Why didn't they warn us sooner?
Yaron London
Published: 08.01.13, 01:08
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1. Diskin, a disgrace
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (01.08.13)
I could not have said it any better. Quite right Yaron. These men (like Yuval Diskin) are a disgrace. I served under Ehud Barak in the IDF. A great military leader.
2. Mr. London, thank you for providing insight
R ,   Israel   (01.08.13)
Mr. London, thank you for providing insight. About Golda and Winston Churchill smoking during meetings, in their day there was not the knowledge we have now about the dangers of second-hand smoke. To the meat of the matter, Mr. Diskin's comment about our leaders not setting a personal example is still relevant. What scares me is Diskin's mention of decisions being made or vetoed in a context of who gets the credit, and not what is best for Israel. Barak and Netanyahu may have the experience and intelligence required for the job but if irrelevant considerations get in the way, what good is it? Agree with your comment that Diskin and his colleagues should have warned or resigned in real time and not after everything is history.
3. great point
the mad Zionist ,   San Francisco   (01.08.13)
Clever op-ed. Yeah now I'm wondering. Why didn't they resign from their posts if they truly were worried for the state? Thanks yuval
4. Grow the hell up
mea   (01.08.13)
Obviously the reason Diskin waited was because he has a brain, unlike the writer who believes someone working in the most important security establishment in the world should run t the media. who gives a rip if you met some of the leaders--who are you? Diskins and many other senior people with lots of respect chose his timing because he was free to do that. Fathom it.
5. excellent opinion piece
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.08.13)
it is irrelevant what the motives of dagan and diskin are when they smear the prime minister. what is relevant is that these two men committed a political assassination on bibi netanyahu.
6. Their careers were more important than Israel
Rachel ,   US   (01.08.13)
7. The hypocrisy of the Singing Six
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.08.13)
This article makes a strong moral argument against the Singing Six. They by talking to Dror Moreh undermined their own lifework. Shame on them, and their stupidity. I wonder and worry about what this will mean for the Security of Israel in the future.
8. If one lives long enough one get to the point, where London
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.08.13)
writes a sensible, righteous piece! Hallelujah, what a day!
9. Why didn't they warn us sooner?
Ashley Modlin ,   Tzur Yitchak   (01.08.13)
1. Perhaps their influence on the decision makers was paying off - for example, the fact is that Israel has not launched a pre-emptive strike on Iran. 2. Perhaps they have a sense of duty which is beyond your comprehension. 3. Easy to comment when you are not on the line. Poor article considering that Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin are both patriots of the first order. Pity they have not seen fit to enter politics and put a proper sense of value into the system.
10. why didn't they wran us sooner?
Jean Cohen ,   Athens Greece   (01.08.13)
As a man from the left well said Mr London. Very well said.
11. The reason the waited was because they care!
yoni ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.13)
Diskin and other senior security establishment officials stayed in their post in order to try and stop our country from falling into a slippery slope that won't give us the option of getting out of. The security establishment operate in the shadow's and the more discrete they are the better it is for the country. However, if the decision makers are not responsible, they should inform the country of the disgrace. #1, I don't know why you live in Australia... I think you should consider being quiet as you don't have the right to say anything unless you live here and are affected by the policy making of our leaders!
12. # 8
Ubermen ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (01.08.13)
London is a very very smart fellow so please tone it down a bit when praising him from below.
13. #8:As an "Uber-man" you think you can tell? Not really!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.08.13)
14. Babla'at
MelekhShaul ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.13)
15. remedy against...
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (01.09.13)
Remedy to stop the ex-Mossad, Aman and Shin Bet heads of talking about intelligence or political issues: - Like before don't reveal the names of new heads of those services. Let it be a government appointment but under the secrecy act. - If somebody unveils their identity: bring him or her before the judge. - If they reveal themselves their name: dismissal, halve their pension - Obliged them, when they are appointed to their job, to sign a document that after their term or terms they not make statements in public and that for 10 years. If not halve their pension. - After their pension call them with the new appointed heads from time to time together to give for a government committee their opinion about intelligence issues, but I think that body exists already. -About drinking and having good meals: it's a well known fact that military, intelligence officers,… are drinking. It's the stress of the job and also a sort of tradition in these professions.
16. Nice analysis
sasha ,   bilbao, basque   (01.09.13)
A good piece of analysis. I can't understand how this ex israeli KGB chief can spit into the well he was drinking from. Diskin's interview is full of personal rancour and narcisizm. These were closed room discussions and brain storming sessions. I am sure some ideas that were flying in the air where bounced to see the reaction etc. My only grievance about Barak is that he was dressed as a woman during a military operation- it is not becoming of an officer of the IDF, but rather a spy agency trick. But otherwise-no complaints. I hope that this is the last Diskin's song.
Diskins' harsh criticism of our leaders was unhelpful and ugly.
18. to 4
evry thing is changable even the truth in the heart so you must not lie to yourselfe .. i respect the honesty of the man
19. to 17
i love my uncle but i know he is wrong in ten matters .. i think Lonon has a benifet from his openion here ... it is my sense . but thank him for his openion also
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