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Palestinian prime minister urges Arabs to pay pledged aid
Associated Press
Published: 14.01.13, 00:14
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1. Do they think "operating costs" of terror are peanuts!?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.14.13)
This shows one, that Arab League cannot be trusted; unlike the Jewish state, that will supply electricity, water, tax-money, concrete, iron NO MATTER WHAT!! Het, "Minister": stick with the Zionists! God forbid "Authority" should go belly up!
2. Paleztinian state = failed state
Shep ,   Memphis, tn-USA   (01.14.13)
3. It is just Amazing!
joseph ,   Australia   (01.14.13)
They still haven't learned the Arab world only uses their 'victim hood' as a deflection of their own failed policies, but have no intention of paying them. The Pals would have been far better looking towards Israel for employment and economic growth like prior to OSLO when people from even Gaza worked together with me in Tel-Aviv.
4. Beggar nation
real vision ,   usa   (01.14.13)
No shortage of chutzpa by the palestinian arabs asking for more handouts. Maybe they should be required to return something of value for all the billions they want. After all they already received billions and hardly a thanks was given. A most ungrateful people
5. They should ask Hamas to foot the bill.
Yossi ,   Tel Aviv   (01.14.13)
That means less rockets......for Tel Aviv
6. Fayyad's lies
Anshel ,   Canada   (01.14.13)
Enough is enough, Fayyad should stop lying. The 100 million withheld by Israel is for the unpaid electrical bills. Pay for your electricity on time, like most of the customers do in Israel. Or in the alternative, ask Jordan to provide you with the electricity. It seems that for the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), the Zionist electricity is good enough, as long the don't have to pay the providers.
7. Who Needs Collaborators?
Joyce ,   Manassas, VA   (01.14.13)
Why should other Arab countries contribute to the occupation? Abbas and Fayyad need to both go away and let new leaders take over. The Palestinian security forces need to start working for the Palestnians.
8. history has shown that the arabs
Barney ,   USA   (01.14.13)
pledges to the palestinian arabs mean nothing. why would they want to give them money when they have kept them in refugee camps for so long? their only value to arab countries is a weapon against Israel.
9. Come on Palestinians, beg for more money
Eyal ,   usa israel   (01.14.13)
That's all you've been doing for the last 20 years. Relying mostly on EU, US money. Even those Saudis with all their oil money don't help you. Funny how Arabs always promise, but never delivers. Just shows how fake these people are.
10. Getting interesting.
leo ,   usa   (01.14.13)
11. You Gota Pay to Play.
izzman ,   USA   (01.14.13)
The Arabs want a country! I want a Yacht.. But if i cant aford it, then its not time to buy a Yacht. To want a country! You have to be able to run it first. Lets not make irrasional decisions. If the Arabs recognize Israel as a Jewish State and if Israel and the Arabs make peace, then what?? How is this new country going to survive?? I want a lot of things but they must be realistic. izzman USA
12. They should economise by stopping $2000 pm salaries to
Alan ,   SA   (01.14.13)
jailed Terros in Israeli Prisons!!!!!
13. You can't run a modern state on the proceeds of olive groves
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.14.13)
Modern state = modern econcomy No wonder Pallys are bust
14. Hard to believe
Devorah   (01.14.13)
that they have the chutzpah to go before the UNSC and request statehood when they can't even meet their payroll and are in a perpetual beg-a-thon with or without receiving unaccounted-for billions upon billions in welfare. And, of course, it's Israel's fault. Their consistent refusal to accept responsibility for their actions should be automatic grounds for denying their statehood request.
15. Disgusting Talk Backs
Zechariah   (01.14.13)
The Jews need a moderate autonomous body or Demilitirized state to maintain the doctrine of human between Judaism and Islam as being permanent and so negotiations re security and living standards need progress .Health and Safety Education and civil Relations and brogeses behind the scenes you can't help it .
16. PA prime minister urges Arabs to pay
mat ,   uk   (01.14.13)
Palestinians think they can ask for anything and get it in return for nothing just because they are Palestinians and other countries use PA to bash israel not for the love of PA but for the dislike of israel the arab countries know if they give the money to PA alot will be used in corruption and they said at the time they will give the money just to look good with no intentions of doing it PA should do things for themselvs instead of asking for handout what have they done with the billions they got so far
17. "Palestinians" are living in an other galaxy
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.14.13)
Every countries of the world are struggling with the most sever economic crisis since the great depression in 1930's. In many places , like Hungary peoples are starving. Even oil rich arabs have problems, as a result of declining oil prices and rising population. But PA "state" demand, demand, while they don't work, don't produce. The only activity they are doing, is to trying to annihilate jews, and the economically succesful jewish state.
18. It would be hilarious to see Fayyad jumping
A ,   Belgium   (01.14.13)
up and down, tears rolling down his cheeks, crying..."we want our handouts and we want them now, now, NOW!"
19. Arafats wife.
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (01.14.13)
I understand that she has some spare money, some even think it belongs to the Pals, or at least did untill somebody put their hands in the Till. how about asking her for a "small donation ". Something modest , in the millions.
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