Palestinians change their name following UN bid
Associated Press
Published: 06.01.13, 19:07
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1. how can a political body be a state
zionist forever   (01.06.13)
The PA is a political body not a country. Its like in Israel calling an MK the State of Israel. It sounds especially stupid considering the State of Palestine ( PA ) starts demanding the creation of a palestinian state A palestinian state demanding the creation of a Palestinian state. Since we now have a State of Palestine I say we let this state have their own currency whose value is based on the amount of handouts they get... most important these new banknotes must have Arafat's picture. As their currency is based on handouts it would be so worthless that it would be cheaper for them to use banknotes with Arafat's picture than spend money buying toiet paper.
2. a clear declaration of intent
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.06.13)
so much for abu mazzen's pretenses at "negotiation". this is a clear declaration of the intentions of the palestinian kleptocracy - now it's up to the israeli government to also grab what it can, in this new style of diplomacy.
3. Without borders, government, human justice..
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.06.13) borders, threathening neigboring state with terror, no human behaviour, random killings of their own on.. The real name abu mazen should use for this hagar decendense is: Cult of Terrorists. It is just so sad the rest of the world are blinded by islamic rethoric.
4. ... the same as putting lipstick on a pig
Robert Levita ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.06.13)
5. Im going to sign my name darth vader from now on....
jack bauer   (01.06.13)
and my company will change its name to the galatic federation..... it means nothing, just like the terrrorists changing their name they need to be utterly destroyed once and foe all
6. Childish
Dallas ,   Canada   (01.06.13)
For a belligerent group bent on destruction of its neighbor and call it a state, to build the facade while ignoring the infrastructure to make it functional exposes the PA as a recipe for failure for itself and its neighbors. Childish idealism.
7. The PA is Still the PA, even though..
ltrail ,   United States   (01.06.13)
They dress up as princesses, and play with their dollhouse and dolls. The 22 real muslim neighbors have even reneaged on their promise to provide 100 million per month; money withheld by The State of Israel, because of the so-called palestinian's UN bid. The State of Israel can use that money for its citizens.
8. Name change doesnt change Reality
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne   (01.06.13)
Palestinian may have gained a new status in the UN but on the ground they still rely on Israel for survival The World Politicians are blind to reality Would the people who elected them are blind too?
9. So this basically says
shmulke ,   w. coast, USA   (01.06.13)
...that Hamas has no part in the new "government"? Fine with me.
10. they will always will remain the PLO
yoni ,   Jewish Homeland   (01.06.13)
11. But where is the state coat of arms ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.06.13)
I suggest as state symbol the palestinian viper ( viperae palestinensis ), very similar creature to Abbas.
12. Fine !
Gabe ,   Canada   (01.06.13)
Any terrorist act will be an act of war ! Problem solved.
13. A perfectly reasonable and true action...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (01.06.13)
And it's long overdue. Of course wingnuts hate the idea, but they hate everything that has to do with the Arab world. So what? Palestine is now a UN observer state and there is FA the wingnuts can do about it. They will be simply stuck doing the same insane thing, and writing the same inane comments they always have as the world passes them by...
14. What will they call their money ? AL
Nora Tel Aviv   (01.06.13)
An Arafat Lira. There will be bank notes of 10, 100, 1000, 100 000 and 1.000 000 AL .
15. Want to change to a State?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.06.13)
Then Abbas you need to become a Statesman With Statehood comes responsibility. No more can we get away with behaving like some Gang of Guerillas in Suits We have to transform Palestinian Society and rid it of its angst hatred and violence to a Society that is democratic, tolerant and fulfilled and one that can live in harmony with its neighbours And with Israel theres going to have to come a time soon when we stop talking AT each other and start talking TO each other If theres ANYTHING we have learned these last decades is that war and violence are completely futile - they dont resolve anything - and that our best chance for the region is to begin to cooperate openly and honestly - build mutual respect and a good future for all
16. 11
zionist forever   (01.06.13)
They already have a coat of arms its the skull & crossbones which are meant to represent murdered Israelis.
17. 14
zionist forever   (01.06.13)
I was thinking they could name their currency the Kassam or maybe the Jihad They have plenty of figures to put on their banknotes, all of whom are killers.
18. It matters what other states call you.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.06.13)
You might as well name it Disneyland. It only matters how SOVEREIGN states addresses their letterhead with your name. The Pal's are NOT a sovereign state, nor recognized as one.
19. #6 Failure for iself, yes but not for
Get Real ,   UK   (01.06.13)
its neighbour the Land and State of Israel. #9 Abbas included Gaza in the map of the State of Palestine. And he has just wiped Israel off the map and he hasn't even started nuclear development.
20. The same insane thing, Michael Hess, is..
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.06.13) - returning to these threads to spout your drivel (pun intended)
21. If it's a State, then Israel can rightfully attack it.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.06.13)
And there should be no outcry from the world's bleeding hearts. So every time some scuzball from the west bank commits an act of terrorism, Israel should consider it an act of war and go in and clean the place up. Or just bomb it to dust and hope the idiots learned the lesson. Abbas hasn't worked for 5 minutes to create a viable state- he's just an opportunist trying to be important and enriching himself. The 'Palestinians' are so freaking stupid- they keep listening to him, year after year, and he's gottem them nothing.
22. Its about unification.
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (01.06.13)
This is the only way to unite the PA and Hamas with out either appearing to bow to the other. What a tough move to deal with. Options? Option? Momentum is on their side at the moment. If a thousand rabbis ask for help from the Lord then ill ask Him too. You got 250,000 bad a***** or 350,000 If the rabbi lets the women fight. They don't like to hearken to the government but they will hearken to the rabbi. You need to consolidate the power of the rabbis to make sure every one is on the same page first. This is not a game. This is like the big kids pushing another kid to fight you and offering protection if you start to get the upper hand. Stop worrying about coat of arms, currency and political make up. Its about palestinian unification.
23. A rose by any other name- Banana Republic Of Palestine
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.06.13)
24. Mazal tov, "palestine!" May the new dawn bring you:
A ,   Belgium   (01.06.13)
complete financial and economic collapse, as the New Israeli Shekel will have no value in "palestinian" financial transactions. You want to be independent? Get your own money. Next, better get those shaheed stone throwers to work building water purification systems and electric power plants, because you will be cut off from the Israeli power grid and water system. You're gonna need electricity to watch Al-Jazeera and water for your "chai". Next, "palestinian" workers will pay a "work in Israel" tax. They aren't any better than any other foreign worker, and in most cases, much worse. They want to earn money from the enemy? They can pay for the priviledge. And they can pay toll to drive on Israeli roads to get to work, too. They use the roads, they can help pay for the maintenance. Same for the roads in "palestine" (which Israel built). Got a sick kid? Too bad, Israeli hospitals are off limits to "palestinians". Its all part of independence. You still like this "state of palestine" idea? Wait, there is MUCH more...
25. State?
Jerome ,   AKL   (01.06.13)
Do you have any money to pay your bills? Can you pay salaries, water and power bills to run a state? I also want a Ferrari 360 spider. I don't have the cash, so I just shut up!
26. The state of palestine is squatting on the ISREAL.
move on nothing ,   to see here.   (01.06.13)
27. UN
jenny ,   usa   (01.06.13)
UN also should change the name to UAN which is United Arap Nations
28. Current Momentum
Zecharia   (01.07.13)
The current momentum is for nothing to be resolved for a hundred years .the Palestinians want at least eight million from the river to the sea the Jews can live with the status quo but outbreaks could occur which the Jews will be forced to contain with a mixture of non lethal weapons an incarcerations.Perpetual War with support from 50% of the Gallus as antijudaism stirs up.Nuclear Shelters And Second strike Capacity and preemptiive Attacks of all sorts .
29. 3 Yes! Borders enshrined in UN181
lydia ,   Brisbane   (01.07.13)
Like Israels borders Palestine borders are enshrined in UN181. NOTHING outside Israel unilaterally declared borders belongs to Israel AND everything OUTSIDE Israel borders as outline in UN181 belongs to the Palestine.
30. 21 Israel has never stopped attacking Palestine
lydia ,   Brisbane   (01.07.13)
Except now that Iran has hitched tent to the liberation of Palestine they have Iran's Fajr-5s to contend with.
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