2 terror cells exposed in West Bank
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 10.01.13, 17:46
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1. But can never find a terrorist that vandalizes or destroys a
Selected enforcement ,   USA   (01.10.13)
Christian church or Islamic mosque. No wonder more Americans are becoming anti-israeli.
2. #1 dumbell
arne ,   chicago usa   (01.10.13)
I don't quite understand what in hell you wrote. please explain
3. #2 What The haji Lover #1 is saying
Is Jewish Israeli Citizens are preforming arab vandelism against Christians (their Churches) and arab houses of Cult worship. It's A Anti-Semtic Statement !
4. #1 is all over this site spewing
rachel ,   Home again   (01.10.13)
all sorts of crap. He/she is saying that Israel and Israelis are racists against Christians and Muslims. Anyone who lives in the land for any length of time would be forced to see that Israel is much MORE tolerant than most western democracies and def. more than the neighbors in the area. Ride a bus or the light rail, walk the streets. You will see no apartheid. Go to Ramallah or even Shuafat and you WILL see it.
5. actually, more Americans are becoming pro-Israel every year
scott ,   winslow, AZ   (01.10.13)
Selective outrage and terror apologizing go hand-in-hand for Israel bashers
6. #1 good point
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.10.13)
You make a good point: every time someone draws graffiti on a mosque or church, the press and police scream Jews made a "price tag" operation, sometimes the police arrest some Jews, and at the end everyone is released and no one is charged. Do you know why? It is because there is never any evidence because the Jews are innocent. A good example is the attack on the mosque in Tuba-Zangaria. They blamed Jews, and at the end were forced to charge the Arab vandals who did it.
7. Call them what they are
Larry ,   Northridge, usa   (01.10.13)
The real fight against palestinian terrorists is not helped by calling a bunch of rock throwing vandals a terrorist cell. Such an exaggeration desensitizes the readers to the real threat, and causes the reader and the public to perceive a stone throwing teen even whe you are talking about the threat from a real murderous terrorist.
8. SE # 1- The destruction of mosques
Awad ,   USA   (01.10.13)
in Syria is done by the Muslims in Syria. The attack in Church of nativity in Bethlehem was done by Muslims in PA controlled area. The burning of churches and murders of Christians in Egypt is done by Muslims there.The destruction of mosques in Iraq is done by Muslims. The same in Libya.A very recent Gallup poll shows 70% of US supports Israel.
9. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
Welcome home Rachel, good to have you here.
10. #1 - what, more than the 13% already in America?
William ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
Despite their noise level, they're still over-shadowed by the 80% of Pro-Israel Americans.
11. Talk about exagerrated!
r cummings ,   uk   (01.11.13)
What a strange, lopsided lexicon Israel has contrived to justify itself. Occupied villagers throwing stones at occupying settlers become 'terrorists', while settlers shooting at villagers, beating them up, uprooting their olive groves, stealing their land and spraying graffiti on their places of worship are... err... just 'settlers'. Not terrorists, criminals, dangerous vigilantes, dismal thugs, as they would be, indeed are, described in the rest of the wide world outside Israel. Israelis deceive no one but themselves with this kind of twisted public hasbara and Orwellian double-speak.
12. #7 Very true
Get Real ,   UK   (01.11.13)
Definitions required (by the State/courts?) as to where vandalism ends and terrorism commences Potentially lethal rock throwing, especially at vehicles, should be regarded as attempted murder as should the throwing of molotov cocktails Culprits should be punished accordingly.
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