CONCENTRATION CAMPS. The difference between them isn't big: in the latter people were exterminated through slave labour instead of being gassed immediately. (Auschwitz served as both concentration and extermination camp).
25. #17 again. As for the sub, working, transit & small camps
zuzia ,   poland   (01.06.13)
You wrote that counting those, you found only a thousand... According to statistics by the German Ministry of Justice, about 1,200 camps and subcamps were run in countries occupied by Nazi Germany. However the Jewish Virtual Library estimates a higher number: "During the Holocaust, it is estimated that the Nazis established approximately 15,000 labor, death, and concentration camp."
26. Zuzia
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
The six extermination camps specifically set up to exterminate the Jewish people [ Auschwitz-Birkenau , Chelmno , Belzec ,Majdanek , Sobibor and Treblinka ] were situated in Poland . Mauthausen , Dachau and so were NOT specifically extermination camps where Jews were send to be gassed on arrival . My number of camps is probably correct , certainly more recent than your old books . Source is Jewish virtual library with the names of the main camps .
27. Tomek
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
The pre war quota system at the Warsaw univ was directed at the Jews , only at the Jews . We are talking about Jews , not whites , intelligentsia ans so .
28. Tomek
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.13)
The today's US "quotas" at univs is to FAVOR entry of students from minorities [ Afro Americans , Hispanics ] The laws in Poland unther the communist rule were to FAVOR students from working classes . The Laws in Poland before WWII were to LIMIT the entry of Jews .
29. #21,Ora. Oh, this is sad, now I understand you point of view
zuzia ,   poland   (01.06.13)
Nonetheless, I would still recommend you considering a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, maybe at some point in the future. I had never wanted to go there either, but when I did I thought it was certainly woth it. This experience has changed the way I look at the world. I've been there twice by now and have bought tons of books related to the subject. Of course the right attitude is necessary because otherwise a visit may look simmilar to what james described (#12).
30. Charles, OK, let's get things sorted
zuzia ,   poland   (01.06.13)
I'll sum up what I've already written. There were 6 extermination camps in the occupied Poland. There were probably from 1200(source:German Ministry of Justice) to around 9000(source:my book) concentration camps in Germany and the occupied countries. I suppose the gap between the numbers may be so big because of the differences in definition of the certain types of camps. The total number of all camps is approx. 15 000 (source:Jewish Virtual Library) Now what do you disagree with?
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