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Blow to Assad: Jihadists seize key air base
Roi Kais, AP
Published: 11.01.13, 14:29
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1. Even the Syrians agree both sides are as bad as each other
zionist forever   (01.11.13)
Both sides are brutal and don't care about the people or the country they care about seizing power for themselves and just pretend to care about the people. For the rest of the world its better if Assad the mad enemy we know stays in power than a collection of different groups including Al Quaida without anybody to control them. Look at Iraq different groups killing indiscriminately whilst in the old days under Saddam people did disappear sometimes and everybody lived in fear but there was order and provided they played by Saddam's rules they could enjoy life. Now you can't cross leave your home without being certain that you might get shot or killed by a bomb and this is potentially what Syria risks becoming when Assad is gone. The man was no angel but before he went on the rampage he was pretty good as far as dictators go and most people were content.
2. Al Qaeda and jihadists
sam ,   colorado-USA   (01.11.13)
Some Western and Arab countries has armed Syrian opposition against his regime, If Bashar al-Assad fell, Do you know what's the alternative? Al Qaeda and jihadists, do you want it
3. It's all good, #2
Cameron ,   USA   (01.11.13)
Syria as a poison state is rendered null, and Baathists & Islamists are offing eachother every day. By ME standards, it is a win-win scenario. Need to keep those 2 snakes trying to devour the other for as long as possible....keep the game going.
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