Fatah gunmen form new organization
Elior Levy
Published: 10.01.13, 21:02
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1. So Do These Masked Good Guys
Want their own country too?
2. Why Do All These Armed arab Groups
Always wear masks, is it because their Fugley or Ashamed or Both?
3. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.10.13)
And why do they have this thing about firing live ammunition into the air? Don't they understand that eventually, the bullet returns to earth, increasing in velocity as it falls?
4. Fatah
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.10.13)
Let us recap: 1) Gaza is Hamas-STAN. 2) Judea & Samaria is PA-STAN. 3) Part of Judea & Samaria is Fatah-STAN. 4) Jordan is Palestine. Whatever next! Islamic Jahad-STAN?!
5. Future Scenaria
Zechariah   (01.10.13)
A Demilitirized Palestinian State of five million within parts of Judea and Samaria Even the Russians and Chinese could not Disarm without mass imprisonment and expulsion .
6. Hard Choices
Felix ,   Germany   (01.10.13)
"...and left them with the choice of either living with dignity or dying with dignity." well that´s a taff one!
7. Fatah Gunmen
Mark ,   Pasadena, USA   (01.11.13)
These guys don't look like they are living in an open air prison like the rest of the world likes to portray. They are all wearing leather jackets, hip blue jeans, and the latest sneakers. What is most galling is that they all walk around in broad daylight firing their weapons. Most people in the world have to go to work while these jerks get loaded up on freebies from Emirates, U.S. and U.N.
8. Abu Mazen
Chino ,   U.S.A   (01.11.13)
Is preparing for a third intifada and he does not want to be the face. Backdoor contingency plan...
9. This is the future of Palestinian territories
C2 ,   Aus   (01.11.13)
Weak Goverment will result in weak control of the land under thier control Resulting in less freedom of expression and the suppression of population under the PA control Because of this kind of people who call themselves freedom fighters Palestinian will never enjoy good life with the existence of such fighters among them West bank will be better of being part of full Israeli control if israel treat Palestinians equally like the way it's treating its Jewish citizens Palestinian should think wisely which side is good for them
10. Cowards
man ,   world   (01.11.13)
Never be afraid of guys who shoot to the sky and don´t show their face... they are just cowards hiding behind kids...
Micheal ,   Ramallah   (01.11.13)
Simply a bunch of losers celebrating the snow! No one needs to worry
12. Masked terrorists "dignity'?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.11.13)
Since when do criminals have 'dignity'? They should be shot on sight.
13. More gaza gang-bangers
Ezra ,   San Diego   (01.11.13)
14. Fatah Gunmen
jayemmay ,   Detroit, Michigan   (01.11.13)
Amazing! After all these years there are still refugee camps. It is a dim outlook for progress.
15. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!
NS ,   Long Island, NY, USA   (01.11.13)
Do these idiots not realize that when you fire a weapon in the air in a closed area that the bullets can come down anywhere? Lets recap; bullets that go up must come down on something or someone.
16. Glory be
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
what fun 2013 holds for us. ''army of free macho fighters'' all dressed in jeans with their faces covered,holding their weapons. Do we laugh or cry?
17. wow these bunch of terrorist look like swat and they are
JOE ,   KFAR SABA ISRAEL   (01.11.13)
cowardly masked like any pal terrorist but if they are so men show your self who u are !!!more garbage on the ground to clean PALESTINIAN ORGANIZATION EQUALS = TERRORISTS BLOODSUCKERS KILLERS END
18. Not another set of initials to
Get Real ,   UK   (01.11.13)
familarise ourselves with! Will they join the National Unity Brigades? AFF support Abbas and Fatah. Abbas is President of PA PA/PA security forces are confiscating weapons/targetting Fatah members. Help, I really am confused.
19. Powerful propaganda that clip
Cameron ,   USA   (01.11.13)
No wonder we Yanks wind up backing the Israelis instead of those Arab fools. Nothing but punk-ass Muslims wandering about with automatic weaponry & firing off ammo. Always the same stupid imagery, sooner or later, no matter where you look in the Arab community. Always barbarians at the end of the day they is.
20. #2 +#3
joemoer ,   israel   (01.11.13)
this is the same group of people who are being subsidized by the eu and forever saying how poor they are and that they have no food....with the average price of an m16 going at between 800$ and 16,000 $ and the average price of a bullet at about 25 american cents something does not add up...every 4 bullets could probably pay for a hot meal a day ...29 bullets in a m16 magazine...enough to feed a person for a week....and these are just shot in the air to celebrate
21. World's first anarchic state.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.11.13)
In every normal states, armed groups are first dispersed, then members sent to prison. But not in the "State of Palestine" where anarchy, corruption and crime rule. Anybody think seriously to negotiate with these pirates ?
22. Yup! The face of the new State of Fakestine where...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.11.13)
armed terrorists roam the streets freely shooting off their guns in the air with face fully covered - all with the blessings of the UN and fully financed by Europe and the US. In this new state, anybody can openly form a new terrorist group and be assured of protection by the government as long as they say they support Abbas.
23. #2 I will take you a bet......
Ivan ,   South Africa   (01.11.13)
that these guys are most probable all still wearing nappies as well...
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.11.13)
Rapists, robbers, terrorists all wear masks not that complicated.
25. Alphabet Soup
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.11.13)
Campbells should come out with a new version version of "Alphabet Soup" featuring the Farsi alphabet. Add milk and go BOOM!!
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