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Assad: Syrian revolution fictitious
Roi Kais
Published: 06.01.13, 12:01
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1. Nice speech, poor chap thinks he's Churchill
HaifaGuy   (01.06.13)
or Marat or Saladdin... Too bad it's all just another Arab delusion, a (water)pipe dream. He's trying to giftwrap a steaming piece of merde that is the Syrian variant of the Arab Spring. God, what a neighborhood....
2. this speech is the for UN, Russia & the US
zionist forever   (01.06.13)
You take out the crap and all you have is a messages are: To the UN I am here and so don't start wasting you time on peace plans To Russia I am still here so don't abandon me. To the west if you keep supporting the rebels there will be regional ramifications and remind them that there are elements of Al Quaida within the rebels and once I fall they would gain a foothold in Syria.
3. This man is insane, Israel take this Beast out or are you???
Mark ,   U.S.   (01.06.13)
This man has murdered 60,000 people men, women and children,,,,,, Israel's neighbor regardless of religious differences, after all Israel you are part of this Middle East now Israel, or are you,,, are you Israel, Gog and Magog, the Gentile in the Holy Land, the anti-Christ on Abrahams land, Jacobs land Bashar Assad and Syria has been the conduit for the Shia Iranian propaganda machine, actually worldwide. This Beast Assad wants to sound sane, he is not Arab, nor a Semite but a Balkan Arabized murderer, Gog and Magog, where are you Israel in all this, you are supposed to be people of the Book at this Hour,,,,,,,, fullfill some prophecy and take this Beast out.
4. Asad - a World of his own
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne   (01.06.13)
Over 65,000 Killed - Over Half Million people displaced Refugees in neighbouring countries - With many of his friends defecting - Is this man made from Cement? - Well if you believe what he is saying - He certainly convinced in his own mind - You know something - better Syrians Kill each others than fighting Israel - Our Boys & Girls Life are Worth More - thanks to IDF
5. as you think
sam ,   colorado-USA   (01.06.13)
Stability of Syria is the the stability of the for each region, because the fall of Syria is the entry of all the region into the unknown It is not in the interest of one and not as you think
6. Dead man talking.
Gray Eagle   (01.06.13)
7. #4 he has no choice
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.06.13)
Assad is not a nice guy, but look at what is really happening. Assad knows that the civil war is part of the Sunni/American war against Iran. He can't surrender because he saw what Obama did to Gadaffi. Also, Assad is the leader of the Alawi people. He knows if he loses the Sunni will genocide the Alawi. He has no choice but fight. The war will end either when the Sunni genocide the Alawi or Iran get nukes.
8. Syrian revolution fictitious
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (01.06.13)
Syrian revolution fictitious and other blablabla… al-Assad Bashar should better have said: this Syrian revolution for a real democracy is fictitious. Ok, it's a revolt against the Baath-Alawi government by the Sunni, especially the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), backed by all sort of other Islamist (Sunni) groups. Assad's dictatorship will be succeeded by a MB-dictatorship, but will it be a better one? Forget it. Like in Egypt that new regime, composed of the resurrected Muslim Brotherhood and its military arm, both destroyed by his father Hafez and especially by his uncle Rifaat in Hama, will be supported by the majority of Sunni. I want only to say a very bad dictatorship, that I didn't like it at all, will be succeeded by a new but even bad dictatorship. For Israel nothing will change at all. Both regimes wanted or want the annihilation of Jewry and the destruction of Israel. But for us it means a breather because the sending of Iranian arms and weaponry to Hezbollah, via Syria, will be halted or reduced. If the MB succeeds in Syria Israel will be almost completely surrounded by Sunni (MB) governed states. What can we do about it? Stay united!
9. Future
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.06.13)
I believe its reasonable to believe that the outcome is uncertain?
10. sure after he kills 100,000 people .
alan ashkenazie ,   nyc ny   (01.06.13)
11. The folowing statement made by Assad
Rodney ,   C.T. SA.   (01.06.13)
applies to most of the islamic world. "" He described the rebel forces as "bloodthirsty savages." Because they are motivated by nothing but satanic hatred for anything outside of their belief system. Repent muslims there is only one G-d and you are certainly not serving Him.
12. assad is a bad guy
omer ,   tel aviv   (01.06.13)
stude ham   (01.06.13)
assad is quite right to battle with these murderous war lords and gangs... the so-called 'arab spring' was a western agitprop label camouflaging islamic theocracy in egypt, complete instability in libya... and now total warfare in syria. assad is right to fight these opposition murderers to the final and bitter death. it's either them or him. assad is preferrable to these dyfunctional armed gangs. and the opposition will be no more able to bring democracy to syria than those who overthrew egypt for the sake of an islamic theocracy.
14. #3-Its YOU that is wrong...Its NONE of IL business
Alan ,   SA   (01.06.13)
Let them murder each other! The Third Intifada under Hamas' auspices has ALREADY started. We have enough problems! Israel has a foretaste of what losing a War against those Gog Magogs could be like.
15. 1
zionist forever   (01.06.13)
The man is not delusional, he is getting more and more desperate as time goes on which leads to him using more brutal tactics but he isn't delusional. Assad doesn't believe all the bullshit in the speech he is trying to send messages to his friends and enemies abroad. Russia & China he wants to remind them he is still there so please continue to resist western calls for you to end your support for me. The west - If I am toppled there will be regional ramifications and elements if the rebels are Al Quaida and once I am gone they will turn their weapons on the west. In one sense he is right, the region was better off with Assad the strongman even if he could be brutal although most the time he wasn't. He was dictator but most Syrians lived a reasonably good life under him. Once Assad goes, can we really be sure there will be a peaceful power transfer or that Al Quaida won't use Syria as a foothold from where they can try cross the borders into Israel and Iraq to carry our terror attacks?
16. Let the dogs fight
Cameron ,   USA   (01.06.13)
Baathists vs. Islamists. Let the dogs fight.
17. #3 you are an idiot
jack bauer   (01.06.13)
you spout the line the terrorist al qaeda degenerates do.... with a bit of apocolypse nuttiness thrown in for good measure
18. jack bauer you are the idiot, devoid of logic.
Mark ,   U.S.   (01.06.13)
This Syrian regime is just as much a lethal threat to Israel at this HOUR as it is to the oppostion dying to remove it, over 60,000 dead men, women and children to count,, Israel struck Syria once before under the guise of threat but now is a bigger threat as being, as I stated before, "the conduit for Shia propaganda" in this region and the Dr. Jeckle, Dr. Hyde pop up muppet Nasrullah also again one of Israel's neighbor, Beirut, Lebanon. As for Al-Qaeda, this is the U.S.'s creation, invention that just pops up anywhere on this globe at it's and the U.S.'s opportune times. "Apocalypse nuttiness thrown in forgood measure" and lets not forget you responding to this b-llsh-t, you, yes are the rea lidiot devoid of logic as to when and what to respond too,,,,,,, you don't know me.
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