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Netanyahu, Olmert at loggerheads
Published: 13.01.13, 09:44
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1. Nah its Lapid
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (01.13.13)
2. Why does Bibi not ignore a crimianl ?
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.13.13)
3. The real Bibi escapade.
Combover ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (01.13.13)
Is his pathetic and hallucinatory attempt to cover up his almost totally bald head.
4. That's a new one
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.13.13)
When Netanyahu visited the United Kingdom last year, he and his wife didn't spend the entire time shaking hands and making deals. There were theatre visits, meals in the finest restaurant, and Sarah visited the shops with gusto. Make no mistake Netanyahu used the supposed threat from Iran as an excuse, an excuse not to deal with the two state solution, an excuse not to deal with the social issues affecting Israel, an excuse not to overhaul the military, an excuse not to do anything in particular that required making a decision. Meanwhile Iran is still a nuclear state, Holocaust survivors are still starving on the streets of Israel, the numbers leaving is forever increasing and Israel faces further isolation on the International Stage. Netanyahu even picked the wrong side during the United States election, and we have yet to see that pan out, but that is going to bite us (Obama is not facing re-election) Netanyahu has proved to be a nightmare, a disaster for the Israeli people
5. # 4
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (01.13.13)
Yes indeed Sarah. Every word you wrote is true and relevant. The problem is that all the ostriches are still not listening.
6. Whose side is Olmert on?
Brod ,   USA   (01.13.13)
Instead of defending Israel, he is helping external forces undermining Israel's government.
7. Olmerts laying the ground work for a political comeback
zionist forever   (01.13.13)
For some reason Olmert still has alot of supporters and for some reason is considered trustworthy PM material still. With the Holyland issue so close to the election he decided best to not run this time but next time he will probably form his own party mostly made up of former Kadima voters. If he wants to make his comeback he needs to stay in the public eye and act like voice of the opposition so nobody forgets about him so I think over the next 2-3 years we will sadly be hearing much more from this crook. As for his accusations, true or not true but Olmert knows full well that what the PM must do can change from one day to the next and one day a plan might have been considered and preperations made but then something else happened so those plans got shelved. This is just mischief making because Olmert wants to be the PM in 2-3 years time.
8. The pot(z) calling the kettle black?
ky   (01.13.13)
9. 4
zionist forever   (01.13.13)
Even if he wasn't shaking people's hands I am sure Netanyahu had plenty of in depth talks with David Cameron even if the news was more interested in his shopping trips & eating habbits. Out of all the business governments do its probably 10% at best that ever becomes public knowledge the rest stays behind closed doors. As for Iran Netnayahus biggest problem is Obama because his hands are tied by the fact Israel relies on the US for political & military support so American wishes are always taken into consideration and we have no idea what Obama told Netanyahu to do. Even if Obama gave Netanyahu the green light how do you know what the expert advisors had to say? There are issues to consider like do we have the capability to do it with the weapons we have, how much damage will we do etc. How do you know nothing was done remember the assassinating of Iranian scientists and computer viruses to sabotage things? Its easy to be an armchair general but its not so easy to be the man who makes the choices. Do you have a better alternative to Netanyahu who can solve all the problems he couldn't? Livni, Lapid, Shelly, Bennet or maybe Eli Yishai?
10. No shame Olmert
abe4u ,   Migdal Haemek -Israe   (01.13.13)
Olmert can talk ? He is the one, together with Livni and Peretz who brought shame on Israel with their handling of the Second Lebanon war. He is the one who was found guilty in court of misappropiating Public funds and taking bribes. He is utterly shameless, and disgusting.
11. Gaza pullout and hallucinatory escapades
ma nishma ,   modiin   (01.13.13)
If the Gaza pullout under Sharon and Olmert do not qualify as 'hallucinatory escapades' I can not figure out what will. No one in their right mind could forcebly remove people from their lawfully inhabited residences, beat them, and abandon them to the worst barbaric police/IDF treatment ever witnessed and for what? Rockets from Gaza, more rockets from Gaza and soon after Hamas builds up will have bigger rockets that can hit TA. So, Mr. Olmert, who suffers from hallucinatory escapades? You or Bibi? In this case I think Olmert wins the decision.
12. 11
zionist forever   (01.13.13)
The Gaza pullout was a gamble that didn't pay off. Getting rid of Gaza kept Bush quiet on other issues and fact was no Israeli government on the right or left wanted Gaza, 8000 Jews surrounded by 1 million arabs, cost a fortune to protect them. Logic was give up Gaza which we don't want and get other concessions from Bush in exchange. Unfortunately its a gamble that didn't pay off but if it had worked people would be praising Sharon for the Gaza pullout. Sharon's Kadima was going to be a rightist party which would take the land Israel needs for its security and economic needs and give the rest to the arabs for their state. Sharon had his stroke before it could be established as the right wing party it was intended to be and Olmert turned it into a leftist party and also put the people with the wrong qualifications into the wrong jobs. Peretz had never even served in the army but he was made DM. Livni had no experience as a senior minister but she was given responsibility for one of the most important posts. Yuli Tamir Olmert allowed this far leftist to add nakba to schoolbooks and even remove some aspects of zionism.
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