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UN: Million Syrians short of food
Published: 08.01.13, 16:12
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stude ham   (01.08.13)
and now they are going hungry. by the way... how much of this free food from the UN is unaccountably disappearing before any of it ever gets distributed? and how much of this food is disappearing within the distribution channels?
2. Plenty of money by reallocating Palestinian windfall
Carl ,   USA   (01.08.13)
to those who are actual refugees. The world has squandered billions on these people to keep them dependent on handouts instead of using their talents to build a functioning economy. Hundreds of millions of people in other countries barely survive on $1 a day with no international aid, yet Palestinians plead poverty and rake in the world's largesse with a vastly higher standard of living. Way past time to get rid of the UNWRA farce and focus on the real needs of real refugees.
3. bakeries
David k. ,   new york, ny   (01.08.13)
People were in line for food at a bakery, and 50 people were killed in an airstrike by syrian airforce using MIG's. The world is utterly silent, but it's Israel's fault. Shame on the world. Bashar al assad - the butcher, like father like son!!!
4. Human Life And Human Dignity
These are the basic tents of a civilized society? How is it that turkey, the former ottoman's Don't Take Care Of Their muzzie brother's and sister's? The next generation of syrian's are All going to suffer from PTSD! Seems russia and china can care less about the Masses Only the yen and rubels Who Woulda Thunk?
5. If they can't blame it on the Jews
steve from raleigh   (01.08.13)
They ignore it.
6. Hunger and cold: the inevitable result of civil war
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.08.13)
This is only the beginning.....the entire country will eventually need to be rebuilt. Good job these arabs have wealthy friends in the gulf. I hope the Syrians find it as easy to get humanitarian assistance as they did to get guns in the first place. Assuming Assad goes, this will run on for years and years as the country falls into the hands of sectarian warlords. Hopefully the lesson of interfering in middle east affairs will have been learnt by the governments of the world. This one the arabs have to sort out for themselves.
7. The world doesn't know what to do!
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.08.13)
a) keep Assad in power despite all he has been done. b) hand the country over to Al-Qaeda and their friends.
8. 7
zionist forever   (01.08.13)
Maybe if Obama hadn't been so quick to dump the US puppet dictator Mubarak the arab spring might have ended in Egypt and Assad would still be the strongman that nobody likes but better the enemy you know.
9. Dad they invested in food...
onstead in weapons... Religion of Peace and Famine...
10. I agree with # 2 !!!!!
EST ,   Miami USA   (01.08.13)
11. Hey! This is an Arab matter - remember "Arab spring"?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.08.13)
Let the Arabs see about feeding the starving Syrians. There are enough filthy rich Arab nations in the area who can more than feed the Syrian refugees with their petty cash. No point appealing to other nations. The UN personnel involved and the distribution network must be rejoicing. Another great opportunity to make real BIG money on the side. Refugees provide great business opportunities for the corrupt.
12. #8 Yes, but
the people demonstrating at the Tahrir Square weren't the Muslim Brotherhood, these were mostly young and well educated people demonstrating for democratic freedoms. Should the US have supported Mubarak against them? They could have, but then the US would have lost the last remnants of credibility they still have. The religious extremists came later and took over the revolution in Egypt after Mubarak was already gone.
13. Starving Syrians- UN Food Ag. cannot help
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (01.09.13)
Starving a population is a war crime- by all combatants with UN -they are starving. Stalin/USSR tried to starve and freeze to death West Berliners- then Berlin Airlift by West. USAF,leading 24/7. With today''s technology in aeronautics- it is a real shame- an eternal shame to lead from behind and not deliver food for innocent non-combatants. It behooves UNSC and Secr.Gen.Ban Ki-moon to just start food airdrops . and deliveries on the ground.
14. Cut off aid to Assad
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.09.13)
Then we'll see some improvement in Syria. Otherwise, they will continue to use the aid to arm and feed themselves, while the Syrian public continues to starve. 2013 will be a defining moment for the ME. People will either learn to live together or we will see people killed like never before. It is a matter of time until WMD's are unleashed and 2013 sure looks like a good year for it, unfortunately.
15. There are only a million palastians.....Interesting
Brett ,   JHB South Africa   (01.09.13)
But the palastinian issue seems to upset the world more. And the world does absolutely NOTHING!!!! And yet there are still people who show no support for Israel and her battle with terror.
16. its a syrian civil war
zionist forever   (01.09.13)
Unless the rest of the world wants to risk getting dragged into this whole thing any efforts for food distribution need to be done with the backing of Assad & the rebels it won't work. Considering people waiting in lines at bakeries are getting killed best thing to do is air drop the stuff into the regions where its needed and then let the Syrians decide what to do with it Not everybody will get their share, there will be a black market but at least something will be getting through which is better than nothing
17. #13 You are absolutley right, BUT
A ,   Belgium   (01.09.13)
the United Nothings and UNSC (United Nothings Securely Corrupt) are too busy condemning Israel for building homes in the capital city of Jerusalem, and makeing nice to the terrorist Abbas and his imaginary state of "palestine".. Starving Syrians is but a minor concern.
18. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.09.13)
The fact that the Moslem Brotherhood was waiting in the wings, along with the Salafists, was obvious to anyone. Perhaps the United States was simply following the private agenda of its president. But it isn't just Egypt. Radical Islam has taken over another former ally in the region -- Tunisia. Don't you realize that it was what happened in Tunisia and Egypt that really pushed the rebellion in Syria into high gear? Had the United States supported its Tunisian and Egyptian allies, the rebellion in Syria would have died on its own. Don't forget, there are many, many competing factions among the rebels in Syria -- and no shortage of hardline Islamic groups. Sometimes, the devil you know is really better than the devil you don't. As to credibility -- is that more important than international stability in a highly unstable albeit critical region of the world?
19. # 14 SD Charger
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.09.13)
Unfortunately, Iran is financing Assad in Syria and the Saudi's are financing the rebels in Syria. Both have oodles of money. Neither give a damn about their starving people that these two factions have taken into account as the civil war continues.
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