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Tel Aviv to offer citywide free Wi-Fi
Published: 09.01.13, 13:31
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1. World hi-tech hub?? (but internet bank is bad, chip and pin
Boaz L.   (01.09.13)
payments non existent, you can even sign with your finger nails (YES, I have seen it done), the country is still obsessed with faxes and checks. To change your address you have to go to the main city office and not do it online. Hi-tech hub my ass. We only came first in that poll that announced us as leader is because the poll went viral on the net and people just clicked Tel Aviv as top hi -tech city everyday.
2. #1 Boaz
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (01.09.13)
Boaz, I hardly ever see anyone with checkbooks anymore. I can't even recall last time I saw a check used in a supermarket. Oh yes, now I remember--the clerk had to call over a manager because she didn;t even know what to do with it. That's the north--maybe T"A is more backward. But true, not all applications of hi-tech work well here. However, part of the point is the vibrant, innovative hi-tech developers in Israel. Besides, you want primitive, try touring the US away from the major urban areas. Slooow internet, and everyone goes to the bank and stands in line. Me, I do almost everything from my computer, a few wthing by telephone. Cheers Boaz!
3. #2 I have never rented an apartment in Tel Aviv/ checks only
lior   (01.10.13)
landlords accept nothing else.
4. No checkbook 20 years alrready
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (01.11.13)
Maybe life is different up in the north, since I am sure you are telling the truth. I haven't even had checks for over 20 years now. But then I can believe that landlords would be different in Tel Aviv. Almost never see checks in supermarkets though. Tashlumim, payments, on the Isracard seems to be usual. Otherwise, I mostly use the Net for payments and banking. Maybe Haifa is the more modern city by now--judging from all the Tel Avivis that have moved here!
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