Terrorist fires at security post in Gush Etzion
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 14.01.13, 07:26
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1. Why terrorist ??
dan ,   Ramat Gan   (01.14.13)
It´s a person fighting for freedom against opression, he fired at an illegal occupying force in an illegal settlement, I see absulutely nothing wrong with that. What do else would you expect him to do ?.. What would you do if you were him ?
2. Salom
Olenzhack ,   Lombok indonesia   (01.14.13)
Nice pic
3. We ought no be critical of this act since it is part of the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.14.13)
"non-violent" form of "resistance" called for by the head of the "moderate" Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Mahmoud Abbas. Indeed, the illicit weapons used by his operatives are only placards, calling for Israel's demise which is fine by him. So, we should hold our peace and not be critical in the face of "just" activity of violating written and signed agreements by the parties.
4. no right to terror and resistance at all
Doro ,   Ger   (01.14.13)
Accept the situation, wait, reflect your deeds, be peacefully until you get the responsibility to govern your people and stay peaceful and responsible against your people and other peoples. There's absolutely no right for violent or any resistance. That's what the Germans did and that's how it should be.
5. Dan, Why terrorist?
Magpie ,   Melbourne, Australia   (01.14.13)
Dan if you beleive the person had a right to fire at security for waht you term an illegal outpost then you perosanlly need to accept responsibility when there is reaction. In this case being caught & placed under arrest. it also represents departure from the short lived non violent action / [protest. You can't have it both ways. In fact you personally need to take responsibility for "not seeing anything wrong" when Israel retaliates to acts of violence that threatens its security & when Israel chooses to use force. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
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