Watch: Haredi soldiers rescue Palestinians from river
Yoav Zitun
Published: 09.01.13, 22:27
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2. Good!
Alistair ,   Scotland   (01.09.13)
Good PR for the IDF .Its good that the IDF did the right thing .Bravo from the left
3. Now lets see if Abbas has the balls to say
A ,   Belgium   (01.09.13)
thank you, Israel.
4. #2 - The IDF ALWAYS does the right thing
William ,   Israel   (01.09.13)
It's just often over-looked, either by accident or on purpose. The IDF follows the Jewish belief of saving a life regardless of who. This is but one of many, many stories. But your kudos is not lost on me. Thank you for it.
5. #3 - who cares what Abbas says....
William ,   Israel   (01.09.13)
It's the family we care about. Their lives are safe - that was the goal, and they already said thank you to the brave IDF soldiers.
6. Why does it matter: Haredi / Palestinian?
Dina S. ,   Canada   (01.10.13)
Why was it necessary to specify that the soldiers are from a Haredi unit or that the rescued are Palestinians. For Jews, all human life is precious. I would not have expected less from these soldiers. They are doing their job.
7. So poor.
Artur ,   Poland   (01.10.13)
You are very poor people if so amazed that man brought helpfull hand to another. So you're describing this "miracle". One need to see this story as a uman story, not something happened between Jews and Palestinians. You understand nothing. So there is really no hope for pece there. Poor people.
8. truth
Ben Franklin ,   U.S.A   (01.10.13)
and the world turns away because they knew they are wrong and dont want to see the truth, the good, this AF Unit 669 sounds a lot like the USAF Pararescue
9. It seems that only an act of GOD
Cynic #2   (01.10.13)
will bring Israelis and Palestinians together. So please GOD, do what is necessary to end this conflict.
10. #6 and #5
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (01.10.13)
This is really nice of the IDF. This is the type of news that needs to be flashed to bring out the humane nature of the IDF. William and Dina, mention of Haredi and Palestinian is important because it highlights that such cooperation is indeed possible. Kudos to the IDF and Ynet
11. #7 poor you , you have no understanding of the situation .
rachel ,   usa   (01.10.13)
12. Al Jazeera
Rblender ,   Chicago, USA   (01.10.13)
I wonder if the story made it onto Al Jazeera...
13. #6
Peace   (01.10.13)
Agree with you. it sshould not have been specified in the first place. Anyway thanks to those involved in the rescue effort. Hope both jews and arabs could live in peace together either in one or 2 states solution. Surely you would not want to inherit hatred and another war to your children and grand children.
14. is basic human decency so rare among israelis
15. Artur #7
R ,   Israel   (01.10.13)
No one here is "amazed" about it as this is not uncommon here. This is only one of many events involving cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians, such as the IDF and PA cooperating to save flood victims. We see these in our media and it gives us hope. The media abroad totally ignores anything good about Israel. You are the one who understands nothing.
16. Possibly
Gershon ,   London, UK   (01.10.13)
when Haredim do wrong you say it's because they are Haredi (NOT because they are human), but when they do right - suddenly they are "HUMAN" (not Haredim). you cant have it both ways. get it?
17. #7 you are wrong
Eli S ,   USA   (01.10.13)
I find it very appropriate to mention that jews saved palestinians. Why? when was the last time that you heard of a palestinian helping a jew? Taken in a different way, it was nice to see that even though both countries political echelons are adverse to each other (while really just the palestinians), its nice to see that people can still help people and thus appropriate to mention jew/muslim
18. 2
fool, this has nothing to do with pr at all. it has to do with israeli humanity and responsibility for each citizen or non citizen in the west bank that may be in danger. this is where israel is different than the palestinians.
19. of course IDF does the right thing
Barney ,   USA   (01.10.13)
without giving a second thought. the reason it is reported as so because would hamas, moderate fatah or hezbollah extended the same to an Israeli?
20. When danger comes upon us.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.10.13)
It doesn't matter what race is there to save us. We are our brother's keeper and there are those among us who hold fast to that creed. If we can learn to live with that creed, without immediate danger facing us, this world would be totally different. Well done to those who put their safety in danger in order to be someone else's keeper. Thank you !!
21. Effective Haredi unit
Israeli grandma   (01.10.13)
An example of the basic humanitarian values of Jews even when we are being warned of a possible "third intifada" by our Arab neighbours, this heartwarming story shows us what a Haredi unit can do.
22. #7 artur - so poor
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.10.13)
Because of the situation in the ME, and the enmity and hatred that it involves, it is necessary to describe any humanitarian action, even if people like you refuse to give Israelis credit where credit is due. You understand nothing. Poor artur.
23. #6
Alon David ,   LA   (01.10.13)
I think its a good thing to say that these soldiers were haredi. One thing about Israel that I think must change immediately is the local stereotypes that people have. The word haredi immediately brings the image of a hatemongering lazy bum sucking the life force of Israel from the rest of the people. But this article dispels that. Dont believe me that form of xenophobia exists. Wait a few days for more people to comment, you'll see that it exists. I applaud Ynet for trying to dispel it. Haredim and Non Haredim, are all Jews no more than the other. Its time both sides treat the other according. Ahavas Yisroel
24. palestinians did help
tovia ,   petach tikvah   (01.10.13)
to those who question if the palis would help israelis in a life threatening situation - during the carmel fire 2 years ago - the palis also sent us fireengines to help
25. would any haredi bashers like to comment?
zionist forever   (01.10.13)
26. Thank G-d lives were saved.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.10.13)
I hope this cooperation continues and that the pals will see that good comes from Jews.
27. Its a Miracle...
Uriel ,   Tel Aviv   (01.10.13)
IDF help Palestinians in occupied territories what spin..Why has Israel always got to pull the wool over its own eyes..?
28. I made a hot tea for my Arab garbageman this AM: news story?
L ,   Merkaz, Israel   (01.10.13)
Aw, it's nice to have some nice "human interest" GOOD news every once in a while. Especially that Ynet bothered to mention "Haredi" in the same sentence with anything positive at all. Miracles happen!
29. Israelis are always saving Arab lives
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.10.13)
However, You never this in the Antisemitc media in Europe and elsewhere. This story is not unique. Everyday Israelis help Arabs.
Tomi Budapest ,   Hungary   (01.10.13)
This story is absolutely normal at IDF. However what is strange that all those regular commentators who always write hostile and biased comments not only against the state of Israel but even against the Jewish people themselves , this time write nothing! This reflects their attitude, which is only motivated by pure hatred.
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