Survey: 20.3% of seniors poor
Ram Hadar
Published: 06.01.13, 14:37
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1.  Survey: 20.3% of seniors poor
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.06.13)
In the UK the figure for pensioners in poverty over the age of 65 is 21.4% and increasing and is one of the worst in the EU where it is 15.9%. So much for the caring coalition of Cameron/Clegg. In the UK we now have one of the most reactionary governments where the two sides of the coalition are pulling in different directions resulting in a half hearted mish mash of policies that benefit no one other than the wealthy At least in Israel you know that the Likud is right wing and its agenda is obvious most of which I tend to agree with and certainly its ability to gradually reduce aged poverty is succeeding.
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