US Congress to debate visa exemption for Israelis
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 11.01.13, 08:54
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1. Not all Israelis are Jews
Israeli Watchdog ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
The mindset of assumes that is will be safe because it will be peace loving Jews that will be the only ones entering the US. Think again. Many of the Israeli population are Arabs, many have relatives in Gaza and Judeaa/Samaria (West Bank). It's bad enough that Obama has ended the restrictions of Saudi's entering, push come to shove, you know whom they will side with if America goes war, or they might not even need an excuse to terrorize. Prob is, US doesn't profile, so anyone can come in. This is not a bigoted opinion. It's realistic caution and safety.
2. #1 Bigot
Sol ,   Champaign   (01.11.13)
That is bigotry. You can't say the n word and not be a racist. You can't say the holocaust never happened and not be an antisemite. You can't say Arabs are terrorists without being a racist. Ever heard of Baruch Goldstein?
3. Everything has been said
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (01.11.13)
Israel's insistence on stricter security checks for Palestinian-US citizens entering the Jewish state. There is no doubt that Israel is practicing discrimination by profiling people according ethnic and religion. It is so obvious when an Israeli Jew manage to fly with bullets in his bag without being bothered when people like me have to be searched in underwear...
4. I too would err on the side of caution
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.11.13)
It's not that hard to get a visa even though 3+% fail.
5. Bad idea !
Paul ,   IL   (01.11.13)
MANY Israelis wish to work illegally in the US. Many have tried it in the past, I mean thousands, and some are working illegally as we speak. I suppose that was the reason visa restrictions were put in the first place. At these times of economic crisis and unemployment, the last thing we need is tens of thousands more foreigners working illegally on US soil by making entrance to America easier.
6. Not so urgent
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.11.13)
after 65 years of visa obligation. Be a little bit patient and no more visas are required from the Estados Unios Americas and the government of Sioux Republic. Maybe the Gumhuriya Al America will need visas from israeli visitors.
7. No1 can you remind me who's persona non grata on us soil?
Yes that's right! A Jew!
8. Number 3, you dont say!!
Brett ,   JHB South Africa   (01.11.13)
Considering a third of the world wants Israel and the Jews wiped off the map, i dont care that people might be offended when being questioned. I went to Israel last month and thankfully, they question me just like everyone else so i can rest assured i have a good chance of not being murdered by one of the third you think shouldnt be questioned. Your remarks are for want of a better phrase, stupid and naive. Shabbat Shalom.
9. #7? You live in Greater Brooklyn Ghetto or Crown Heights?
miki ,   tampa   (01.11.13)
10. Brett, in which world are living in?
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (01.11.13)
Maybe you don't know it but a third of the world wants at least the UK, the US and France wiped out from the world... Strangely those same countries manage to check anyone flying in a d out without practicing profiling and discrimination (since it would be illegal). Then again, how do you explain that an Israeli Jew manage to fly out from Israel with bullets in his bag? Controls are fine and needed but either you control everyone or you don't.
11. #2 good to hear
You can't say the N word without being a racist? Does that make Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z racists? And what does it say about Obama who lapped up these guys' support?
12. US 'demands' ( WTH?) they (pals) be subjected to the same
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.11.13)
security checks as any American citizen. They aren't 'any' American citizen are they? If they call themselves 'pals' they have chosen a title of a place and a people that doesn't exist and, Israel, of all nations, must be more than vigilant re: 'pals' who enter Israel for 'malice aforethought' acts of terror, from whatever lands they enter. Now, the real question is, why are the 'pals' from another land being so coddled by obama while our ally, Israel, is still being faced with yahoo's making 'demands' that are not only unreasonable, their unrealistic and downright abrasive and crude.? obama is not only not Israel's friend, he's become ( or, was he always?) a bully?
13. #3 agree
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.11.13)
You are right! What kind of BS is it that Muslim American citizens should undergo strict security checks? Imagine how tragic it would be if American citizens like Richard Reid, Carlos Bledsoe, Colleen LaRose and Major Nidal Hasan had to undergo strict security checks. We should let them through. What's the worst that could happen?
14. No13 so you support discrimination against Muslims?
Because according to your stupid post you do
15. The Democrats still control the Senate so it will fail again
zionist forever   (01.11.13)
16. 3
zionist forever   (01.11.13)
Racial profiling works and has been proven to work. Its also not only arabs who have trouble. I am an olleh from the UK and last year I was visiting family and on my way back to Israel the security gave me hell. I gave them both British & Israeli passports, I spoke hebrew. They asked me lots of questions the usual but then others like what did I do in the army where was I inducted. I think the only question I couldn't answer was what my bar mitzvah piece which I didn't know because it was a long time ago. It was a very early morning flight so I was very tired which may have made them think something was wrong but I explained that to them. Two different members of security spoke to me sometimes both giving me the third degree. Eventually they let me through although the took my hand luggage to put in the hold because they wanted to check that and told me to be at the gate when it opened. Well went to the gate when it opened and I was taken in the back room where I was searched ( had to pull my pants down and all ) and a bottle of whiskey I had bought at the duty free was also taken to go into the hold. When they were finished a member of security took me straight onto the plane and sot my seat. This took place on the British side not at Ben Gurion where you expect the stricter security. So its not just arabs who get security problems. I have done professional security work before ( not sitting outside supermarkets ) so I have been trained properly and still I couldn't work out why I was considered so suspicious I got such a hard time. At the same time I am not angry with them because this kind of thing potentially saves lives, you just have to look at 9/11 to see the need for harsh security.
17. To #5 Paul in IL
Gershon Reed ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (01.11.13)
Dear Paul, Yes, there are Israelis working illegally in the US. Yes, occassionally Israelis are guilty of smuggling drugs. But have you ever heard of an Israeli drug cartel? Or an Israeli gang in LA? Or Israelis bleeding the social security system? Illegally voting? Committing violent crimes? You should take care of the illegal Mexican problem before you start worring about the illegal Israeli working at the mall selling Dead Sea products or working for a moving company.
18. 5
zionist forever   (01.11.13)
You think having to apply for a visa before the can come to the US is going to stop somebody who wants to come to the US to work. All they need to do is apply for the visa which they will have no trouble doing fly to the US and vanish. If Mexicans are not deterred by US border security who will shoot them if they need do you think an Israeli wanting to work in the US illegally will be deterred by something as simple as a visa? If he gets caught worse that will happen is he will do a little jail time although nothing heavy and then sent back to Israel and never allowed into the US again. A visa is not much of a deterrent to stop people entering to work illegally is it?
19. #14 what?
20. #13 why stupid?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.11.13)
Why is my post stupid? Please do explain. And what makes you say I support discrimination, when I do not? I said that Muslim Americans should not undergo unusual security checks. Do you agree with me that nothing could go wrong if they are not checked? Or do you disagree, and demand that Muslim Americans should be checked, making you a racist? Or are you, in fact, saying that since Muslim Americans are a high-risk group they should undergo more intense scrutiny, but since political correctness trumps anything including survival, we should live with exploding airplanes?
21. as if we need more spies
Joy ,   NJ   (01.11.13)
22. Bigotry or no bigotry
Maxim ,   USA   (01.11.13)
No nation on earth should compromise on it's national security. End all your childish arguments on this post. National security=the safety of your family, your home, your country. NO COMPROMISE!!!
23. #2 your blind
Israel Watchdog ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
Take your head out of the sand. No, I'm not bigoted! I have mor Arab friends than you probably know. You on the other hand need a good education into the Islamic jihadists plans.
24. #21 We need more security guards
Ron ,   US   (01.12.13)
25. #17
You mean illegal Dead Sea products, don't you?
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