Teen prostitution ring exposed in Tel Aviv
Eli Senyor
Published: 07.01.13, 09:58
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1. This is truly sickening.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (01.07.13)
I hope they court throw those sickos in jail & loose the keys.
2. These is what Rabbis want to..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.07.13)
avoid with the secular unpopular rules they advise.
3. #2 - ORA
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (01.07.13)
Next time I walk through southern Tel Aviv I would like you to come with me so you can observe the number of plainly hareidi men that frequent the prostitutes!!! You are obviously unaware of the tradition that while your wife is pregnant it is forbidden to have intercourse with her but visiting a prostitute in another city than you regularly reside is allowed!!
4. @#3
Mike ,   Raanana   (01.07.13)
That is BS, where do you get your info from? The Talmud says, "three months early pregnancy sex is hard for the woman and for the fetus. Three months in the middle of pregnancy, are hard for the woman, but beneficial to the fetus. Three months final pregnancy, sexual relations are beneficial both a woman and the fetus, and thereby the fetus out pretty good". The Chazon Ish said, that having sex once a week is fine, and it's not hard. Conversely adultery is punishable by death according to Torah law.
5. "punishable by death"
Mordechai ,   Eilat   (01.07.13)
"Conversely adultery is punishable by death according to Torah law". We are always worrying about the menace of islamic fundamentalism and sharia law and the fact is that we have our own sick people which are blind followers of 4,000 year old laws. This is sick,
6. #2 Ora, have i got news for you
Wolf man Jack ,   Out on the prairie   (01.07.13)
As a gay man i can tell you that large number of haradi men have gay sex outside of marriage . its their wifes i feel sorry for, totally clueless when it comes to reality.
7. solution
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (01.07.13)
8. #3
watchman ,   Israel   (01.07.13)
You are correct. I lived in Jaffo-Tel Aviv area and had to travel in that area on occasions and yes, the hareidi men were there with no shame. Whether it is legal in Talmud or not, don't know, but definitely illegal in Torah, and that is what counts.
9. deliquescence of moral values
Lililo ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.13)
Poor girls. Underage and fed with TV and internet where western girls are "liberated". they were raped, this is the reality. But the modern world draws girl into false models and directions. Rabbis can be extreme, but there is some truth in Torah: losing your soul via unsacred sexuality (i.e. with your husband and with love) is hurtful. I hope they understand what went wrong and that those guys are charged with rape. They are the ones who should have known better, the predators. Poor girls, sick guys, as too often... Moral values should fight against the excess of TV and internet. It is not fashionable to have sex with anyone. Sex is intimicay, soul and should be associated to the beauty of feelings, to love, transcendental love.
10. Bigots!
Adam ,   Israel   (01.07.13)
I cannot understand this bigotry against religious people. The topic at hand is underage prostitutes and hateful people try to demonize the religious sector without a shred of evidence that they are responsible for this heinous crime. Some people are just sad, sad human beings.
11. result of liberal secular education
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.07.13)
How sickening, young girls with no moral values except to make money. This is what Israel has fallen to after losing its Jewish value system.
12. 6 Why should i believe you?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.07.13)
13. #6 wolfman jack you are correct
Miriam   (01.07.13)
Anyone can verify. Go to craig's list in new york and go to the men seeking men section. type in the word "frum". You will get an eyeful.
14. #7 nobody will publish. Why not?
Miriam   (01.07.13)
Because of loshan hara. Also, if many johns are haredim, there is no way the government will "insult" them.
15. Haredi and other rabbies rape children all of the time
Miriam   (01.07.13)
and yet you want to blame modernization or liberation? please! Look at the girl who was raped by Weberman; and now her father and community are blaming HER.
16. Larry, what was that Jewish value system: molestation?
Miriam   (01.07.13)
Look how many news stories are in the news about ultra religious rabbis raping children. Some value system.
17. Did anyone think about Shlomo HaMelech
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (01.07.13)
they said that he had a THOUSAND wives (concubines) he must have offended them when he had relations with others in his Harem
18. 16 Because it only make headline...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.07.13)
when Haredis are the evildoers. Don t tell me it doesn t happen in the secular society,only it is not astonishing,thus not worth mentioning.
19. Ora
Sam ,   Bru   (01.07.13)
Ur totally wrong ,,it's permitted while ur wife is pregnant,,,and hw many did u see there ?.. By the way what were u doing there ?.
20. D
Sam ,   Bru   (01.07.13)
Who says weberman raped her? It's his word against his ,, and even if true u found 1 weberman how can u say all?. Just like the world blames the Jews for everything
21. Ora
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.07.13)
In our birth town charedi men were often seen in the "red lights" quarter , near those "russian shops" where i had a friend .
22. Ora 2
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.07.13)
The rules rabbis teach will never avoid their followers to go to prostitutes . Maybe that some of their followers are also on the list of the clients ? Do you think that because you told a BIG lie [ 4 million , revisionists ] that others tell also lies ?
23. #16 Miram - Cite five of those stories
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (01.07.13)
instead of saying 'Look how many" Make an effort!!
24. 21 Charles,the article is about girls.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.07.13)
They know how to dress and how to behave. These prostitutes ,didn t even know they committed a crime.
25. "haredi rape children all the time"
dmmd ,   NYC, USA   (01.07.13)
ONE TREE DOES NOT MAKE A FOREST. Please examine your dislike of Haredi people and moderate your feelings of hate. Calm down and grow up.
26. Gross obfuscation
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (01.07.13)
I see many on here debating whether the Torah or Talmud allows a husband to visit prostitutes or not depending on certain factors. You all seem to be completely missing the point that a married man shouldn't have sex with another woman for ANY reason, whether "allowed" or not! What the hell does it say about the character of a man if he's a slave to his penis? If you love your wife (or husband for that matter), having sex with anyone but them shouldn't be on your mind. If it is, you're in the wrong marriage. No one has even addressed how the wife probably feels about this. Are you people saying that Haredi wives are simply OK with their husbands cheating because it's supposedly written somewhere that it's "legal"? That upsets me more than anything else about being Jewish - there's always some "religious person" trying to figure out a loophole to game the system in their favor. They KNOW what's right or wrong, but still try to avoid observance by exploitation. Many need to learn not to be self-righteous hypocrites. If you expect to be held in higher regard, then earn respect through your innocence, not through your ability to avoid guilt.
27. There is a 2 cents....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (01.07.13)
First, let me say that I am disgusted with the hatred towards "Haredim".. They are people first, not angels....What is not acceptable is going to hookers in "uniform". The Talmud says, that if the Yetzer Harah overcomes them, they should dress in black and do their business in a place where they are not known. Secondly, Adultery, according to Torah is intercourse between married Jewish men and women (or engaged). If a married Jewish man has intercourse with a non engaged/married Jewish woman, they are not liable for the death penalty (Adultery), but to lesser punishments ie lashes Thirdly, it's important to remember that Judaism did not begin as a monagamist religion...Many tzaddikim and talmedei chachamim had more than one wife and concubines(before the edict of Rabbeinu Gerson). Fourthly, the abuse perpetrated on teens by pimps and perverts who visit underage prostitutes should have their balls cut off. As for the rest, state legalized and regulated prostitution seems like a reasonable solution to the problem!.
28. Sex Offenders not Statutory Rape!
Jessica ,   Tel Aviv   (01.07.13)
This is paedophilia pure and simple. How the hell have they got away with being tried for statutory rape? We don't know what these girls went through, they're too young to know what they were getting themselves into and if it's like any other prostitution ring, they're all held there as a result of thought control, threats of violence and drugs.
29. #5- Total ignorance is not bliss
Moose Zubree ,   NY NY   (01.07.13)
Before stating Torah should learn the facts! As others astutely posted: visiting a hooker is not "Adultery"; it is not proscribed behavior, but it is definitively not Adultery, and not a capital offense! What is apparent is your blind hatred and prejudice against people who keep and learn Torah. The "sick" person is you! Incidentally, when was the last time a Rabbinical Court sentenced anyone to capital punishment? Can you say the same about Islamic Courts? Mordechai, change your name; you are not worthy of the name Mordechai.
30. #23 Miram, havre you given any thought
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (01.07.13)
how many young boys that Priests have raped, or the six year girls that Mohammed had forced himsellf upon
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