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Palestinians use street art to tell ideas
Published: 16.01.13, 07:43
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1. Why publish an article like this?
Reuven   (01.16.13)
2. reply to number 1
David Rosenberg ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.16.13)
Maybe to show people like you that on the other side of the fence there are human beings...this scares us, the jews, because we have been building all our ideology on the idea that all arabs are animals... well we have to admit that most of them are just like us!
3. reply to #2
Tom ,   Ashdod   (01.16.13)
No one argues that there are no human beings on the other side of the fence. If this idea scares you, do not include other Jews in this circle, because it is simply false. I think the media and an imagination that people like you have created this ideology "all arabs are animals". You are clearly misleading yourself and others. Check your sources, ay?
4. #3
Peace   (01.17.13)
Tom, as far as settlers and right wing are concerned, David's comment is absolutely right . He doesn't have to go far to look for sources,you and reuven are the perfect example..
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