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Shas: Netanyahu cut a deal with Center bloc
Akiva Novick
Published: 13.01.13, 12:51
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1. It's only the "undecided" 18% who can bother to believe ANY-
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.13.13)
THING ANYONE is saying these days. By the way: how on Earth can one stay undecided that late in the game?? It's 2013 for Pete's sake!
2. #1 undecided means
Undecided means can't pick between Likud or Mafdal can't pick between Livni or Lapid won't answer (usually Likud voters)
3. This is not about who the electorate want in power
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.13.13)
It is purely about tactical voting.There are 34 potential parties for 120 seats. Remember Livni got more votes last time but was unwilling to prostitute herself politically by joining forces with extremist settler and religious parties.However Netanyahu had no qualms about doing so ,then allowing the tail to wag the dog in order to be top dog.There does not seem to be a way to make your vote count unless you are extremely right wing.If this is not the case,will someone please enlighten me.
4. if this is true
the mad zionist ,   San Francisco   (01.13.13)
then I'm excited. I don't have anything against the religious at all. I grew up in an orthodox home. but I've never been too fond of the religious parties and im all for a more moderate coalition. even though I think Netanyahu has led a moderate government allot of the times. obviously there were times when it wasn't. but who is shas kidding anyways, they join every coalition because better perks on.the innie than the outtie. but I have no issues with livni not joining, she would figure out a way to stab Netanyahu in the back. but I like lapid. I think he's going to become a force along with bennett in the future. I don't really see too many other rising stars in the IsraelI politixsphere. lapid is a little rabid towards the religious though
5. no bad news in that headline
StevieT ,   USA   (01.14.13)
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