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Peres urges young Israelis to vote
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 06.01.13, 13:06
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1. I also urge Peres
zionist forever   (01.06.13)
I urge Peres to give up the presidency. Its obvious the man wants to be voicing his political opinions and supporting the left and the office of president does not allow him to do that even though he has been doing it anyway. So I urge Peres to resign from the his post as an unelected president and be an ordinary citizen to voice his opinions on anything he likes. The man is 89 which is older than any serving politician anywhere in the world so time he served his remaining years as an ordinary citizen rather than dying in political office.
2. Only a "person" in kindergarden could buy Shimon's views!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.06.13)
3. Peres urges young Israelis to vote
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (01.06.13)
perhaps the young do nor vote because they perceive politicians ass corrupt. How is it that it seems the same people get elected year after year Why is there no new blood? Mr. peres has been arounf for what seems forever. there is something wrong with that. Mr. Peres should retire already and make room for some new thinking.
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