Israel a pawn in Washington's political game
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 08.01.13, 22:46
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1. Likud meets Hagel
Avramele   (01.08.13)
Hagel's problem is that he is direct and has no Patience for BS. Lieberman and Yaalon will probably welcome his candor. Slick and oily Bibi will feel checked.
2. Caspar Weinberger toed the line, and so will Hagel
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.09.13)
3. let me guess
european   (01.09.13)
you would like america to be your pawn, and to appoint america's ministers? not happening, sorry.
4. Hagel, Nietzsche, and the Jews
Steve Klein   (01.09.13)
Obama wants his anti-Israel Hagel. In truth, Hagel represents Obama and his twenty year mentor, Jeremiah Wright's view of Israel, the Jewish lobby and the Jews. If Obama were an honest man, why didn't he nominate someone like Hagel in his first term?
5. Yitzhak Benhorin is a Radical Leftist and a supporter ......
Father Abe   (01.09.13)
of Obama. Anything he writes should be taken with a grain of salt.
6. #3 You can only guess, and that's all you can do
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.09.13)
7. Hagel was nominated because he is Obama's ideologiacl mirror
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.09.13)
obama does not like israel. it is foolish to argue otherwise. j-street is a creation of the far left wing of the democratic party. there was no j-street before obama. j-street, obama, hagel, axelrod, roger cohen, tom friedman, brzesinski, are all in an anti-israel group of the american national security establishment. they have an absolute conviction that israel causes all the problems in the world since the world turns around the middle east and israel is considered by the muslims to be a foreign implant in the middle east. four years in the presidency have not changed obama's mind. obama will let iran go nuclear. indeed, the major reason he chose hagel was because hagel will not oppose obama's iran policy. no wonder the shia terror entity is thrilled.
8. european, you guessed wrong, 3
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.09.13)
the fight is between two groups of americans. one group thinks that hagel would be just fine and dandy as secretary of defence, and the other group thinks that hagel would be a disaster.
9. Unarming citizens first then
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.09.13)
next is to unarm Israel. Obama has 4 years to get as much of this done as possible. The powers that be are wanting change in the world. If that means the US and Israel are the first to lose their status and strength in the world, so be it. They would love to see the US and Israel fall by the wayside. Some believe we are the "problem" of what ills the world today. There are mans laws, and then there is G-d's law. It will NEVER happen. Never !! So, go ahead and appoint whomever you want Obama, G-d is calling the shots.
10. more of the same
michel ,   Ashkelon   (01.09.13)
The choices of Obama are always consistent with his anti...Israel..ism. He is hostile and pro islam.
11. Let ME guess
European   (01.09.13)
I would definitely NOT like America to be a pawn and neither would I like to appoint anyone there, and THAT is happening. This is happening in spite of your sick assumptions.
12. Two State Still Possible
Zechariah   (01.09.13)
A two state is possible even if settlements take 1000sq Km of Judae and Samaria with Two million settlers as long as the Palestinians get 1000sq Km with two miillion people from Gaza Syria Lebanon and Jordan but non jihadi non Fatah -Ba'ath and over time the Jews Will Need Extreme Security Defense And Islam will need a enormous turn to the positive in its relation to Jews and a more understanding approach to Jewish Safe Sanctuary.The Jews will have to admit war criminal acts and a convention of human rights established for both people's .Fanatics and Psychopaths will be incarcerated and the Key thrown away and the process ought be measured carefully.
13. #3
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (01.09.13)
America's interests are driven by what is right for America and for others.. We liberated North Africa, Europe and much of Asia and the Pacific along with other nations in WW2, because our security was threatened.In the process we lost over 550,000 lives.We defended South Korea's independence and lost another 50,000. Viet Nam cost us at least 45,000 dead,but we did not succeed..Were we pawns at that time?
14. a pawn
someone ,   whom cares?   (01.09.13)
it has always been. Did'nt you realize before?
15. Israel or America?
America first! ,   Seattle, Wa   (01.09.13)
Who is this guy supposed to be working for? Last time I checked, we (US) don't get to have a say in Israeli internal affairs, why do you think the reverse should happen?
16. Hagel belief in negociating with fanatical regimes
Alan ,   Canada   (01.09.13)
Most dangerous in Hagel's stance is his conviction he can negociate reliable deals with the likes of the Ayatollahs & their proxies. A belief in dictatorships that is always bringing sore outcomes. He has gained Obama's confidence when they were both on the same side in opposing military action in Irak when Republicans were in power in Washington. Now it would appear his nomination at the Pentagon means they are again on the same side to be against military action. In the past, his opposition to sanctions against Iran as ineffecftive, means he does not even consider isolating a rogue state like Iran. He leaves himself with only the worst card in his hand: the carrot to be offered while keeping his other hand tied in his back. Some of Hagel deeper convictions were expressed some time before & they jive with Obama's tone in his Cairo speach in 2009: he is an absolute supporter of Israel as long as it does not hurt ties to the Muslim world. This proviso has big negative implications for Israel's security.
17. "European" living up to your name?
GZLives   (01.09.13)
Poor Europeans so hung up on hating Israel (Jews) they constantly drop the plot. Meanwhile all your countries are beginning or already look like Mideastern bazaars lolol
18. Every nominee will reflect Obama's Israel/Jew-hatred.
BH ,   Iowa   (01.09.13)
That seems to be the only qualification for a job in this administration.
19. Jews gone bad
Heinke   (01.09.13)
Once Jews become anti-Torah lefty-loonies they go rotten, like AxelRod and the author of this article, but they still get the air time on ynetnewdotcom to present their opinions under cover of journalism.
20. Self-deception, like in 1930s
y-man ,   budapest   (01.09.13)
Obama & Hagel are Israel's enemies. Do not deceive yourself like in the 1930s. Hagel's election means Iranian atomic bomb. In turn, this means that the existence of millions of Israelis will depend on the fanatic ayatollahs.
21. Hagel
PDave ,   Chicago, IL   (01.09.13)
Hagel's views are in sync with Obama's. And Israeli's are supposed to be encouraged by this fact? This is exactly the major problem for Israel. You guys just don't get it yet. Obama is not "balanced" regarding Israel. He FAVORS the Arabs. He is the most anti-Israel President we have had--bar none.
22. To European: it is happening, you are naive )
Vlad ,   Denver   (01.09.13)
23. To #2
Ari ,   kfar saba   (01.09.13)
The difference is there was balance in the Reagan administration. There were lots of pro-Israel advisers and cabinet members like Al Haig. And don't forget that Reagan was intrinsically pro-Israel so Weinberger's influence with respect to Israel was limited. The Obama administration by contrast is filled with Israel haters. Hagel is just the tip of the iceberg.
24. #3 LOL, look who's talking
Logic ,   Israel   (01.09.13)
You Europeans (or should I write Euro-peons?) constantly support subversive groups within and outside of Israel, hoping for our ultimate demise. Not happening, sorry.
25. Yeah, obumma as disasterous as hagel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.09.13)
26. The American People have spoken and they've had 4 years to
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.09.13)
"get" Mr.Obama &his world view. The course is set, players are getting into positions, WTF is anyone surprised about?!! This endless coffee-sludge reading is tiresome. Husni Obama is delivering as promised.
27. It's true though
J ,   isr   (01.09.13)
the fact that there's a fuss about his nomination is an indication that his views are actually true. his views are shared across many us politicians - many of whom are afraid to speak out. while i don't expect much to change, it's still nice seeing bibi and his arrogant gang getting on their nerves.
Keren IL-BR ,   Israel   (01.09.13)
Let me clear once more: no more USA. We are tired of this game. The US is a heavy burden for us. If they want to have a safe harbor in the Middle East, go look for another space. Try Lebanon or Lybia. Leave us alone. We want true friends, not a decadent, antisemite nation as the USA. ' Lieberman was right in looking for new parnterships in Eastern Europe. Serbia, Russia, Poland, China, India. We can rely on these countries much more than the Americans. Unless they consult us and ask us for approval for new appointments we should just suspend all relations with this hostile nation.
29. Churchill is Dead : Rand Paul is right:
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (01.09.13)
To Hell with Obama Churchill represented a spirit, long departed, of fierce independence and freedom coming from a clear vision and true patriotism. Political views were secondary to what Britannia stood for; That spirit is absent today. Obama is a rogue world leader, in that the only way an objective mind can analyse his motivation and actions over time is that he is serving an anarchist Agenda, and certainly fulfilling Jeremy Wrights curses upon America Rand Paul must be right to suggest that Israel needs wean itself from USA aid dependence to clinch its Sovereignty, needing to consider the $ subsidy before being able to act to freely defend itself against neighbouring threats usually interconnected with the interests of the USA and its politicians. Israel is inherently rich enough now, with technology, natural resources, and human capital to take this giant step if it really care about its future survival as a Jewish State
30. #15 Bill Clinton worked hard to install Barak
Logic ,   Israel   (01.09.13)
in 1999 by providing experts and bashing Bibi to the extent where the latter lost power. Of course, the US intervenes in Israeli internal affairs and other countries affairs, and not just in elections, as it did last year in Egypt. No Israelis are "intervening". Indeed, I see Israel being used as a pawn here by various pro and anti-Hagel forces in America.
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