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Lapid against 'united bloc' but will meet Livni, Yachimovich
Yuval Karni, Moran Azulay
Published: 05.01.13, 13:48
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1. They should be joining the Netanyahu government, not
Rivkah   (01.05.13)
forming a coalition to topple it. Let me tell them about what happened to the people who opposed Netanyahu in the 1990's to topple his government then. Hillary and Bill Clinton sent a team to overthrow Bibi and help Ehud Barak get into office. Some years down the road, YHWH turned the tables on Bill and Hillary Clinton by taking away the democrat party nomination from Hillary and giving it to a fellow named BARACK. See the connection? YHWH JUDGED the Clintons for opposing Benyamin Netanyahu who is YHWH's man. It is wiser to be in the camp of YHWH's man than to oppose him. There will be a season for Lapid Lair and others in the future if they do not oppose Bibi in this critical time of Israel facing possible wars.
2. Yachimovidh/Livni/Lapid
sue ,   jerusalem   (01.05.13)
3. #1
Ferdinand ,   France & Israel   (01.05.13)
Rivkah, thanks for making the case for why we should not vote Netanyahu. If there's one thing I want to avoid, it's people in power coming from a party that believes they are on G-d's mission. We see far too much of those parties in Iran, Gaza and Lebanon, the last thing we need is the same fanaticism in Israel.
4. The parties can jcooperate together
Sam ,   USA   (01.05.13)
without changing some of their basic issues. They can join to promote to promote and effect change in various areas of joint aims such as gov't reform-direct election of MK; building of towns, industry, more housing,; mass transit, infrastructure building, health ,education, parks, environment, employment, etc, but still maintain independent stance on other issues. This can be done by agreement to seek large consensus of shared issues perspectives. It need not be all my way or nothing-such is good
5. Are Lapid, Yuckimovic, Livni the only politicians in Israel?
Shalom ,   Israel   (01.05.13)
Whats wrong Ynet? Are you scared to publish some articles about the other politicians that are running for the knesset? Afraid that the leftists will loose votes, and you will loose your sponsors? And why is the snake Lapid getting the most interviews, on the most TV-channels, with the most articles written about him, in most of the media? Who is pulling the strings of this guy? Another classic example of the disgusting 21th century modern censorship. In the past it was done with force, now it is done in the form of mind control.
6. #1 Rivkah, YHWH and Lapid
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.05.13)
YHWH commanded Adam and Rivkah not to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Rivkah obeyed and remains unknowlegeable to the present day. Adam disobeyed and got to wear a fig leaf. Lapid appears to have also not eaten the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and has been turned into a fig leaf himself
7. # 4 continued ..
Sam ,   USA   (01.05.13)
this can be done by agreement to seek large consensus of shared issues perspectives. It need not be all my way or nothing-such is good Politics. As said: Politics is the Art of Compromise. The parties have some common aims they can accomplish together and should act in good will so to do for the good of the people and the nation. They can also agree to disagree on other issues and maintain their own views on those.
8. #1 Rivkah, You get an Oscar for this one.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.05.13)
Your posting clearly explains why BARACK rules the universe. He is the Messiah, the shaliah along with rabbi Yehoshua. I think you should publicize your explanation from the top of Mt. Sinai so that kol Am Israel hears you. YHWH inspired you, she is so smart!
9. Turnout key to the left
Avramele   (01.05.13)
The key to a blocking majority is in bolstering turnout in both the secular Jewish and Arab communities. If both those sectors increase their turnout above 60% or so the five seat differential between the camps can be bridged as occurred in both Rabin's and Barak's victories. How ironic though proper that it is the Arabs of Eretz Yisroel who are positioned to help save the secular Zionist dream from the putanists, messianists and Haredi pickpockets.
10. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.05.13)
LOL! Actually Michael I'd like to give you an Oscar for your brilliant post! Thanks for the laugh.
11. Lapid has great character
Alex   (01.05.13)
Showing he's not bound by petty childish games, he seems like a politician who wants the best for Israel without caring too much about a left/right label. If he'd implement an oath of loyalty in combination with the universal draft I'd be totally sold, and he'd get my vote.
12. Bibi with his political experience ,
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.05.13)
Lapid with his refreshing ideas and not to underestimate a religious party, with G-Ds help, might form a good team.
13. without being in the coalition Livni & Lapid are history
zionist forever   (01.05.13)
Shelly has backed herself into a corner if she flip flops & joins the coalition she will face a leadership challenge within a year and if she will be out when the next primaries are held. Lapid is there because he is famous but by the time the next election comes around he won't have been on tv for a while so the fame element is gone. He was in opposition doing nothing politically and nobody likes people who do nothing even if he does try and spin it as not joining on moral grounds so he is history. Livni needs to be in government to avoid Labor becoming the party of choice for leftists again especially if they replace Shelly with somebody competent. She is an outside being given a chance & if she doesn't deliver leftist votes will go back to Labor. Bibi can probably form a tiny coalition with the religious & Habayit Hayehudi. Livni, Lapid, Labor, Meretz and the arab parties combined based on current polls can only get about 50 seats so if they will soon drop this idea of a coalition of morality knowing their own careers depend on it. So Shelly is history anyway Livni & Lapid's long term survivability depends on joining the coalition so they are in no position to dictate terms.
14. #12, What a refreshing idea: Center alliance w/Kipot srugot.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.05.13)
Worried Citizen ,   Israel   (01.05.13)
Now I really don't know who to vote for. I was going to vote for Lapid but following this article, he has just lost 4 votes from this voting family.
16. Tactics
Zechariah   (01.05.13)
The centre right and centre left can form a coalition with the Haredim Parties and Kick out Feiglin the Mad Man and his Price Tag Fascist Cohorts.
17. Bibi wants Livni & Lapid on his terms & Shelly cant join
zionist forever   (01.05.13)
Lapid & Livni know if they don't want to follow Kadima into the political history books they have no choice but to join the coalition. By the time the next election comes round the Lapid fad will have ended and the leftist voters will feel the Livni fringe party failed so they will return to Labor. If Shelly flip flops & joins Livni & Lapid in their palm to undermine Bibi from within the coalition she will lose any credbility she has left within the party & there will be a leadership challenge within a year. If Livni & Lapid do team up to undermine the coalition from within then its not because they expect to achieve anything its because they want to be able to go into the next election saying we joined so we could be the sole voices of sanity so elect us. Bibi will probably actually want them to help counter the far right elements of the coalition but he will invite them on his terms so they can make as little trouble as possible.
18. and who will shelivapid get to fill out the other 12 ...
oferdesade ,   israel   (01.05.13)
... seats for a knesset majority? habayit? shas? yahadut? bibi? or ... wait for it ... bennet - time to get the kipot srugot back into the mainstream? remind the messianix where they started off from?
19. 11
zionist forever   (01.05.13)
Lapid cares only about himself not the country, he is an opportunist. Lapid wants a career in politics and he knows outside the coalition he will not be making a name for himself in politics and as he is no longer on tv using his fame which is the only reason anybody ever took any interest in him. He cannot afford not to be in the coalition. What he wants is Livni by his side to give him an ally and a louder voice in the public eye. They both join the coalition with the "official" story being they wanted to counter the religious who lots of secular people would like to blame for anything that goes wrong. The real reason is they need to be there and it allows them to go into the election after this as the champions of the average haredi hating Israeli. Livni & Lapid found it immoral to join this coalition but decided to sacrifice their beliefs for the sake of the country to weaken the power of the evil haredi.
20. #2, #9 explain
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.06.13)
Please try to convince me why I should vote for the inexperienced Yehimovich, draft dodger Lapid or corrupt failure Livni. We tried all the extreme Left solutions that these three are advocating in Lebanon, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and just as predicted by Zionists like Danon, Feiglin, Ben-Ari and Dr. Eldad we got rockets on Rishon. With all your eagerness to seize power, what will you do when it is clear to anyone sane that your plans will bring uninterceptable rockets to Netanya, Kfar Saba, Raanana, Shoham, Modiin and the airport?
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