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Diskin: Bibi, Barak motivated by personal interests
Dror Moreh
Published: 06.01.13, 20:31
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1. Thank you, Mr. Diskin
Mea   (01.06.13)
2. Diskin supported olmert who supports obama who likes hagel
jason ,   sderot israel   (01.06.13)
Israel better wake up to the leftist nemisis. The left in power in israel to help obama and hagel would be a disaster. Sadly the media is helping the leftists by not pointing out how diskin supports leftists like olmert.
3. Agree, Netanayahu seems to looks for greatness
Rachel ,   US   (01.06.13)
Greatness does not occur for those who look for it. Only when it is thrust upon you.
4. My view as a Goy.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.06.13)
HASHEM are dividing Israel into Two Political Camps, One Atheistic Antitheistic driven by Human Reasoning and, One Messianic driven by the Faith in the Word of HASHEM. Bouth Camps are of cause making bouth Progresses and Failures but, in the End the Atheistic Antiteistic will fail utterly. Arn.Sweden.
5. Unbelievable
Sacha ,   Bilbao, basque   (01.06.13)
Mr. Diskin is just a high ranking official, the Israeli KGB chief. 1. He shouldnt be at strategic policy meetings. 2. He should shut up. 3. He is no politician, his job is to fulfill the political orders. What a crap.
6. the difference
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.06.13)
Barak was elected many times. Despite a long list of failures from 1982 until 2000, the extreme Left voters picked him to be PM. He continued his failures, and yet the extreme Left again picked him as their leader. So yes Diskin, Barak (and Bibi) may be failures, but their records are put to the test every 3 years and the people elected them. You are a civil servant with no responsibility. You failed miserably so you did not get a promotion. Now you use the elections to get revenge on the ELECTED officials. Pathetic and sad rolled into one loser.
7. smoking cigars and olmert
alexi   (01.06.13)
there is nothing untowards in barak smoking a cigar and having a drink during serious discussions. If an asthmatic is present, then he should ask that the discussion not take place with smoking. as for your analysis on bibi, you are correct in that he has tremendous trouble on his own in making a big decision which is why he leaves big decisions to barak. However good barak was in his commando days, moshe dann has pointed out his appalling record of failure on the marmora, training accident, and was awol on the syrian hit. barak is leaving so is not an issue. And it would be better for lieberman or bennett took over from biibi. But diskin destroys himself and his argument when he touts peres and olmert as good sec urity decision makers as they wer eboth lousy . No one could be worse than olmert, a pathetic coward. Who cares how proper he was during meetings. He was a coward in his concessions which were appallling that would leave israel next to defenseless. And security cannot be shared with the arabs who on their best day cannot be trusted ever. If bibi appoints barak as defense minister going forward, then diskin's comments on bibi would be 100% accurate and that he should go and go fast and leave big decisions for others. as for olmert and livni, diskin -you are stupid. read winograd you dumbbell!
8. To # 2 Diskin is not the problem
Stan ,   Israel   (01.07.13)
Jason what do you think of the behavior of "The Trio" Bibi, Barak and Lieberman, drinking and smoking cigars at an important meeting about Iran with senior military and security officers.?????? By the way you should be happy about Hagel he's no Leftist.
9. Diskin is just spouting malicious baseless gossip
John ,   NZ   (01.07.13)
10. In most political meetings whisky and drinks are served so ?
I think Diskin and yedioth Aharanot should be indicted for traying to create public chaos, when there is none. It is clear that Diskin is making these statements out of frustation for not renewing him as chief of Mosad. Thank G-D he was not renewed in office. This is an egocentric and dangerous individual who must be taking to a mental hospital. This film about Israel's Mosad Chiefs by Dror is against Israel security. Even if there is a democrazy there are things, for the sake of the state that shouldn't be stated public. As an ex mossad chief. there must be at least a period of 10 to 20 years before he can make public statements such as these.
11. BB ran impressive PSYWAR against allies, enemies, own people
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.07.13) threatening to bomb Iran, that resulted in crippling sanctions against Iran. Diskin was one of many pawns played by BB.
12. Diskin's, oh so many complaints
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.07.13)
so, bibi and barak smoke cigars and are therefore a bad example to other grown ups with highest security clearances, including the the head of the army. the heavens are going to fall! then, bibi is not a good decision maker. maybe he is not, but he has kept israel out of wars, which is what diskin wants. diskin criticises bibi for the gaza operation, but fails to mention the immense pressure put on the prime minister by obama and the eu. indeed, diskin obviously has no experience in international affairs and totally disregards the fact that israel is under huge pressures from obama and the europeans. diskin, who it is now obvious is a leftist, thinks that his wishes will be reality. his interview is pure political assassination and is not worthy of a man who had just recently held such a high office.
13. Churchill drank all the time and smoked cigars
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.07.13)
yet he is recognised as a first rate leader.
14. Yuval Diskin might be a double agent
zad   (01.07.13)
With Yuval Diskin's continous ferocious comments vilifying Bibi and Ehud Barak, even a blind man can suspect something beyond the normal criticism of political leaders. It isn't just about the election coming in few weeks. Diskin is speaking on behalf of Ashekenazi who is fearing the Harper affair consequences. You may think that Diskin is now working for CIA, Iranian Qurds, MI6 or KGB. The Israeli Government should watch every move of Gabi Ashkenazi, Yuval Diskin and Meyer Dagan. It seems foreign secret services have infiltred Mossad on Israel soil. GOD forbid! It is so shameful to hear the so called intelligence veteran Diskin telling the whole world the top secret meetings of his government. This man is a traitor, another Judas iscariot. He spent 38 years in security sevices? He should be careful, even General David Petrorius recently resigned after 37 years in the finest military ranks. I can bet, there will be a Yuval Diskin treason scandal soon, i see it coming. Diskin, stop attacking Bibi now, you are no match to him.
15. Yuval Diskin is the 2nd Iranian Threat
zad   (01.07.13)
Yuval Diskin, you are wasting time discrediting Bibi and Barak, they are better than you. You put Begin, Rabin and Sharon above Bibi? Begin gave up the hard fought for Sinai to Egypt and look now how the terrorist Morsi calling Jews pigs and apes. Rabin withdrew from Lebanon and see how the demon possessed Hezbollah is threatining Israel from holes and caves. Sharon gave up Gaza which has now become Hamastan and Teheranstan. Where did Bibi withdraw from Diskin? stop your drivel now, it isn't funny.
16. #2 - Your reasoning lacks logic
So what if Misiter Barak smoked a freakin 'cigar ? Big deal. I give Mr Diskin the benefit of the doubt regarding these sorry excuses of leaders but one has to ask : What is Diskins' agenda and motive ? By the way ,there are a lot worse than Netanyahu who does his best under difficult circumstances.
A nice cuban cigar because life is too short.
19.  CIGARS ( A RAP )
Yo , there aint no life on mars but there does exist fine cuban cigars you will go fars in yo motor cars stop joking and start smoking Barak don't smoke no crack so stop with your attack Diskin should stop dissin that's what he is missin better to get frisky and drink whisky from a bar with a nice cigar .
Brilliantly said Cipora ,as if smoking cigars is a capital crime .Diskin can be an idiot sometimes.
SOUR GRAPES , and bitterness from Mr Diskin .
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (01.07.13)
"Those who can do do ,and those who can not do just criticise and moan."
Barak and Bibi are pretty hopeless leaders but the trouble is they are pretty much the best Israel has to offer these days.
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