Palestinian killed by IDF gunfire near Hebron
Elior Levy
Published: 12.01.13, 22:53
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1. Wait
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.13)
He was on his way to Israel to work? Then why cut the fence? Presumably he had papers. No. He didn't have papers, and he wasn't on his way to Israel to work. He cut the fence because he had no papers, wasn't interested in working and had other plans -- plans of a terrorist nature. The soldiers were right to shoot to kill. This terrorist disobeyed direct orders to stop. He got exactly what he deserved.
2. Who cares??
American! ,   USA   (01.12.13)
If they try to infiltrate the country shoot them !!!
3. unfortunate however terrorism
Barney ,   USA   (01.12.13)
necessitated a fence in the first place. This is why it is called a "security" fence. If any Israeli ends up in the wrong place they are lynched by the arabs so hard for them to complain.
4. Palestinians trying to make a 3rd Intifada
David ,   Israel   (01.12.13)
Without a tragedy of someone dying innocently at the hands of the IDF, they can't garner support locally or internationally. They will keep trying again and again because a Palestinian will be happy to sacrifice his life to be seen as a hero and cause of the next intifada. hopefully our troops will be smart enough to see it coming with each attempt.
5. blood hungry idf as usual UNARMED
6. pal shot on way to work
ng216 ,   milw,usa   (01.12.13)
gee; whenever i'm on my way to work i don't feel the need to FLEE from the police. of course, if i was doing something i could get arrested for then, yes, i would run.
7. Pathetic IDF
Me   (01.12.13)
Shooting an unarmed civilian fleeing, typical of this "army"... And the three Americans comments are typical of the kind of people appeasing and supporting this appallingly inhuman and criminal behavior... What a disgrace to humankind...
8. Work: suicide bomber.
ROSENVALD ,   BRAZIL   (01.13.13)
9. #7 YOU - With no name.
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.13.13)
HE was out of order so are YOU!
10. #1 YOU WAIT
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (01.13.13)
Wait until someday your kid gets lost or confused and accidentally trespasses, or maybe parties too much and ends up lost, or walks into the wrong situation at the wrong time, or panics when the cops call him out...and somebody drills them through the head with a 9 mm in "self-defense" and we'll see how righteous you are then. Your bloodthirsty approach and abject cruelty to all who aren't in your tribe is a testament to your inhumanity. If this kid was armed or wired the entire world would have heard about it by now so don't tell me about his evil conspiracy.
11. #10
joemoer ,   israel   (01.13.13)
please dont lecture us on how to survive or paint a picture of how your life runs in seattle this part of the world we are not playing a game ..we are trying to survive and when someone tries to breach a security fence we dont think that he is returning home from an all nite rave with his drugged out mates...we see it as it is ..that he is trying to breach a security fence to do us see we live constantly with this terror and have many examples of unarmed people cutting a security fence and murdering complete families while they are please keep your advice for your seattle friends
12. ***Sarah*** at 1, RIGHT !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.13.13)
13. #10 Frank -el
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.13.13)
Dear Frank, Not fair to compare ME, in particular on the borders between Arabs & Israel at a time of uncertainty and upheavel such as now with peace time in USA, is it? The soldiers issued a halt and the guy disobeyed and faced the consequences. Besides in good old USA where I spent 10 years working recently a person getting shot by cops for not stopping is a frquent occurance. I witnessed it for myself when I was drinking tea and playing a game of chess with a friend, a guy passed us in a hurry followed by a couple of cops. 2 minutes later the guy was dead, shot by the cops and he had no guns on him. Please lecture your own citizens in your own schools and stop being a racist. You blog with a venom.
14. Security fence breach
Get Real ,   UK   (01.13.13)
Too many Israelis have been murdered or maimed in the past by there not being a prompt response to the armed terrorist or suicide bomber.Security fence breaches are a lethally threatening matter to Israelis and having fired warning shots the infiltrator failed to halt and left the IDF, not knowing the intent of the infiltrator, with no other alternative than to fire further,
15. Palestinian killed
Edouard ,   Canada   (01.13.13)
No reson to even ask to stop Anyone who is trying to cut the fence should be shot without any warning
16. To #10 Frank
David ,   Israel   (01.13.13)
Unfortunately the frequency of Palestinians illegally crossing "wired" or armed to purposely and indiscriminately kill Israeli civilians is far too common. Unfortunate event but the death of this person only occurred because of the protocol which was in place because of previous people like him who were only seeking to kill not work. Being a former soldier familiar with this he had plenty of calls to stop in Hebrew and Arabic including gunfire in the air before his legs were fired upon.
17. 10 All he had to do was stop.! Terrorists attempt to
infiltrate all the time Suicide bombers pick up their packages later. Comparing the hostile border to the USA is as absurd as it is illogical but completely consistent with the apologists who ignore everything the Arabs say and do.
18. So Sad
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa, FL   (01.13.13)
I keep on reading readers comments on the myriad of topics in Y-Net. Each side has blinkers on. Each side twists facts and opinions and no-one is really willing to enter into meaningful dialogue. Having said that I must also say Am Yisrael Chai. I am beginning to believe that god is alive, she's black and living in Argentina with all the other war criminals. Wait a second did I say G-d? I meant Allah. In Peace, Love , and Friendship. I'm so glad I am not cynical.
19. To#10
Izzman ,   USA   (01.13.13)
You comments are not realistic. This is not a KiD he was a 22 year old. That disobeyed orders to stop! Ofcouarse you don't have rules. You can't argue the fact Israel has created a fence for security reasons, and their are entry points into the State of Israel. Your accusations that the IDF did something wrong is insane. Remember this 22 year old broke rules and tried to enter Israel illegaly.Soon you will dream up a story he could'nt read the signed directing Arabs to enter Israel, so he decided to break an entry into the Country so he can go to work. This Kid is not 11 or 12 he was 22 and well aware of what he was doing. Israelis have kids that begin to serve the army and secure the State of Israel at the age of 18. Stop the incitement and begin to look at the facts and how he lead himself to his own death. Look at the facts not Stories. The Izzman USA.
20. shoot a unarmed man
rivka ,   tel aviv   (01.13.13)
IDF, why did you shoot this man dead? he was unarmed. what says that your life is worth more, what give you the right to shoot a man dead?
21. #7 No, the disgrace to humankind
Get Real ,   UK   (01.13.13)
are those Palestinian terrorists whose acts of terror have resulted in the murder and maiming of tens of thousands of people.
22. #7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.13.13)
It's not like they didn't give the guy plenty of warning. Do you think the IDF has X-ray eyes and can see who is armed and who isn't? Have you ever heard of concealed carry? The IDF gave this guy more opportunities to stop than most other countries militaries would.
23. #10
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.13.13)
Wait until someday your kid gets lost or confused and accidentally trespasses, or maybe parties too much and ends up lost, Where in the article does it say this guy was lost or accidently cut his way through a fence? Poster #1 wouldn't clutter up the gene pool with the sort of children you describe. Were you drunk when you wrote that post?
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