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Yachimovich, Lapid: Livni is desperate
Moran Azulay
Published: 07.01.13, 22:37
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1. Let's see that again...Livni is:
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.07.13)
1. Desperate, 2. Misleading or dishonest or deceitful, 3. Divisive, 4. Undermining. Then add to that: 5. Leftist - kinda far leftist, 6. Calculating (always to her benefit), 7. Opportunistic - always to boost herself / image, 8. Egocentric, 9. Arrogant, 10. Shameless self-promoter, 11. Delusional about self-importance, 12. Always in denial, 13. Good doggie to Obama, 14. Politically ambitious to the point of being amoral. OMG! She needs a shrink! Livni dear, can't you see? You are FINISHED!!! Please pack up and go home. Can't you see? The hall is empty. The show is OVER for you. Hubby, where are you? Just drag the woman home, will ya!
2. good grief, I didn't think Livni so bad
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.08.13)
I know Livni is incapable as a leader and make large mistakes using a big mouth in stead of leadership qualities, but if this accusation is true (and it probably is) she is even worse than I imagined. Oy, what a way for the left to falter. Far from being the idealistic liberals who seek truth and honesty in government, it seems that it is all one dirty stick.
3. livni review
mislon   (01.08.13)
at first, a fresh face who disagreed with olmert on hezbollah war yet whose Un resolution at the end was worthless. Then when olmert went willd on concessions that clearly hurt israeli security, she went along wiht him except for right of return which she said no. Instead of throwing olmert off, she waited for him to decide on her reentry trying to link it to him,t he louse and weaklling that he is. Now livni runs to labour and yesh atid and finds that they think she is a liar. Livni is unfit to lead the nation ever, as the facts prove. She cannot get beyond olmert and her spin and her ideas of peace are disconnnected from realilty. The only one who makes sense on security is bennett and not anyone else.
4. The end of the road for Livni's disastrous career.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.08.13)
Livni has harmed Israel with everything she has done in her private life. Hopefully, this latest ridiculous ruse will be the end of the road for Livni's disastrous career.
5. So much for Israels last best hope
SteieT ,   USA   (01.08.13)
6. Good riddance
Rachel ,   US   (01.08.13)
Livni was a danger to Israel.
7. To all leftists, quasi leftists & Arab supporters:stay home!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.08.13)
8. perhaps its a good sign
oferdesade ,   israel   (01.08.13)
when people meet with honest intentions, differences arise. when their primary target is political, they will usually compromise... at the expense of the voters. livni has shown that she doesn't play (perhaps doesnt even know HOW to play the political game. i like to think it's a problem of too much honesty, and perhaps its time to give that specific value a chance. yechimovich and lapid both come from journalism. they are probably more prone towards being cynical and i doubt they would think twice about entering a coalition they disagree with in order to "change from within" - another way of saying: selling out. hopefully, over the next coupla weeks, they'll find half a reason to go against the grain.
9. She and the lefty media portrayed her as Ms. clean...
danni ,   TA - IL   (01.08.13)
however, she is as manipulative and dirty as any other socilist gutmensch...
10. Livnis political career is now in Lapids hands
zionist forever   (01.08.13)
Shelly stupidly flatfly refused to join any coalition with Bibi rather than leaving her options open so now she can't join Bibi's coalition which will probbaly cost her the party leadership. With Livni traditional Labor voters decided to give her chance because they didn't have confidence in Shelly. Now Livni has backed herself into the same corner unless Shelly or Lapid joins and her poliical career relies on being in the coalition, its because she was in opposition doing nothing she destroyed Kadima. Livni's problem is her ego, if Bibi isn't willing to give her a senior enough position her ego says thats insulting I prefer opposition. Instead she tries to form a leftist block with Shelly as PM and her with a cabinest posting of her choice. Unfortunately she seems to have now alienated the leftiss who she relies on to play this game so now her politcal future relies on Lapid. Lapid knows if your in opposition now you won't be in the knesset next time because election day all the public care about are your achoevements and nobody is interested in oppsition. He also knows the unestablished parties built around individuals which he & Livni lead are not remembered for very long if they are not in public eye 24/7. Thanks to Lapid if she can overcome her ego Livni will probably be invited in but if she continues down this path her career will be over.
11. 8
zionist forever   (01.08.13)
Shelly is well meaning but the fact she has no political experience inexperience and is an idealist she made the stupid decission not to join the coalition which will probably cost her the party leadership. With Livni is was ego and self interest She destroyed Kadima because she refused Bibi's numerous offers to form a unity government unless he agreed to a rotatng premiership. She refused to join Labor as a number 2 she inisted on rotating premiership or nothing so when Shelly refused she decided to form her own party. She hoped that swing voters would prefer her because she had more experience than Shelly but thats not how it worked out. Now she probably thinks Bibi is not going to offer her a senior enough ministry so she sees that as an insult so decided to try team up with Lapid & Shelly to form a leftist block in which Shelly would be PM but Livni would try pull the strings get the ministry of choice. Livni & Lapid are opportuists without substance and on Livni's side she has the added problem of an oversized ego.
12. Left-Center has a slim chance
Suppose Bibi-Benet team gets 58 seats (that what some experts predict. Then Livni-Yahimovich-Lapid-Shas-OtherHaredim + Arabs get 62 seats. There is a lot in this block: N. Tel-Aviv+ Haredim+Arabs don't want to serve; They are for socialist economy; all of them want Peace. There are some negatives but...
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