Mideast conflict's wallet
Eldad Beck
Published: 11.01.13, 00:34
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1. This is why
joseph ,   Australia   (01.11.13)
EU has long ago lost the chance of ever securing THE HOLY GRAIL of the Middle East Diplomacy, an Israel Palestinian Piece treaty. Eventually Israel will be able to force the EU to pay in the ICC for the damages that was caused to it by the EU destructive policy and secretive policies, and when the poor suffering EU members find out how much they have wasted for their own private vendettas.
2. Ho Hum...Old hat...
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (01.11.13)
How about making the world aware for change... Start at the UN.. Yes . Millions will put this down to the Jewish owned media.. the Jewish conspiracy... The rest of the world, who care for the future of their children, who are worried about the Islamic Caliphate that every true jihadi is trying to create MAY listen and think... Which is good for starters...
3. Exaggagerated Some Truth
Zechariah   (01.11.13)
The Dutch Police have been historically revealed to have played a disgusting role in rounding up Jews to the extermination camps but extremely painfully there where Jewish Police in the Ghettos whose behaviour was also disgusting.The problem is Jihadi Islam and Arab Nationalism in Extremely Feral Personality Types the Jews in Israel have a good share also.The Bullies the Clever and lucky ones make it to the Top Obama maybe is an exception and is regarded as a naive bungler who means morally well but has created a catastrophe.He is very lucky the Republicans are full of these Tea Party (what a stupid and uninspiring name) Really Unchristian PseudoChristians re Economic Policy at least for sure.
4. Freudian Projection...blaming EU for Israel's bad behavior
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.11.13)
5. Israel can & must stop destructive European interference.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
Europe attacks Jews and bows before tyrants. That is Europe's nature. So we should not be surprised by Europe's latest campaign against Israel. Nor should we tolerate it. Israel's leaders need to tell Europe, in no uncertain terms, to mind their own business. Israel also needs to stop pretending we accept the abominable Two State Final Solution.
6. Europe has been Jews' enemy for over 1000 years....
bob k ,   orlando usa   (01.11.13)
For 1000 years European Christians massacred and eventually extermintaed the Jews of Europe. The remnants were expelled and driven from country to country. The Christians told Jews where they could live, whether thay could own land, what work they could do. Israel, the Jewish state, has changed all of that. Jews control their own fate: where they live, what they do and how they defend themselves. That profoundly disturbs many Europeans at a deep, often unconscious, level who often remain deeply hostile to Jews. The consequence is that the Europeans are the gretaest supporters of the Palestinians: far more than the Arab / Moslem world, the U.S., Russia, Latin America. Any of whom could finance the P.A.
7. Hope the infitada breaks out in Europe full force.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.11.13)
I 'd buy tickets to watch the pals v. the european's. Either way, Jews win when they lose, and they both are losers. The Netherlands ( as all of europe ) is the body that feeds the maggots.
8. Europe is dis-honest & full of hatred towards Jews
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.11.13)
and towards Israel. Europe has not changed since the Crusades. Europeans used inquisitions, ghettoising Jews, blaming Jews for poisoning the wells, pacing responsibility on Jews for Bubonic plague, cruel pograms, and murderous Nazis. Europe now uses the pretext of providing " humanitarian " aid to the poor Arabs and Pal/Arabs as their " justification " for demonising Israel and Jews. The article above states the truth about Europe..
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.11.13)
europe has given birth to the most horrific ideologies in modern times, including fascism, marxism, nazism. europe has slaughtered millions of jews. it is unrealistic to assume that europe will not continue its antisemitic policies. europe would not lift a finger to save jews from a second holocaust. we well remember that europe, with the exception of portugal, refused to allow american military refueling rights on its soil during the yom kippur war, hence endangering the very existence of israel.
10. EU funding
Kieran ,   Belfast, Ireland   (01.11.13)
'According to official data, between the years 1994 (beginning of implementation of the Oslo Accords) and 2011 the EU transferred five billion euros to the Palestinians. Additional funds were transferred to the Palestinians by national and private European bodies in various frameworks.' During the same period, the USA has provided almost $51 billion to Israel to spend on arms and we know exactly how these arms have been used, to continue the illegal occupation of Palestine and to terrorise the peoples of Palestine and Lebanon.
11. Well said, Eldad. The question to Europeans is: What do you
Sabra Cadabra   (01.11.13)
think you're gaining? What have you gained? What have you lost?
12. Bibi protects the hostile donors
Tom W ,   USA   (01.11.13)
When Knesset members suggested to make a law to reveal the identity of the hostile donors and their Israeli 5th. column recipients, Bibi thwarted the bill. It speaks for itself.
13. to 10 Kieran
Francisco Scaramanga   (01.11.13)
Before lecturing others conflicts you can't properly understand, better truy to solve yours: the irish religious war.. people living in glass house shouldn' throw stones..
14. money for thieves
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (01.11.13)
EU money is not going to palestinian people. Most is stolen by their leaders and large sums is paid to police forces who opress the majority on people. They can never establiosh a state.
15. That is the heart of the issue; No change
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (01.11.13)
Economic plan in 1941 to dominate Europe laid in parallel to Nazi effort Same people who's agenda sent us to the gas ovens have executed the European project and support Arabs and Leftist atheists to finish the job. We can't put our lives in the hands of Obama , a rogue world leader, as the only way an objective mind can analyse his motivation and actions over time is that he is serving an anarchist agenda, and fulfilling Jeremy Wrights curses upon America Rand Paul must be right to suggest that Israel needs wean itself from dependence on US aid to clinch its full Sovereignty, and no longer needing to consider the $ subsidy before being able to act to freely defend itself against neighbouring threats usually interconnected with the interests of the USA and its politicians. Israel is inherently rich enough now, with technology, natural resources, and human capital to take this giant step if it really care about its future survival as a Jewish State
16. #10 please explain
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.11.13)
The Irish are victims of the English. The English stole Irish land and murdered Irish children. They set-up the RUC to do atrocities, and when the Irish tried to defend themselves, the "heroic" British army massacred them. This is exactly what the British did to us, stealing our land, importing Muslims settlers, arming them, and collaborating with them to ethnically cleanse us from our homes. Logically, the Irish should support the Jews against the British. Yet, Ireland is one of the most Israel-hating pro-Arab states in the world. Why is that?
17. interference
Nve R Again   (01.11.13)
Israel should be funding revolutionary groups in Europe, the Muslims in Europe need just as much help in murdering non Muslims as the Muslims in the middle east do.
18. Europe governments funding Palestinian
mat ,   uk   (01.11.13)
reasons they could be doing it anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, could be they are promised and getting contracts from arab countries if they carry on doing it & most likley they dont know what happens to the money with all the corruptions the Palestinian dont look starving what can E U get from the Palestinians But from Israel the world get hi tec, agriculture,medicene etc
19. # Irish are Catholics ; enough said
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (01.11.13)
20. Why am I not surprised?
Reuven   (01.11.13)
But Europe is going downhill fast. It will be living under vicious Sharia Law in the future, and non-Muslim Europeans will be living as Dhimmis, that is, if the Muslims permit them to live at all.
21. More to Gaza than rockets? Yes, terrorists!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
As for the EU, well, we must NEVER forget that they are the same people who persecuted Jews for centuries, the home pogroms and massacres and who stood by and even assisted the murdering of 6,000,000 Jews! Now, they have returned to the natural inbred hatred of Jews and Antisemitism is rampant, ably assisted by the Muslim world. As for Gaza, if Netanyahu had any leadership qualities he would close the border with Gaza and let the Jew hater Morsi deal with the Gazan problem! As for the EU, well, they can go to hell too!
22. The fact that these guys from the Dutch
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.11.13)
..' can't ' or don't want answer these questions stinks. Maybe they are as corrupt as their benefactors...PA and Hamas ..and have 'safe' partners for kick-backs. 5 billion Euros!!!!? Time to get on the paper trail back to Switzerland, Jersey, Lichtenstein eh, what.... Not an easy feat with these jackals
23. UNRWA Rejection of this Article
Chris Gunness ,   Jerusalem   (01.11.13)
The notion that UNRWA perpetuates the Middle East conflict is so old and baseless that I am amazed Ynet published this ill-thought out article. All internationally accepted paradigms for dealing with the ME conflict say the refugee issue must be resolved in the context of a political agreement concluded between the parties. It is the failure of the parties to achieve this that perpetuates the refugee question. The idea that it is in the interests of peace to defund a human development organisation that brings assistance to as many as five million disadvantaged people does not stand up to serious scrutiny. It is hardly surprising that the donor community and other responsible international actors are unconvinced by the absurdity of Mr Beck's analysis, which is politically motivated and intellectually deficient. UNRWA will continue, as mandated by the General Assembly, to bring relief to Palestine refugees until their plight is resolved in a peace agreement. We will continue to advocate that the plight of Palestine refugees is resolved in a manner that is based on international law and UN resolutions. Such a resolution, as is standard in refugee situations, should be consensual and based on consultation with the refugees themselves. Chris Gunness, UNRWA Spokesman
24. To #3 Zechariah!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (01.11.13)
Your ignorance astounds me! All the Tea Party is about is a limited and responsible government; and a belief in our Constitution (the way our founding fathers' wrote it and wanted it lived). Also, many are true Christians' who believe in God and the American Dream. They believe in the Judeo/Christian principles our country was founded upon, and not the socialistic utopia Obama wants to enact. In regards to those pseudo-Christians'--well, I'll put their salvation (Christ is the only way) against your lost godless soul, any day! So, it looks like to me...you're the fool, especially, your notion (from an earlier post) that the Arabs' can be reasoned with, and peace can be had by negotiating with these godless savages?! Again, your ignorance amazes me by its clueless nature! You're the true danger to Israel, along with the Islamic threat. True Christians (the small minority) are the only true friends Israel has--period! God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Christian Zionist
25. european aid to palestinians
milton Frank ,   qazir israel   (01.11.13)
you are ridiculous,even worse,because you are a lazy thinker,you qualify for ignorant
26. #23 it is a fact
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.11.13)
Only a racist or a moron can deny the fact that UNRWA DOES perpetuate the conflict, even the Arabs state it was set up to do that. So which category do you fit in? Care to name any other refugee group in the entire history of the world that had multi-generations? That refugeehood could be inherited? Bet you can't. UNRWA aids and abets terrorism, racism, ethnic cleansing and genocide. The UN is the most useless organization on the planet. It's majority are fascists, dictators, and theocracies.
27. 23 Chris Guness you are clueless
Ahmed ,   Istanbul   (01.11.13)
Fallacy of UNRWA -time to learn UNRWA is a LIE based on LIES Read this Excerpt: from this link http://www.meforum.org/2481/unrwa-at-60-better-alternatives Are UNRWA's Clients "Refugees"? Defining the populations to whom services are administered by UNRWA as "refugees" is in most cases both misleading and harmful to the search for a solution. UNRWA's refugee registration process was profoundly flawed from its inception, and the original mistakes have been compounded over the succeeding decades. In the beginning, to gain the status of a "protected refugee" and qualify for an UNRWA refugee ID card entitling the holder to benefits, applicants must have been resident in Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948 and to have lost both their homes and their livelihoods as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. UNRWA itself reports that its original registration figures are based on information voluntarily supplied by applicants primarily for the purpose of obtaining access to Agency's services and hence can't be considered statistically reliable "demographic data."[10] A simple declaration by the applicant was accepted as sufficient. UNRWA later granted benefits eligibility to the descendants of these self-declared 1948 refugees. As a result of these financial incentives, the number of putative "refugees" swelled from an estimated 914,000 in 1950 to over 5 million in 2009. UNRWA itself admits that the agency's "registration records do not necessarily reflect the actual refugee population owing to the factors such as: unreported deaths; false registration; and undetected absence from area of UNRWA operation".[11] Thus, for six decades, UNRWA's vast budget is based on enormously inflated numbers of clients that have never been refugees. It is important to acknowledge the fact that for decades, UNRWA has been evading the donors numerous requests to replace the 60-year old refugee ID cards with a new picture ID cards. Such a process would have required UNRWA to execute a census, a process that UNRWA never conducted. The census and the demand for the refugees to come to UNRWA's offices, be photographed and get a bone fide UNRWA ID card would have resulted in a big embarrassment for the agency. Most probably the majority of the "registered refugees" will turn up to be none existent or settled.
28. Ireland-England
Nelson ,   Roanoke Va   (01.11.13)
England took Irish people as slaves and sent 100,000's of Irish to America to be slaves and forced Irish women to breed with Africans,because English considered Africans more valuable than Irish as slaves..I know because my ancestors were Irish..The English should beg God's forgiveness,not that God will give it..
29. E.U disgusting policy
Raph ,   Raanana   (01.12.13)
Last comment of Baroness Ashton european union minister of foreign affairs: After a wave of 7 murders in Toulouse in march 2012,including three small children in a jewish school by a french-algerian killer, she expressed " her understanding for the motivation of the killer , given what happened in Gaza " !! So do not get puzzled that the european union funds so lavishely the palestinian propaganda machine.The european union deciders are a bunch of filthy jew haters who found very convenient to fund the PLO killers through the palestinian autonomy regime.That Israel still considers that phenomena as begnin indicates how strange are our leaders
30. #28. Interesting bit of information....
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.12.13)
...and rather DIRTY I would say! Well, good ole England will be paying a hundredfold for its misdeeds of the past. The average Brit knows that the Liberals have sold out the country to immigrants, particularly the muslim type. Already, indigenous Brits are a minority in Londanistan. The minority count-down so far: (1) Londonistan, (2) Leicester, (3) Luton, (4) Slough. Well, it seems like history is repeating itself somewhat because it sure looks like the Liberals in government value all manner of immigrants more than indigenous Brits.
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