Syria: Worst is yet to come
Riccardo Dugulin
Published: 14.01.13, 19:43
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1. Nothing new under the sun: Karma is a bitch!!
Genuine Moshe   (01.14.13)
2. "hardly controllable"
Cameron ,   USA   (01.14.13)
The decisive factor right there. The passions & fanaticism must play itself out. The overriding priority is to remain watchful, & away from overt involvement.
3. 2
zionist forever   (01.14.13)
I agree the world should stay out of it not get dragged into another Iraq but everybody knows beyond doubt there are WMDS and they must be destroyed. Assad has them secure but when he goes and fanatics take over and start what happens to them? Will they fall into the hands of Hezbollah or Al Quaida, will they use them against each other in their fight for power? Can't threaten sectarian factions & terrorist groups the way you can Assad what will happen if he uses them. The WMDS must be destroyed if possible peacefully by UN inspectors not then by bombing by either the US or if Obama doesn't want to get involved then Israel. After that leave them to kill each other as long as it takes for them to get their act together until they decide its time to stop not western powers or even other arab leaders because civil wars need to reach an end naturally can't call for a ceasefire.
4. Deficient analysis
Tambour ,   eilat   (01.14.13)
Regional power grab fought on behalf of Russia in wake of USA retraction: Iran empowered by USA empty threats since 1979, in pact with Russia, the key actor on the stage Proxy war may last 20 years till it plays out .. Messy..Ugh
5. Riccardo, that's the Middle East
Marco ,   Spain   (01.15.13)
Ethnic cleansing will happen in Syria regardless of the involvement of Jihadists. It has forever been this way in the region as long as the population is even remotely Islamic. Solution: Get rid of Islam altogether and there may be a chance for a positive change.
6. this much is certain...
mark ,   usa   (01.14.13)
The maxim that there are no atheists in fox holes is a strong observation that plays into the hands of jihadists over the long term of this conflict. Assad's cynical threat to use chemical weapons, has hamstrung the international community ability to force Assad's downfall early in the conflict, and has made it almost certain that the post Assad Syria will be a failed state on Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Israel borders rip for terrorists actions on par with Yugoslavia ethnic cleansing. If it wasn't so pathically tragic,I would say this was intended outcome from the start and the reason for Assad's Ba'athist brutal repression of uprising. To force the genie out of the bottle to speak. The unknown is not going to be the whens whys wheres or how's but ifs. That is, is international community going to go into Syria before Assad govt falls and say while you still have controlled of these chemical stock piles and you mustcan surrender them because the outlooks bleak.
7. Assad more ruthless than Hitler.
Kafantaris ,   USA, Ohio   (01.15.13)
"Syrian authorities were engaged in 'a systematic campaign' to hamper medical care through bombing and closing hospitals and intimidating, torturing and killing doctors who help the wounded." And we thought Hitler was bad.
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