Ex-security chief sees risk of Palestinian uprising
Published: 08.01.13, 21:58
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1. Ignore leftists and their idiotic statements
Rachel ,   US   (01.08.13)
2. "Peace talks with Palestinians" cause most Israeli problems.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.08.13)
Most of Israel's most serious problems stem direclty from "peace talks with Palestinians" and resulting lunatic Israeli concessions. From Oslo to Disengagement to Lebanon and Gaza Wars and on and on infinitely... The real solution is to annex Judea and Samaria and pay "Palestinian" poseurs to leave our land forever.
3. Yaakov Peri
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (01.08.13)
With all due respect, Sir, but which part of "Palestine from the River to the Sea" don't you understand?
4. Palestinians want handover of territory not compromise
Sam ,   Canada   (01.08.13)
It's fruitless to say Israel MUST make peace when only a minority of Palestinians accept living next to a Jewish Israel. If Israel wants peace it will have to find a way to increase the number of Palestinians supporting it without Israel compromising its own red lines.
5. Yaakov Peri Naive
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.08.13)
What's going to happen if he goes back to the 67 borders and you have 7 million Palis by the right of return within walking distance of Tel Aviv?
6. Palestinians are not interested in peace.
Stan Marsh ,   South Park, USA   (01.08.13)
They never have been nor ever will be. Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad Etc. will settle for nothing less then the total destruction of Israel.
7. #1, Rachel is right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.08.13)
8. Annexation Price Tag
Zechariah   (01.09.13)
If Israel annexes 3000sq kilometres of Judae and Samaria by the Land swap doctrine the Palestinian state ought to receive 3000square kilometres in exchange.The one million Israeli Arabs who hate us intensely with the Bedoiun can be part of the Palestinian state by a mechanism of diplomatic immunity the villages and farmland in the Gallilee and Negev can be Palestinian there are Five hundred villages that a few can become mega cities as UmEl Fahm from forty thousand to two million.
9. #2
Peace   (01.09.13)
Why not pay the settlers and ask them to go back to where they came from.
10. To N 2, Chaim.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (01.09.13)
Dear Chaim, do you really think Arab Palestines will accept the solution that you suggested? I am sure they will not. There will be violent crashes, with deaths, wounds and a lot of dammages. Israel will be much criticized, for being "imperialist", and her awful enemies will enjoy it. Hence, don't disregard opinions of true friends, like me. It is very difficult, I am not naive, but the only solution is a good agreement, through firmness and patience. You are a glorious people, that have strong military forces and moral ones. Warm Salutes.
11. If I were Abbas
Sam ,   Texas   (01.09.13)
I wouldnt negotiate in good faith either....why would I? If I sensed I had momentum to take it all, then why talk with Israel? The UN, Iran, Europe, Hezbollah, Hamas, Turkey, Sudan, Egypt, jihadists everywhere are on my side for a great military, why talk? Talk will go nowhere, there will be war first to burst Abbas and the Arabs dreams of grandeur and taking Jacob's land yet again.
12. Both sides say the Sky Is Falling in
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.09.13)
order to get your vote. Here is the choice YOU need to make; Vote for those who will protect Israel or vote for those who want to give it away. The Pal's are going to do whatever they want, no matter who the PM is. The question is this, if a war breaks out again, who do you want commanding the forces? The one who concedes to their demands, or the one who stands up and says enough is enough and does something about it? Simple as that. The sky will always be falling.
13. Why those people don't take a absolute retirement
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.09.13)
How is possible to put out all exs Mosad and Generals as political abusers. Their mentality is not suitable for runing a complex society base on transparency, ,opening and respect to person other idea.
14. Elections or not, this sort of babbling nonsense should not
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.09.13)
happen. In a "normal" country these gentelmen (ex security heads) would know better, being Isrelis they think differently: in our political enviroment there's no sense of decency: only "wise-guy" attitude. Now they've became hired guns for the Lunatic Left plus some personal score-setting! Phew, what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. Hmmm... isn't this the guy who brought us ravishai aviv
Dani ,   TA -IL   (01.09.13)
yes it is... he was right on it and on other ant-democratic (better said, kgb-like) plays to demonize at least half of the jewish pipulation to push through some deal enabling the IL tycoons to conduct monkey business with pali, which was fianced by the eu and other creeps... he is the antisemtice eu's mouthpiece!
16. Talks ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.09.13)
There has been Talks for 40 Years now and, there has been Talks about Talks and, shall there now bee Talks about Talks about Talks ?. Arn.Sweden.
17. WHAAAAAT?????
Israeli   (01.09.13)
Who is PAYING this man off???? Compromise???? We GAVE the Palestinians land in the south and they USE this "compromise" on our part to SHELL our southern comunities! It is WE who have been doing ALL the compromising, and we get shelling for our efforts! Go back to bed old man!
18. " Hudna",makes nonsense of any Talks
Roland Seener ,   London England   (01.09.13)
19. He is right about one thing.
Uzzi Tal ,   Asdod, Israel   (01.09.13)
And thats the cowardly behaviour of Shelly Yachimovich. She pretends not to be left wing and ignores one of the most important issues facing us ie the peace process. At least Peri is honest enough to say what he stands for, and as the former head of a security branch he is well worth listening too.
20. Talks are the only solution
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.09.13)
Stating the obvious? Clearly the obvious isnt obvious enough the Messrs Abbas and Netanyahu PS: Came across an interesting message on SN yesterday from a Gazan Hamas Supporter (could have been a fighter) delighting in the new found 'quiet' between Gaza and Israel and the impact its had on his peace of mind and well being Well I suppose its better late than never
21. For talking there is no need for concessions
Ilan   (01.09.13)
Abbas wants to talk? That is news. Does anyone suggest that Netanyahu has said he will not talk to Abbas? It didn't happen that way.
22. They want the lot,not the results of "peace taljks"
Alan ,   SA   (01.09.13)
23. @15 actually no it isn't it was his successor
24. Peace talks?
Get Real ,   UK   (01.09.13)
Haven't they been talking for years? Is it not that Palestinian violence stems not from there being no progress in peace talks but from them not having Israel concede to all their pre-conditional demands?
25. militayy leaders wrong again
alexi   (01.09.13)
peri errs as did other military figures from barak, to dichter, to sharon, to dayan in 73. Arabs want nakba reversed and israelis out of tel aviv. Two state is fig leaf for reverseal of arab nakba. The palestinians are invented state, and refer to south syrian, egyptian and other arab state people and nothing less. 2 state will solve nothing. Bennett and eldad's formulae make eminent sense. Annex parts of judea and samarai and iinduce arabs to move to their home countries via compensation schemems. Levy says judea and samaria are legal land fo risraelis and do not belong to so called anyone else.. Military experience of some type is good for example olmert and livni have no combat experience and it hurts them as they do not understand forces or dfensible borders at all. But a stack of medals like barak has do nothing to make his judgments useful to the state. Barak was wrong about paintball guns on the marmora, wrong about not hitting syria, wrong about a mad dash out of lebanon, and wrong so far about assad's days being numbered. so far he is still there and may remain there for some time longer. Generals make lousy political lleaders and so peri's advice is next to worthless just as baidetz and ashkenazi suggested to giving the golan to assad.
26. #1 Rachel AMEN, AMEN AMEN!!!!!!
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.10.13)
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