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Kotel rabbi accused of 'letting in hookers'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 14.01.13, 11:23
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1. the ultimate hookers.......
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (01.14.13)
Are the haredim, at least a hooker gives something in return.
2. Two points
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (01.14.13)
The Temple Mount was the site of the sacrificial cult -- totally rejected by Reform and removed from their prayers, so why do they demand a front row seat? East Jerusalem and the West Bank is officially 'occupied' territory and recognised as such by the Reform Movement, so again why do they want a front row seat? The Israeli High Court designated Robinson's Arch as the site for non-Orthodox groups to pray. It is a segment of the same Western Wall as the Plaza, so why are the Reform in contempt of court? They should develop Robinson's Arch into a 24/7 centre for Reform prayer. Last, why don't the Women at the Wall lead the way for prayers on the Temple Mount? That would be more useful!
3. "hookers" ?
Sagi   (01.14.13)
If these strange excuses for human beings have the right to call our women "hookers", and have it printed in the public press,then I have the right to call them scumbags and have it printed in the press. They are nothing more than parasitical scumbags who persist in spitting into the well from which they drink.
4. Oh i see the Eda Haredit own the wall now do they?
Yona ,   Rehovot   (01.14.13)
Its everyones right to visit the wall, regardless of the way they feel befitting to worship. If the Eda Haredit dont like it they are free to leave the country , a country that they hate so much.
5. While I believe in the sanctity of the
6. While I believe in the sanctity of the
paul ,   jerusalem   (01.14.13)
Western Wall, and find the Women's groups to have a hidden agenda of confrontation, and hate, the mentality of Eda Heredit is evil, extremism cloaked in a Holy facade.
7. Fighting for few stones...
Northerner   (01.14.13)
8. Women PAY taxes and serve in the ARMY, what about BIGOTS ?
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (01.14.13)
9. #7 You are right
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.14.13)
A number of years ago, Professor Yeshaiyahu Leibowitz made the same point to the effect that one does not need a pile of stones in order to truly believe in God
10. Women of the Wall have no hidden agenda
Rachel ,   Jerualem   (01.14.13)
Women of the Wall's mission is to gain the social and legal right to pray the regular Rosh Hodesh morning service at the Kotel in the women's section as a group. Women of the Wall is a pluralistic group, encompassing the entire house of Israel from Orthodox, Conservative, Renewal, Reform, Secular and unidentified! We are the epitome of tolerance and love!!
11. If Robinson's Arch is so wonderful ...
Rachel ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.13)
Firsly, Women of the Wall is a pluralistic group composed of women from Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, and all other streams of Judaism. Even if what you said is true of the Reform position (it's not) - it would not apply to our group. Secondly the high court requested of the state to arrange the area of Robinson's Arch for Women of the Wall's prayer - this was never done. Thirdly if Robinson's Arch is such a great place to pray - why don't the Ultra Orthodox 'develop it into a 24/7 centre for prayer'? Fourthly, Women of the Wall are not in the business of starting WW3 - so we do not think it will be very 'useful' to pray at the moment on the Temple Mount.
12. #2 Get Historical Facts Correct
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (01.14.13)
The West Bank is NOT occupied territory, it is sovereign Israeli land. Your referral to it being occupied plays into the Arab narrative and propaganda.
13. 2 Rabbis also rejected the sacrificial cult
Avi   (01.14.13)
Talk about not letting a tragedy go to waste, the Rabbis sure took advantage of the Temple destruction to vanquish their Sadducean rivals and made sure to make the sacrificial system obsolete. Sure they "say" they look forward to re-instituting the whole thing but do you really think that with their centuries of modifications and grip on religious power that it will be nothing more than another example of their corrupt charades?
14. The Ulra-Orthodox are best customers of hookers, now no?
miki ,   tampa   (01.14.13)
15. Reform movement a bunch of hipocrytes
Dr Eric ,   Tel aviv   (01.14.13)
The Ayda Chareidet are obviously grossly ut of line in all that they wrote but woman of the wall and their ultra-liberal supporters are such a bunch of hippocrytes - If they really think that equality is so important why are the same groups not demonstrating for Jews rights to pray on The Termple Mount!!!!!
16. Western Wall Plaza has no religious significance
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (01.14.13)
These "learned" Rabbis need to check their facts. The Western Wall Plaza has no religious significance, it was just as close as Jews could get to the Temple Mount while it was under occupation. It was that same "impious army" that liberated both the plaza and the Temple Mount.
17. Western wall belongs to everyone
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.13) not true! If it was then it would be acceptable to urinate on it, G-d forbid. Visitors are required to respect the place. These reform groups wouldn't dare to step inside a Buddhist temple with muddy shoes, but they justify disrespectful behavior because they claim to be Jewish. Respectfulness is defined by those that built the site, Torah observant Jews, which are certainly not what these antagonists are!
18. #12 you don't understand
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.14.13)
Mr. Holmes is pointing out that to the WoW, the Reform Movement and their supporters Jerusalem and the wall is Arab land occupied by Israel. Holmes is just pointing out how absurd and hypocritical these people are.
19. northerner . Those "few" stones
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.14.13)
are part of the History of the Jewish people , the WHOLE Jewish People
20. Eda Haredit are the hookers!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (01.14.13)
21. #10
Miriam ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.13)
Do not try to gain legitimacy by including Orthodox women in your Jihad against men and Torah. Any man or woman who fears the Creator, understands the virtues of women, and trashing Halacha is not a very noble virtue. So it becomes painfully clear what the true agenda of these confrontational women are. Destroy religious tradition, end what you perceive as Religious and Male dominance based on your skewed perception of social equality, obtain power, and progress towards more social chaos, where you very likely feel more comfortable.
22. the liberals have robinsons arch why do they need the plaza
zionist forever   (01.14.13)
The government tries to cater for the liberals like WOW by providing the Robinsons Arch section of the wall but the problem is they keep coming back to the plaza. It not about prayer its about politics especially for WOW because they are primarily a feminist movement. We know what the liberals want but has anybody considered what the non liberals want? its not just haredi ( whose wishes also should count ) that want to stop the liberalisation of the plaza, there are lots of non liberal men and women ( some not even religious ) who want things to stay the way they are and don't want liberalism imposed on them. The plaza area is too small as it is so both sides can't get it their own way and as this is not the kind of issue governments like to get involved in take it to the HIgh Court. Let both liberals and traditionalists present their cases and let the courts have the final decision because the longer we do nothing the more frustrated each side will get and eventually we will have riots. The most logical solution though is the one that exists now with Robinsons Arch being for the liberals and the plaza for orthodox and traditionalists because that gives everybody something.
23. #15 Why aren't YOU petitioning for the temple mount??
Dov   (01.14.13)
If it means that much to you, instead of practicing anti-semitism against Jewish women who have every right to be Jews and to practice as Jews wherever they wish to, why aren't you confronting Muslims?
24. #12 Dan Florida
Meir ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.14.13)
Dan, I think #2 is simply stating that the Reform movement considers it 'occupied' territory- so that they should not be so concerned since in their view Israel shouldn't be there to begin with.
25. Hookers? Perhaps Eda Haredit forgot their role in the Tanach
jacobblues@optonline ,   New York, USA   (01.14.13)
Was it not Rahab who helped the spies of Aaron in their mission, risking life and limb for them? As for the idea of non-Jews coming to pray at the Wall, is it not told that in the days of the Temple, that pilgrims would come from all over the world, Jews and non-Jews? While I can understand the desire to have separate areas to worship at the wall, the reality is, it is the Temple Mount, not the plaza outside it, that is the sacred location for Jews. What is wholly (and holy) unacceptable, is the disparagement and name calling - actions that better fit grade-schoolers in the sandbox, than a rabbi. Eda Haredit earn nothing but contempt for such language towards other Jews.
26. playing a good game of football,ladies.
sweeter ,   far away   (01.14.13)
27. @ No. 17
Aharon ,   Holon, Israel   (01.14.13)
If you were at all a Torah observant Jew, you would NOT be slandering people that you feel are beneath you.
28. Religion should be a source of...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.14.13)
reconciliation, all Jews finding peace in the Kotel Hamaaravi.
29. #15
gawain ,   israel   (01.14.13)
obviously a meaningless (and annoyinfg) kneejerk response and should be taken as no more than that. people are demonstrating for the right to pray where THEY want, not where you would like them to pray!
30. 19
zionist forever   (01.14.13)
Which is why some of those stones at Robinsons Arch were allocated for the liberals and the stones at the plaza for the orthodox. The plaza is to small for both and the voices of the traditionalists & orthodox and their desires is equally as important. Two sets of stones two sects of people.
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